The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 260

Chapter 260

Victoria is at home getting ready to go shopping, the last few weeks she has been happier then she ever has been. She and Matt are finally getting along and doing very well, having a real relationship. She is honestly opening herself up to him, and falling in love. She still thinks of Brian and their life together, she just does her best to push it in the past with everything else. Knowing now more than ever it will never occur to much has happened.

She is taking advantage of it being just her and Matt, while Tylor is staying at Brian’s. She misses him a lot and calls him daily to check-in. Seeing that he is happy where he is, makes her a bit uneasy. She knows she should be happy that Elizabeth has taken him as her own, and treats him very well. Just a part of her resents it. Still, she shuts up and does her best to stay away from Brian and Elizabeth, even visiting Tylor at school for events he has, trying to make sure she is still part of his life. Even though she is trying her best to put her own life back together again.

She has stayed away from Adam, no more office visits or any other visits. Being True to Matt and even herself for once in her life. She feels very bad about carrying Adam's child, and Matt not knowing about it. She just knows better than to come clean this time. It would lead to nothing that was good for any of them, and she might even lose her other son. So she feels this will be something, she takes to her grave. Just another regret to match all the rest even though she had to admit to herself this one was a pretty big one.

Adam doesn't seem to care that she stays away, he does the same not wanting to rock the boat. Seeing that she is really trying and not wanting to hurt Matt. Adam had his own secrets in his closet, what was one more?

They would still go for dinner once a week to Adam’s and Margret's home. Margert wanting to spend time with her son. Margret would just watch as Matt and Victoria would get along. She still wasn’t fond of Victoria and didn’t trust her at all. At times it's even hard for her to hide how she feels, not seeing why Matt would want to be with this woman anyway. She was Brian’s leftovers and that bugged her even more.

Margret knew more than she was letting on to anyone, she had lived with lawyers all her life as her father was one, and even helped Adam become what he is. Where Adam would never want to admit that, claiming he did it all on his own. That was another thing Margret held against him.

Margret just learned at an early age to not show anyone what you're really feeling, or what you really know for that matter. Always let them think you are in the dark, and always be one step ahead of them. Which with Adam she always was, knowing about all his affairs and all the tricks he was pulling, Or so she thought.

Victoria was thinking after she would do a bit of shopping today she would have lunch with Matt. She was enjoying being with him as much as she could.

"Hey, I was thinking that we would go out to lunch today. I am doing a bit of shopping and I missed you." Victoria says.

"That sounds good hun. I miss you too. I really do enjoy seeing you this way, I never thought we would have this. It means a lot to me. I always want it to be this way. I envied Brian and Elizabeth for a long time, now we have it as well." Matt answers.

"I did too, they have it really nice and I want the same. I want us to be a family. I am very happy about the baby. I do miss Tylor though and wish he was home with us. I just hope that Brian doesn't plan on trying to take him away from me." Victoria admits.

"I am very excited about the baby. I wanted that for a long time with you. You were just never ready to give that to me. I am grateful that you are now. A child of my own means everything. I wouldn't worry about Brian, we are all trying to get along. I am sure we can talk and make sure, he doesn't do anything like that. Right now he is enjoying spending the time with his son. I don't see anything wrong with that. It's overdue, to be honest." Matt replies.

"I felt that in a way to, just I call their and Tylor is so happy. It's like Elizabeth is trying to take my son." Victoria responds.

"Hun, she isn't. She is trying to make things calm and smooth. You should be glad she treats him well and doesn't mistreat him. I see her as a good woman, a good mother. " Matt replies.

"Yea, Brian does as well, does that make me a bad one?" Victoria spats.

"You know what I mean. It's a good thing for Tylor to have and be around when he isn't around us." Matt states.

"I know. I will see you a bit later. I love you." Victoria answers.

Trying her best not to be the old her, Or at least not showing Matt that it pissed her off, and she wanted to fly off the handle like normal. She was trying to contain herself, which even she had to admit was getting hard to do.

"Love ya too, Pick me up around 1:00 I will be at my office then." Matt comments.

"Will do," Victoria replies. Hanging up the phone.

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