The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 253

Chapter 253

Elizabeth gets up and gets ready for the day. Today she isn’t really looking forward to, as she knows her mother will be leaving. It's something that is finally taking place after they both kept extending her stay, so she didn’t have to go. It was now time, that Joan, says her goodbyes and goes home to her own home.

For Elizabeth its bittersweet, she got very used to Joan staying with her and always being around her. Someone to confide in, someone to watch the baby, when needed or her just being there made her feel safe and have a piece of her old life with her. The one piece she didn’t mind. In another way, she was glad she would be going home, so her other children would have someone there for them, besides their father. It was another thing that was hard for her, even though, she never brought it up and tried to make the best out of it. She missed her daughters very much.

Giving up that part of her life was very hard, she just knew in order to live her life and be happy she needed to be far away from Ethan as she could be, even if that meant leaving them. It was just another thing she kept hidden deep inside of herself. Not wanting to show Brian just how much it truly hurt her, not wanting to hurt him.

She loves him dearly and wanted this to work more than anything.

“Mom are you sure you have everything you need?” Elizabeth asks, holding the baby as she says her goodbyes.

“Yes, I have everything. I really did enjoy staying here with you. I loved taking care of Zach when you let me.” Joan laughs.

“I am going to miss you a lot. I am so glad you got to spend time with him and watch him grow these last few months. Maybe you can come back next summer or something?” Elizabeth asks.

“We will see, I love it here but I am also used to my own home. I don’t want to get on Brian’s nerves. Right now we have a great relationship and I want that to stay that way. I am so glad, I got to see how great you two are together. You don’t know how that makes me happy to see. It’s nothing like what you had with Ethan.” Joan confesses.

“Brian is nothing like Ethan, he is the sweetest thing. I just hope he stays that way. ” Elizabeth answers.

“I am sure he will, why would you say that after all this time? Something happen, I don’t know about?” Joan asks.

“Now that he found out Adam is his father, he is after something more. I am not sure if its revenge or what. I just saw a part of him, that was different. I just don’t want him to get hurt. Or turn into Adam.” Elizabeth says.

“Your worried for nothing, whatever he goes after belongs to him. Adam let him and his brother suffer all these years without them knowing the truth. Making them think their father abandoned them. When he was right there the whole time. Adam deserves anything these boys do to him, and that includes Matt. Matt is a good guy, he just has been through a lot. Adam likes putting people down thinking that he is better than them. You don’t do that to your own children. Yes, you want them to rise above you and be more than you are, but there are better ways than what he wants to do.” Joan comments.

“I know your right, I just don’t want this to consume him. I know how he gets when something does. Like with Ethan and him trying to take him down. I want us to finally be happy and let go of all the hurt around us.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am sure you two will be fine. You have gotten through a lot worse than this. He will get over it, he needs time. Anyone would. ” Joan responds.

“Enough about that, Have a safe trip and call me when you get home. I know the girls will be waiting for you. Tell them I love them and miss them.” Elizabeth states.

“I will, they already know that. I will be sure to tell them how happy you finally are, and that this is the best thing that ever could happen. I will be praising Brian so much, they won’t even know It’s me.” Joan laughs.

“Aww, no slide remarks or comments? They will think I did something to you.” Elizabeth laughs in return.

“No you didn’t, I can’t make those if he doesn’t give me a chance to. Which I am relieved and happy he doesn’t. ” Joan says giving Elizabeth a hug.

“I love you and I will miss you,” Elizabeth says with tears running down her face.

“Same. ” Joan answers trying her best to hold her tears in.

Joan gets into the cab that drives her to the airport which takes her back to Wisconsin.

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