The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 257

Chapter 257

Brian lays in bed holding Elizabeth close to him, not able to sleep all night. He just tosses and turns around, not able to get comfortable. His mind racing and not able to shut down. How could this be? Who was their father? It was someone related to Adam but who? There wasn’t any other male that they knew about from his family. Nothing he could remember. It had to be someone no one would ever think about since not even Ron knew about what was going on.

Then Brian thought, what the hell was really going on? This was even a bigger mess then dealing with Ethan. At least all that he could understand to a point. They were married for twenty years and Ethan had a hard time letting go, a hard time losing. He could understand that, even putting himself in his place at times, not even thinking he could imagine what he was feeling. But this was a whole new level, a whole new mess. Everything he thought was true wasn’t. No one being honest in their lives for a very long time. It made him rethink his whole childhood.

He also laid there and thought it wasn’t only about him, there was his brother Sean and even Matt to consider. Did Adam know and that's why he didn’t like Matt? The thoughts just kept coming, to the point Brian couldn’t even lay in bed anymore. He just gets up and goes into his office to try to do some work to get his mind off of things. Not even laying close to Elizabeth wrapped in her arms was helping. Nothing was, he feels like he can't breathe and is being suffocated.

While in his office, he feels the need to call Sean, it's one a.m. and he knows that Sean will be up since he was a night owl. He also knew he would have to tell him sooner or later and sooner was better. He talked to Elizabeth but that wasn’t offering anything at the moment, which was rare. He could talk to her about anything and always feel better. Just this time, nothing seemed to work.

“Hey, Bro its one in the morning, is everything ok?” Sean asks.

“No, not really. I found out something today and I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it,” Brian admits.

“Everything ok with you and Elizabeth? What happened?” Sean asks.

“We are fine, this doesn’t have anything to do with us. For once it's not our relationship in danger or someone is in the middle of it.” Brian states.

“Well, that's good in a way, just what is the matter then?” Sean replies.

“I went to the office and got the DNA of Matt and Adam today. Just like I told you I would. I also had it tested, I just got a shock that I didn’t see coming.” Brian responds.

“Ok, He isn’t our father?” Sean comments.

“No, that's not the real shock though. Ron isn’t our father either. Matt is our half brother, different mother but same father though, and whoever it is, seems to be related to Adam.” Brian admits.

“WHAT? Have you been drinking? Or maybe I didn’t hear that right? Matt is our brother? We are brothers? Adam isn’t our father but someone related to him is?” Sean repeats.

“Yes, you heard right, and I can for sure say I need a drink, I just haven't touched anything. ” Brian replies.

“Mom wasn’t a tramp or anything like that. I don’t see how this is possible. Maybe its the lab they made a mistake.” Sean suggests.

“No, the lab knows what they are doing. We are related to Adam, just not his sons. Does Adam have a brother? or an Uncle? Or something?” Brian asks.

“How the hell should I know? I don’t even bother with him very much, you have to ask him that or Matt. Wait, Margaret slept with this person to? Doesn’t anyone stay faithful anymore? I guess Adan wasn't the only ass back then.” Sean says.

“Yes, it looks like whoever mom was with, so was Margaret and at the same time. Or at least around the same time since I and Matt are the same age... Elizabeth said to ask Adam and just get it out in the open. I am just not sure if that's the right thing to do. How about if he doesn’t know? I don’t want to blow my job.” Brian confides.

“Then ask Matt, you don’t have to tell him everything just ask a question. Shit, Matt doesn’t know Adam isn’t his father. What a fucking mess, no wonder Ron left. I don’t blame him at all now. I would have too. I wouldn’t have even waited for me to be born, I would have bolted long before that. Shit, thinking about it, mom was cheating with whoever this was for a while. Having you, then me, we are two years apart, and she was good enough not to let Ron know?” Sean states.

“We don’t even know what was really going on, I think there is a lot that Ron doesn’t even know about. Adam was only the tip of the iceberg, to say the least. There was someone in the middle of that, maybe she wasn't cheating with Adam at all? Maybe it just looked that way?” Brian answers.

“Yea it looks that way but why would Adam be there all the time? Be that close to mom? It doesn't make sense. Damn Bro at least we are really brothers. I am really glad about that, It was the one thing I was worried about.” Sean admits.

“Same here, We are for real brothers, real ones, we have the same mother and father. It states in the file that Matt is half. I was so nervous and overwhelmed I didn’t even see half of what the report said. Elizabeth is the one that pointed it out to me. I just said he wasn’t our father. I never miss key things like that. I am a lawyer I see everything.” Brian comments.

“This was too close to you, and you were not thinking straight, I can understand that. That would have taken me off my game to when I would have read we are brothers and he isn’t our father.” Sean answers.

“Yea, I will think about what to do. I have so many cases and I’m so busy besides this mess. Plus I have a family to think about. I have been so busy, I haven’t even really spent time with Elizabeth, at dinner tonight, I wasn’t even present just physically. Shit, now that I think of it, her mother wasn’t there, she went back home today. I didn’t even ask her about it or how she felt. I totally forgot about it. Damn it, I saw she was a bit down and just dismissed it. This took over my whole night, my whole being.” Brian responds.

“I see how it could, just be careful you have a great marriage and relationship. Don’t let this or our past ruin it for you. Don’t let it blow up everything you have it's not worth it. Elizabeth loves you and is the only stable in your life. She is there for you, be there for her like you always are. I had my doubts in the past but I no longer do, I know you two are good for each other.” Sean replies.

“I do too, and I don’t want to lose it. but I can’t let go of this either. I know she understands. I also know she will close herself off and keep things buried. Its what she did with Ethan and what added to their demise. I will talk to her and tell her I am sorry in the morning.” Brian states.

“You need to get some rest and let this go at least for a few hours,” Sean remarks.

“I know your right, I will try. Its what I love talking to you about things. You get me.” Brian says.

“So does she, don’t ruin that.” Sean answers.

“Thanks, Bro,” Brian says.

Brian knew he couldn’t let this tear him apart. He worked too hard for all he had at the moment, and the past wasn’t worth losing everything over.

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