The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 262

Chapter 262

Matt waits in front of the office, trying to call Victoria over and over again, getting no answer. After a while, he just goes back to his own office and goes back to work feeling, what is she up to now? Here we go again!

Brian stays in his office getting more work done waiting on Adam, also seeing he is late for their lunch date. Which pisses him off, but he stays silent. Just feeling Adam is blowing him off, which doesn’t surprise him in any way. He figured he couldn’t handle having a serious conversation. Not to mention, how much Adam was hiding.

After a few, Adam rushes into the Office going straight to Brian’s office.

“Hey, I am sorry I am late, I was trying to get to the office from the courthouse, but the street only a few blocks from here is blocked off. There was a terrible accident. At least four cars were involved and it took me forever to get back to the office with all the delays and traffic. We may have to postpone our lunch. ” Adam states.

“Yea I guess so, maybe dinner then? I am sure we can work something out?” Brian answers.

“Of course, I just wanted you to know, I was looking forward to having lunch with you. Just things got out of my hands.” Adams states.

“No problem. I know things happen. I have been very busy today also. You may want to stop in Matt’s office and tell him about the delay, he has been waiting on Victoria for a while to go to lunch.” Brian replies.

“Ok, he may have a wait, that accident looked terrible one car was totaled to no recollection. “Adam answers.

“That's awful, I hope whoever it is, is ok. Brian comments.

“If they survived that, they were extremely lucky. I didn’t stick around to find out anything. I wanted to get back here as fast as I could. If you have any court cases make sure you adjust your time and route.” Adam remarks.

“Thank you. I should be fine, all my work is in the office this afternoon.” Brian replies.

Adam goes to Matt’s office explaining the accident that kept him behind, explaining that might be the same reason Victoria is late. Matt just goes on with his workday not paying mind, figuring she got caught up with shopping and even forgot their lunch date. He was now wondering if she was going back to her old self. Putting him on hold, and just playing games with his emotions. He couldn’t help but feel this way, knowing in the past they had some very messed up times. Not that he was an angel, he had his share in this.

Around two in the afternoon, Matt gets a call from the general hospital.

“Hello is this Victoria’s Husband?” The nurse says.

“Yes, I am her husband, who is this?” Matt answers.

“This is the NY General hospital, we are calling to let you know your wife was in a serious car accident, and you need to come down here. ” The nurse replies.

“Is she ok? What happened?” Matt asks.

“Sir, it's just better you come down here. She is in critical condition, with massive head trauma and broken bones. It doesn’t look good. Please come down as soon as you can.” The Nurse answers.

Matt just hangs up the phone, feeling terrible. Here he thought she was dissing him, and instead she was in a hospital dying. What kind of Husband was he? His brain doesn’t even realize half of what is going on around him. Even forgetting to ask about the baby.

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