The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 252

Chapter 252

The weekend goes by and Brian tries not to bring up what happened on Friday again. Not really wanting to talk about it. He spends the weekend enjoying his time with Elizabeth and his two sons. Putting the idea of Adam being his father on the back burner. The thought of it wasn't something he was happy about. It was just another person in his life that lied to him. Not to mention, his own mother never telling them the truth, which Brian felt betrayed by. He just didn't want to talk about it at the moment. He felt there was no point, nothing was going to change what was happening.

Elizabeth on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about it, she knows this has to be a lot for Brian to take in. She just sees he isn’t wanting to over talk about it or bring it up, so she tries to obey his wishes, even though she feels he should talk about it, to get his feelings out in the open more. Then she knows everyone deals with things in a different way. She just hopes this doesn’t take him down and hurt him or their relationship. Seeing a different side to him, when he came home with the news. She never thought he would want to take a person down or go after them. Then she did see what he did to Ethan and she let it go for many reasons. She was feeling maybe she was no better than he was for letting him. Two wrongs didn't make a right. Then maybe, on the other hand, revenge was sometimes needed? She wasn't sure, she just didn't want to lose him or what the shared.

When Monday comes Brian gets up bright and early heading to work like he always does. Going straight to his office, checking his phone and email. Trying to get his day ready to go. He sees Matt going to his office and Adam talking to the staff in the hallway holding his morning cup of coffee, it's just what he was looking for. He just needs not to be suspicious and let anyone see or know what he is up to.

Brian waits for Adam to go into his office, he knows that Adam will be up and about today having his own cases to take care of. He just waits for the time to come for Adam to head out of the office to the courthouse.

Brian sits at his desk with his office door, open so he could see him go by when the time would come. Which wasn’t that long only about twenty minutes. Brian sees Adam walk by his office waving to him as he passes by to go off to the courthouse, Brian sees no cup in his hand. Which was a good sign. Brian gets up from his desk, and walks down the hall, walking into Adams Office, going straight for his trash can, where he finds the empty coffee cup.

Brian grabs it and puts it into a sealed plastic bag to preserve the DNA, On his way out of the office, he sees Matt heading out also. Which now gives him a chance to head into his office as well. In Matt’s office he doesn’t find an empty coffee cup but an empty soda bottle, which he takes also and puts in another plastic bag.

Brian feels this was awful easy, and just heads back to his own office calling the lab.

“Hey, just letting you know, I will be down in a few with some cups I want you to test. I also have two other DNA’s I need you to test.” Brian says.

“Sure whatever you need just make it snappy, I have a really busy day.” The lab tech answers.

Brian grabs the cups putting them in a brown paper bag and brings them downstairs to the lab they have in the office building.

“I want these two cups and two swabs to be tested. I want to know if they are all related or not. I need this information as soon as possible. It’s for an important case. I need you to only give me the information you find.” Brian says.

“Sure no problem. I will try to get it done by the end of the day. I will text you when I have it.” The tech answers.

“Great and thank you,” Brian replies.

Brian knows that it’s safe to test in his own lab since he just put joe doe names. Nothing that can be traced. Plus Adam would never be thinking, he was being tested. He had no idea that Brian knew the truth and he wasn't letting on. Brian wanted to make sure it was even true before saying anything. IF it wasn’t there was no sense he would only be stepping on the person giving him a job. He didn’t Trust Adam but he didn’t trust Ron either. He wanted to make sure for himself before doing anything.

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