The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 263

Chapter 263

Matt stumbles out into the hallway of his office, his brain in a fog. The words the nurse just told him running through his mind over and over. He just stands there lost and confused, most of what she said not even registering.

“Hey Matt, are you ok? Did you ever get any lunch? You look a little picket.” Brian jokes as he walks by Matt.

Matt still just stands there not answering, not even hearing him. Just not able to move to go where he needs to go. He's heartbroken, at the thought of her going through this.

Brian sees something is truly wrong, he has never seen Matt like this. He just doesn't want to overstep and keep asking what is wrong. He goes into Adam’s office, wondering if he knows anything about what is going on since he was the last to talk to him just a few hours ago.

“Hey What is wrong with Matt, he is in the hallway out of it? Did Victoria do something? He looks really distraught. Like he needs some help.” Brian states.

“I don’t know, I talked to him earlier things where fine. He was waiting for her to pick him up for lunch. Should I go see what is going on?” Adam asks.

“I would, she probably ran one of her tantrums and its nothing but I never have seen him act like this, not even when she ......cheated.” Brian answers.

Adam gets up from his chair and goes into the hallway, seeing Matt there still, just standing there lost.

“Son, Is everything ok? What is going on?” Adam asks.

“It’s .....Its... Victoria.” Matt says.

“Matt you look like you need to sit down. What happened?” Adam says with concern.

“I can’t, I have to get to the hospital. I just can’t find my car keys. I don’t remember where I left them.” Matt answers.

“Son, they are in your hand, why do you need to go to the hospital? What Happened?” He asks again as Brian just stands there next to them waiting for an answer as well.

“She was in a car accident, It’s bad. I... Don’t know what happened.” Matt replies.

“Ok, don’t panic, your in no condition to drive. Brian and I will take you to the hospital. Things will be just fine son. Don’t worry.” Adam responds taking control like he always does. Staying calm and collect.

Brian just gets his jacket, not even asking any questions. He wanted to hear what the doctor would say and what was really going on, seeing that Matt, had no answers and didn’t even know where he was. How would he explain this to Tylor, he would wait till after school. And also knowing what was going on before opening his mouth to him.

Brian, Adam and Matt head to the garage, Adam getting in the driver seat, Brian in the passenger seat and Matt in the back.

“They said it was bad, they said to come fast. I didn’t even ask about my child.” Matt mumbles in the backseat.

“You're overwhelmed, don’t worry about it. We are here for you and will find out everything.” Brian comments.

“I thought she was just being her old self and screwing me over again. Here she was dying and I’m thinking the worse of her.” Matts mumbles.

“You can’t blame yourself for thinking those things. She hasn’t been the best wife.” Adam admits.

“She was doing great, we are so happy. Oh god, it was the accident you saw on your way to work. It was her I bet. It happened on her way to see me......” Matt says.

Adam just looks at Brian, not wanting to answer. Adam knew if that was the case she wasn't making it. It was bad, really bad. He got enough of a look to know what was up. He just wasn’t going to say it in front of his son. He knew at the moment he was out of it and needed them. Adam for once in his life was going to try to be there and let the past be just that because at the moment it didn’t matter.

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