The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 254

Chapter 254

At the end of the day, Brian can’t wait to go to the lab and see what the results are. He spent all day trying to keep himself busy, so he wouldn’t think about it. It was a lot to think about and take in. He sits at his desk, just wondering if things could have been different if Adam and his mother never did this. If the person that was supposed to be his father was? They would have stayed together and he and his brother would have had a father all these years, instead of losing their mother, having no one but each other. All these thoughts just invade his mind and take over. Also invading his heart.

He thinks back at his childhood, going to games, and school events, where all the other children had fathers they're rooting them on, and he and his brother only had their mother. He also remembered that Adam did go to a few of those, then taking them out to pizza afterward. He now knew why he would show up here and there and try. It just wasn’t good enough. Brian also sits there and thinks if he can really ever forgive Adam for this.

Not for what really took place with his mother, as he knows things happen. He didn’t do any better with Elizabeth and he knew she was married as well. You can’t help who you fall in love with and when. It was that neither of them told them the truth. That all these years, they wondered and were hurt about everything.

Adam had to know this was hurting, and yet he still cared more about his money and power than the children he created. He sits back and thinks about how he mistreated Matt so many times, pushing him to the side, making him feel like he was less of a man. Also bursting Brian up, wanting him to take over everything. He did see that Adam did like him a lot, he still didn’t understand why him over the other two? Why he never really paid that much mind to Sean? He figures instead of thinking about all this, just get the test results to see if any of this is even worth thinking about.

Brian gets up from his office chair, grabbing his jacket and his briefcase, then heading down to the basement where the lab is located. His nerves were setting in and his hands were starting to sweat. This was a big moment for him, one he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to know or not. He just takes a deep breath and heads down there going to his friend to get the results.

“Hey, Glad you're here, I was going to head out. I left the results on my desk.” The Lab tech answers.

“Thank you, I got here as soon as I could, I also wanted to give you enough time to process the results.” Brian answers.

“It was pretty straight forward. So it didn’t take any time, Adam has all the latest here so there isn't any waiting. You know how he is?” The tech replies.

“I sure do. Thank you for everything. I owe you one.” Brian responds, picking up the file and putting it under his arm.

“No problem, have a great night.” He comments.

Brian just nods, feeling his heart beat faster as he walks out of the basement to the car garage to get into his car. He tries to remain calm and not show any emotion, as he knows Adam has Cameras everywhere.

Once Brian gets into his car, he places his briefcase on the passager side and takes the file from under his arm into his hand. Just staring at it, He opens it up to reveal the test results.

To his slight surprise, Ron wasn’t lying. Brian, Sean, and Matt were all related, just there was a bigger surprise, Adam wasn’t any of their fathers. Which just let Brian sit there and wonder even more. If Adam wasn’t their father, and the only two men their mother was screwing around with was Adam and Ron...It only left one Ron.........But that would mean Ron was screwing around with Margaret and he was the one to screw around on their mother. What the hell was going on? Was this Test correct? Ron couldn’t be their father, none of them looked like him. Not to mention everything that Ron said, made sense. Brian was even more baffled than before the test. He never expected this.

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