The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Disbielf.

Matt goes into the room they placed Victoria, seeing her hooked up to all tubes and machines. He just looks at her all bandaged up and cries. His beautiful wife, now bruised, swollen, and broken laying in front of him. He goes to sit at her bedside, holding her hand.

“I am so sorry. This isn’t what I wanted. Maybe you would have been better off if you didn’t marry me and get into my family. I want you to know, I love you and always did. I know I haven’t been the best husband to you over the years but I did care. I just focused on the wrong things and so did you. Now that we finally were wising up, this happens. ” Matt says tears running down his face.

Adam and Brian are in the waiting room, both shocked at what took place. They just sit there waiting for Matt. Neither man wanting to even see what is going on in the room. They could just imagine what she looks like from all the trauma.

Adam replaying all he saw this afternoon at the crime scene never knowing it was her. How the car was left to nothing, and she was in it.

Adam sits and thinks his child is dead. It finally hits him as he sits there, a tear escaping his eye and he quickly wipes it away so no one sees. He knew that Victoria was bad news, but she was carrying his child. Now all lies, secrets and everything else is lost with her. All the truth is gone and so is the child. In a way, it's a deep relief, Adam was saved. He knew if Victoria would go back to herself she could have made his life hell. Now there is no one to blackmail or turn his life upside down. Yet, he can’t help the feeling of pain from losing the child he never thought he wanted. This was a lot to handle even for him.

After Adam puts himself together without letting anyone know what he is feeling, or what is going through his mind, he calls his wife to let her know what is going on.

“Margret, something bad has taken place.” Adam states.

“What now?” she answers.

“Victoria was in a serious car accident, she lost the baby and it seems, she is brain dead. They are waiting for Matt to make the decision to pull the plug.” Adam responds.

“Oh, he is going to pull it through? There is no point in letting her just lay there.” Margaret answers.

“You know you sure can be cold at times,” Adam replies.

“Really? This coming from you? You didn’t like her either for our son. He is free now, he can move on. He will mourn of course but it's so for the better. He could find someone in his league. Someone who would respect him. She was nothing but trouble from the moment he met her.” Margaret comments.

“Don’t say that in front of him, you might not care but he does. He has a heart not like you.” Adam scoffs.

“I use to have one until I married you. And of course, I will be sensitive to our son’s needs. Take him home, to our house. He shouldn’t be alone in this time of need.” Margaret states.

“I will. ” Adam answers hanging up.

Adam goes though in his mind, how cold she is, how cold she always was. She always blamed him for everything. When deep down he knew the truth. He just kept everything hidden all these years for the sake of his firm and reputation. He had to admit to himself it was getting old now. He lost so much keeping secrets and hiding the truth.

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