The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 266

Chapter 266

Brian sits in the waiting room, knowing he has to tell Elizabeth and mostly Tylor, what is going on. He just sits there looking around still not sure of everything that has been taking place. He has known Victoria since she was sixteen, and he feels he should be having some feelings about her being in this situation. Yet, all he can feel is a relief. As Matt said, he will now have his son and get rid of all the confusion and trouble Victoria makes. He just sits there knowing he shouldn’t let any of this on. No one really needed to know how he truly felt, especially his son. He didn't even want Elizabeth to know, feeling she wouldn't look at him the same knowing the truth. This would be his secret, he just sits there taking a deep breath that is filled with calm and relief.

He takes out his phone and makes the phone call, not even knowing how to put this. Just knowing this is something he has to do at least for his son.

“Hey Babe,” Brian says.

“Hey it's getting late, Tylor called me to pick him up from school. I took a cab and got him. Did you get busy with work, you forgot? Is everything ok? You didn’t even text me to get him. I don’t like him waiting there alone.” Elizabeth states.

“Thank you, babe, I know I can count on you. I am sorry I didn’t text you and let you know. Things have been out of my hands. Something took place no one saw coming, and I need you to do me a big favor. For me and also for Tylor.” Brian asks.

“Of course, what do you need? What happened? Your scaring me. Are you ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am fine, We are fine. I don’t know how you're going to take this, and we will need to talk about it more later on, but for now, I need to tell you that Victoria is dying. I need you to take Tylor to the General hospital so he can say his goodbyes. I don’t want him to have any regrets. I know he would want to see his mother before the end.” Brian says.

“Wait what? Dying? What the hell happened?” Elizabeth responses.

“She was in a huge car accident this afternoon, she has brain trauma and is hooked up to all this shit. Its the only thing keeping her alive. So everyone can say goodbye. I want Tylor to be able to. Is that ok with you?” Brian replies.

“Of Course, I will get baby Zack and Tylor and come there as soon as I can. I will get the driver that Monica hired for us to drive us there. I am so sorry Brian, Matt must be devastated. I don’t know how to tell Tylor this either. It's awful.” Elizabeth comments.

“I know you will do it the best you can, or just wait till you get here and I will. Either is fine with me. I thank you for doing this. I know she isn’t your favorite person, and its just another thing you have to deal with because of her..” Brian responds.

“At the moment, that doesn’t matter. I will be right there. I love you.” Elizabeth says.

“I love you too babe, more than you know,” Brian responds.

Elizabeth gets off the phone and stands there for a few minutes taking in what she just heard. A relief washing over her whole body. Victoria would no longer be able to through herself at her husband. No longer make trouble and get in their way. She couldn’t help but feel this way until she takes one look at Tylor sitting at the kitchen table doing his homework. A sadness filling her and tears run down her face. This was this boy's mother. He didn’t deserve this, she had to be strong for him, and be there for him. She knew she could never take his mother’s place, but hopefully, he would at least except her as a friend. She also knew all the ill feelings she felt towards his mother was something he shouldn't see or even know. It was over, they were free there wasn't any point anyway.

Elizabeth wipes her eyes and goes into the kitchen sitting down at the table. Looking straight into Tylor’s eyes.

“What's wrong?” Tylor asks.

“Sweety, I have some really bad news, your mom has been in a car accident and we need to go to the hospital.” Elizabeth states.

“Is she ok? Can I see her?” Tylor says standing up.

“I don’t know everything about what is going on, we will find out more at the hospital and from your father. I just know we need to get going.” Elizabeth answers, not able to say she is dying. This was very hard even though she hated her. This little boy in front of her didn’t. She had to tread lightly.

“Ok, I will get my jacket.” Tylor states.

“Ok, I will get Zach and let the driver know we need him,” Elizabeth responds.

Holding herself together, she calls the driver and gets both boys ready to go. Wondering to herself how Brian is taking this? Did he care? Was he as relieved as she was? That was something she would have to ask when they were alone.

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