The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Brian starts the car to head home, not able to even take any of this in. He knew their testing lab made no mistakes. He knew they were good at what they did. So the test was correct. That just left more questions, to be honest even bigger ones than before. Brian drives on the way home, thinking how does he even tell Sean this? The only good thing about all this was they were really brothers, that even Matt was their half brother. Which made things even worse, Margaret was in on this, or at least part of it in some way. Just how?

Brian gets home and parks the car, taking the test results with him inside. He walks in going to the kitchen to see his family in the kitchen like every night getting ready for dinner. Tylor at the kitchen table, Zach in his high chair and Elizabeth cooking. It was the stable in his life that he needed. It was the one thing that made him happy, also seeing that no matter who his parents where at least his life now was the way he wanted it to be, and that he was there for his children.

He takes a look at Elizabeth kissing her on her forehead, before going up to get changed for dinner. He wanted to talk to her but at the same time, he didn’t want to bring this up in front of Tylor. He didn’t need to know how dysfunctional things really were. He even wished, he didn’t know how messed up things were at the moment. He was starting to think that maybe he should have left well enough alone. This was a big can of worms, and now he didn’t like what he was finding out.

If Adam wasn’t his father, he wouldn’t want to give him or Matt the firm. This was messing with the life he was expecting to get. The one he was working towards. He now saw Adams's point, of not wanting to open his mouth about things. Which in Adams's case it was good he didn’t, he would have lost everything and they were not even his sons. He just thinks how could his mother make this man think they were? And Margaret to? What was the gain in it all? Maybe for Margaret, it was that everything stayed the same and she was rich and powerful. Making the child the same, but what was in it for Brian's mother? They lived comfortably but they were far from rich or even powerful.

Brian goes down to dinner and takes a seat at the head of the table like he does every night. Just being quiet. His mind is so busy with thoughts that he didn’t notice or see anything at the table that night. He didn’t even realize that Joan wasn’t there and went home. Not even asking how Elizabeth was doing with all this? His mind was far away on his own. Not able to comprehend any of it.

Elizabeth also notices that Brian is somewhere else. She keeps her mouth closed knowing not to say anything in front of Tylor. She knows this is taking over Brian’s life and she doesn’t like it. There just isn’t much she can do about it, but be there for him. Seeing this is taking him away from his own family life. She just sits there and picks at her food, and tries to keep her own pain to herself.

After dinner, Elizabeth goes to the kitchen to clean up, while Tylor goes to his room and Brian takes Zach to get his bath and ready for bed. Brian just looks at a smiling sweet little boy in front of him. How this child looks just like him, leaving no thoughts that he isn’t his. He just holds him tight and tells him he loves him.

When he is done he goes to Tylor’s room and tucks him in.

“I want you to know how proud I am of you, Tylor. I know I don’t say it enough but I am. I love you very much, and I will always be here for you no matter what.” Brian says.

“I know dad. Where did that come from?” Tylor asks.

“Nowhere, I just don’t want you to feel I don’t care. I know how that is, and I want to do better.” Brian admits.

“Dad you doing great. I have to say I love it here with you and Elizabeth. I feel safe, there is no craziness here like at home with mom and Matt.” Tylor states.

“We have our own craziness, just we love each other and want you and Zach to have a great life. Elizabeth is a very good mother, I am just glad she accepted you, and you her. She can offer a lot to you that your mother doesn’t. I am not saying your mother isn’t a good one just different. I am sure with the new baby and Matt and her trying, things will be better now. Maybe even like it's here.” Brian says.

“I hope so, Mom tries she just isn’t happy. Maybe now she will be.” Tylor answers.

“Yes, maybe now she will be. You get some rest and I will see you in the morning. We can stop and get some of those hashbrowns you like on the way to school.” Brian comments, kissing Tylor on the head.

“Sounds good,” Tylor replies.

Brian closes the door behind him, glad he is giving his son the life he didn’t have. He just hopes that Victoria will now do the same and stop all the shit. More than ever, he wanted to give his sons everything. Even if that included fighting for Tylor to live with him. He just hopes that it doesn’t get that far and Victoria does what is needed.

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