The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 259

Chapter 259

Brian wakes up early getting ready for work, his peace was restless, even after making love and being close to Elizabeth, his brain still was in overdrive. He knows the best thing is to ask, just how? It can lead to a lot of things, he really doesn’t want to know about or open up.

He grabs his coffee and briefcase and heads to his car, calling Adam on his cell phone.

“Hey, what's up? Your coming in today aren’t you? We have so much going on.” Adam states.

“Yes, I will be there in a bit. I just wanted to know if you could meet me for lunch. I have a few things, I would like to ask you about. Things only you can answer for me.” Brian says.

“Ok, this sounds serious is everything ok?” Adam asks.

“Things are fine, I just think it's about time we sit down man to man and talk,” Brian responds.

“That sounds fine with me, I would love to have lunch with you anyway. I really do enjoy spending time with you and being part of your life.” Adam answers.

“I know you do. Thank you.” Brian answers. Trying not to let on so Adam can’t think of things to say to get out of answering his questions.

“I will see you at the office,” Adam responds.

Brian gets off the phone feeling that maybe today, he will get his answers. The ones he needs to move on from all this. He just hopes that Adam answers them correctly and doesn’t lie or beat around the bush. Not to mention, he thinks how about if he really thought he was his father? There would be a chance of him losing everything, he was working for, from him not being his real son.

Brian also knew he shouldn’t bring up Matt. He wasn’t really after hurting Adam just finding out what was the truth. If that was even possible at this point.

Brian gets to work, and goes into his office, getting ready for the day. Having no time for nothing, as the day keeps going on, and more and more work piles up. He sees Matt walking around the office, coming and going throughout the day just like him. Working his ass off for all this, when neither of them was really entitled to any of Adam’s hard work.

As Brian sat there and thought about things, he realized that Margaret was a big part of this. She was no angel at all. Maybe she was even worse than Adam in a way, making him think Matt was his all these years. Who was the mystery guy that was able to get to Margaret and Brian’s mother? Whoever it was, was good.

Brian’s mind jumps to so many conclusions, so many things running over and over through it. He can’t even think about work. This was eating away at him, even more, than Ethan did in the past. Which he never thought anything would bother him like that. No matter what he did, or where he was, his mind would go back to thinking about this. He needed it taken care of, so he could be free of it. It was time to let go of it, and be himself again. Too much of this was getting into his personal life, he wasn't savoring it. He just hoped that in the end, it would all be solved without hurting too many people in the process.

Then he felt, he wasn't the one hurting them, they all did this to him, Sean and even Matt. If their secrets came out, it was all on them for keeping these in the first place.

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