The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Cafeteria.

While they are in visiting with Victoria, Elizabeth stays with Matt, Holding his hand and trying her best to comfort him.

“I think we should go to the cafeteria, I know you're probably not hungry, but you need to get something in you to stay strong. Plus it would give you a breather.” Elizabeth suggests.

“That sounds like a good idea. I guess you're relieved about all this? You and Brian can finally have a regular life.” Matt says, getting on the elevator with Elizabeth.

“I have to admit, I was at first, now I don't know. I feel terrible for you and Tylor. I know you don’t see her the way I do. I don’t even know her that well. I just saw her as the jealous ex.” Elizabeth answers.

“I like that your always honest, its why I like talking to you. Even when I came to your house and acted a fool, you didn’t hold it against me. You didn’t start anything over it. I also do see her for what she was, how she was. I am not blind, I just happened to care very much about her. I know her actions at times were not the very best. I guess in a way that drew me in, a rebellion towards my father. She was one person he couldn't control and I liked that.” Matt admits.

“We all have our moments. I understand how you felt and you said you were sorry. There was no reason to make a fuss. This last month has been quiet with you two. It was nice. I saw things getting better. She was growing and letting go of things, sometimes it takes us a bit to let go of what we thought we wanted. As for your father, I am sure there are a lot of people he can't control. He doesn't hold the purse strings for everyone.” Elizabeth responds.

“It was, We had what I always wanted with her. I would always watch you and Brian together and want what you two have. I guess at least I had it for a short time. My father doesn't need to hold the purse strings of people, he is very dominated, and people tend to do what he wants, thinking they will be on his side and get whatever it is they want.” Matt replies sitting at the cafeteria table.

“You are still very young Matt, I am sure you will meet someone else in time and have what we have. I never thought I would have it either. My first husband and I didn’t share what I share with Brian. Just don’t give up. It will take time to heal from all this, but you will. Your father, on the other hand, he is a whole new story. He had kept hidden so many lies I don't even think he knows who he really is anymore.” Elizabeth comments.

“Have you healed from your ex? I agree about my father, but that's his own problem.” Matt asks.

“Hmm, not fully in ways no. I still ask myself every day when I get up if this relationship is real. I hope and pray it doesn’t go away. I still have fear but I am happy. I do know he loves me. Like I said it takes time.” Elizabeth responds.

“I think it will take me a very long time if ever to trust someone. I still can’t believe I am going to go home and she won’t be there. Will I still get to see Tylor?” Matt asks.

“I am sure you can, Tylor cares very much for you as well. Plus Adam has you guys there once a week for dinner. Maybe we can keep that?” Elizabeth suggests.

“You would do that? Be around me and my family, when you don’t need to be?“Matt answers.

“I saw us being around each other before all this happening. I don’t see it as a bad thing. I hate to say it, but it may be calmer now. There may be a better chance of you and Brian being what you two were always supposed to be. We have to look at the good that comes out of things sometimes.” Elizabeth admits.

“I think you may be right as well. I just hate going home there to an empty home. To what could have been.” Matt states.

“Its always hard to give up what could have been. We just have to know there were reasons, it wasn’t. I also think maybe you should go home with your father tonight. You need family around you. Being alone isn’t a good option.” Elizabeth says.

“Why are you so level headed? Brian is so lucky, I hope he really knows it.” Matt comments.

“He does, and so do I. I am not always level headed, I tend to overthink things,” Elizabeth confesses.

“At least you think before you act, some don’t think at all.“Matt replies.

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