The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 264

Chapter 264

Once they get to the hospital, Matt goes to the desk, not even waiting for Brian and Adam to catch up to him. Needing to know what is going on with his wife and child.

“I’m Victoria Mckenna's Husband, I was called saying she was here from a car accident. Is she ok?” Matt asks the woman at the front desk.

“Let me check Sir, Yes, She is on floor 3, room 203. She is in critical condition, they placed her in ICU. To know more you will need to ask the ICU doctor.” The Nurse answers.

Brian and Adam finally catching up to him out of breath.

“We need to go to the third floor to the ICU,” Matt says.

“We heard, let's take the elevator, I am really sorry you're going through this Matt.” Brian states.

Matt just looks at him. ” Really? Isn’t this what you always wanted? Something to happen to her so you get rid of her? So you're free of her and get your son?” Matt snaps.

“I know we haven’t been the best of friends but no, I haven’t wished this on her or anyone for that matter.” Brian answers.

Once they reach the floor, they all get off going to the next front desk asking about Victoria, where a Doctor comes outs to explain everything to them.

“Mr. Mckenna I am sorry to have to tell you that your wife suffered extensive injuries. She is currently brain dead. She suffered a lot of trauma to her head, amoung her face and body.” The doctor's states.

“What about the baby?” Matt asks.

“I am also sorry to have to tell you, she lost the baby. There was nothing we could do. We have her on respirators to keep her breathing. So you can see her and say your goodbyes. There isn’t anything else we can do for her. The police also stopped by and are investigating the crash. They wanted to talk to you as well.” The doctor replies.

Matt just stands there not sure what to say or even do. This isn’t what he was expecting. It was way worse. He just lost his whole world. It was over as he knew it.

Adam and Brian stand there also trying to console Matt, who doesn’t pay attention to either of them. He just goes over to the Police to see what caused this.

“I am her husband, what happened? Was she not paying attention or something?” Matt asks, still not fully himself.

“Mr. Mckenna the car was totaled, we believe there may have been foul play, but we are still looking into things and will find out after the car is looked over by our team. It seems she ran into traffic and couldn’t stop the car, with the semi-truck smashing into her car, then another car and another. Everyone else survived and didn’t have as much trauma to them. We are sorry this happened. We will let you know more when we know. Where were you today when this took place?” Greg asks.

“I was at my office. I am a lawyer, and I was waiting for my wife. We were supposed to have lunch but as you know she never showed up.” Matt replies.

“Did you try to call her? Or wonder where she was?” Grey asks.

“I did call her many times, I just figured she was shopping and busy. She told me she was, and you know how women are when they are shopping.” Matt responds.

Grey laughs “Yes, I do, Do you know of anyone who would want to see your wife hurt?” Greg asks.

Matt stands there knowing a lot of people who would want her dead, he just knows better than to say the truth. It would be putting people close to him at risk and at the moment he wasn’t sure what was going on.

“No, not offhand.“Matt comments.

“Is it true that you two had a rocky relationship? ” Greg says.

“Doesn’t every marriage? We were making it right though. It’s been great.” Matt answers.

Adam comes over, “I think that's enough officer. My son should be spending time with his wife before she passes. This isn’t the time for this, Plus you don’t know what really happened yet.” Adam states.

“And you're the father in law?” Greg asks.

“Yes, I am, this is a very trying time for my family. Your questions can wait.” Adam says walkin away with Matt.

Matt had a lot of questions just at the moment so much was going through his mind, he knew he needed to go be with Victoria, but to see it with his own eyes would only make this real to him. A little too real.

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