The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 267

Chapter 267

Elizabeth gets to the hospital, where Brian texts her and tells her what floor they are on. She takes Tylor up there, seeing them waiting in a small area of the hospital. Tylor running up to his father to give him a hug. Confused and not sure what is really going on.

“Hey buddy, Matt is in with your mother, as soon as he comes out, I will take you in. I am sorry to tell you its really bad and she isn’t going to get better. I just want you to know, I am here for whatever you need and I love you.” Brian says.

Tylor just starts to cry but doesn’t say anything. Adam puts his arms around him also, giving the boy confront. Adam cares for this child and always has. He knows he will need them all to get over this and he is willing to be there.

Elizabeth stands next to Brian who just grabs and holds her tight, so happy she is there.

“I am so happy to see you, babe,” Brian says.

“Me too. Are you ok?” She asks.

“I am now, I don’t know what I would do if that was you. I don’t think I would be able to go on.” Brian answers. Holding her close to him.

“I don't even want to imagine if it was you. I am sure Matt is very upset.” Elizabeth responds.

"He is, its a lot for everyone to understand. It's so sudden...never saw this coming." Brian answers.

Matt Comes out very disorientated. Elizabeth goes up to him and holds his hand, looking at him. Matt squeezes it tightly, knowing the only person here at the moment that is real is Elizabeth. She never lied to him, never hurt him. She was in this, just like he was, stuck because she cared for Brian, just the way he cared for Victoria. She was the only sincere person, he has met in a long time. The only one who really knew what he was feeling and going through.

“You guys go in and see Victoria, I will stay with Matt. He needs someone to be with him.” Elizabeth answers.

Adam gives her a nod of thank you, and she nods back to him. Brian takes his son into the room to see his mother. The boy just sits at her bedside holding her hand. Where Brian and Adam stand behind him, not even sure the woman they knew was really this broken woman lying in this bed. Neither of them, never seen such a terrible sight in front of them. It was one they would never forget or get over. Now Brian wonders if this was a good idea for his son to witness? At the same time wanting him to say his goodbyes and not regret anything. It was a hard decision all the way around.

The sight before Adam makes him sick, he can’t even stay in the room. He walks out going to the bathroom to throw up. They had their times together, they were intimate and he knew her, the real her. Under all the bitchiness, all the harden woman she became. He knew the kind sweet, fun woman she also was. As tough as he was, this made him shudder. He also knew if he felt this way, what was his son feeling? What was the little boy sitting next to her feeling? The cold, hard, man felt terrible and there wasn't a thing he could to fix this for any of them.

Out of all of them, Tylor was loosing the most, not to mention this was her son and he didn’t see her as the others did. Which made things even worse for him. As much as this was a good thing for so many that she was no longer, it would never be for Tylor. Adam thought of so many things, his brain was pounding.

As Adam stands there thinking this, he also thinks maybe not. This will give Tylor a chance to have a regular normal life with real parents. He saw how kind and good Elizabeth was. He also saw how much she and Brian truly loved each other. How stable they were. Where Matt and Victoria never were. Even though they were trying, how long would it have lasted? Maybe this was really a good thing for everyone once they all got over the shock of things. He could only hope.

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