The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 258 bedtime chat

Chapter 258 Bedtime Chat.

Brian gets off the phone and shuts the lights of his office, going back to his bedroom. He slides into bed, wrapping himself around Elizabeth needing to be close to her.

“Love, didn’t you get any sleep?” Elizabeth turns to ask.

“No babe, I can’t seem to sleep, so much is going around in my mind.” Brian answers.

“I am really sorry you're going through all this. Just please don’t make it take over you.” Elizabeth says.

“I know. I want to say that I am sorry. I know your day had to be rough too. I noticed that Joan wasn’t here at dinner. She went home today. I just remembered when it was way too late.” Brian replies.

“It's ok, I know you have a lot on your mind. This is nothing compared to what you're dealing with.” Elizabeth states.

“It bothers you, so it does matter. I know you have gotten used to her being here. She was all the family you had here beside me and Zach. I know you gave up your life and children to be with me Elizabeth. I don’t want you to think, I don't realize and appreciate that you stayed close to my son for me.” Brian answers.

“I don’t regret any of it. I wanted a new life, I do miss my girls but I love our life. They are adults and can come to, see me and don’t need me as much as Tylor needs you at the moment. He is just a boy. I do miss my mother also, but I am a big girl I will be fine.” Elizabeth responds.

“Maybe we can talk her into moving out here, I will see what I can do on that. It would make you have some family here even if the girls won’t move.” Brian says.

“I don’t know, she loves where she is and is used to it. We can’t expect everyone to just move their lives around because I decided to move away. I thank you though.” Elizabeth says giving Brian a hug.

“Can you believe any of this is happening now?” Brian asks not able to get over it.

“No, its a lot to handle. I never thought the test results would come back like that. How did Sean take it?” Elizabeth comments.

“He was shocked as well, we don’t see our mother as the type to do something like this. Then I guess no kid does. I just can’t imagine who this person could be.” Brian responds.

“You can do a search on Adam, see what comes up? Sometimes background checks will tell you who their family is. I do think you should still talk to him though, but in the meantime, it might make your brain rest a bit.” Elizabeth says.

“Maybe, I can do a full background check tomorrow on my office computer, we have all the tools needed for that. I thought about it but I wasn’t sure to do that or ask either. I thought I was closer to knowing who my father really was, even if it was a jerk at least I would know who he was.” Brian states.

“I know and I am sorry. If Adam really thinks your his son and finds out your not, this is going to hurt him as well. He has treated you well and wanting to give you. However you look at this, it’s very sad.” Elizabeth replies.

“Tell me about it. It makes me sick.” Brian comments. I just want to cuddle up close to you and forget for a few. Brian adds touching Elizabeth’s arm.

Elizabeth just smiles at him, kissing his lips tenderly. She loved him dearly and wished he wasn't dealing with any of this. They were dealing with a lot since they have gotten together.

She lays there close to him, kissing him, caressing him. Happy to be near him, He tenderly touches her as well and makes slow passionate love to each other.

Brian trying to get his mind off of everything else and just spend time with her, being with the person he loves most.

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