The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 261

Chapter 261

Victoria runs her errands, picking up food for dinner, and getting her hair done for lunch. She is very happy and excited to see Matt for Lunch. Wanting to spend time with him, her talk on the phone with him earlier making her even happier. She was finally happy and accepting it was time to move on.

After she gets her hair done, in downtown Matthatten, she goes to her car to go to Matt’s office. She gets in, putting the key in the ignition, starting the car and taking off, as she is driving through the busy streets, she notices that the brakes are not working as they should. This puts a panic inside her, not sure how all of a sudden, they do not work.

She knows this is dangerous, she is in a busy part of town, with street lights and she needs to stop, which she is trying to and can’t. She comes up to the red light, she keeps hitting the brake and nothing happens going straight through it, making it through the first three red lights without incident, when it comes to the fourth red light, she goes through it as panic runs through her and she tries to even stop the car and it won’t.

Nothing is working, as she is trying to fiddle around with the brakes and the key, a semi-truck crashes straight into her, knocking her car into another. The front of her car goes into itself and it swerves and does a spin, crashing into another car denting the front part as her’s smokes and now sits there idle.

The people around the street seeing the crash, calling 911. The semi-truck driver getting out of the truck to come to see if Victoria is ok. He takes one look at the car that now looks like an accordion and knows it doesn’t look well right off the bat. He goes up to the car where Victoria is bleeding from everywhere and is unconscious. He knows better than to try to move her and waits for the Ambulance. Which takes five minutes to arrive on the scene. The Ambulance gets the jaws of life to cut Victoria out of the car and rush her to the hospital. All the spectators in awe of what just took place. It was a gruesome sight.

Back at the office, Matt is waiting for her to pick him up for lunch, never thinking about what happened. He calls her and gets no answer which isn’t like her. She has been doing great lately and they were so close. Her not answering her phone, just makes him worried.

“Hey, Matt, What's up?” Brian sais walking by his office with files in his arms.

“I am waiting for Victoria to pick me up. She is already ten minutes late which isn’t like her. I tried calling her but no answer.” Matt answers.

“You know how traffic is here, it's nuts. Give her a little time. I need to be going myself. I am having Lunch with, Adam. I need to talk some things over with him.” Brian admits.

“Good luck with that. He isn’t in his office yet either. I guess we both are getting stood up.” Matt laughs.

“Could be, I wish he would hurry, I have a lot of work to get done today. Brian states.

“I wanted to take the afternoon off and spend it with her,” Matt replies.

“It really seems like you two are getting along. I am happy for you both.” Brian responds.

“Thank you, it's been great. I couldn’t ask for more.” Matt answers.

“I am glad, I am also glad that we are getting along better. This is the way it should be.” Brian comments.

“I agree, I was stupid in the past and I am sorry,” Matt replies.

“All in the past. ” Brian answers walking back to his own office.

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