The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 269 margret

Chapter 269 Margret's Take Over.

When Elizabeth, baby Zach, and Matt get back up to the ICU floor, Matt’s Mother Margaret is there. She runs up to Matt and holds him close to her, wanting to comfort him. Knowing even though she hated Victoria, he didn’t. She wanted this transition to go as smoothly for him as she could. She wanted him to move on and do so much better. She just knew it would take time and patience. Which in a way she didn't have any, feeling they already wasted enough time on Victoria. More than she wanted to if she was being honest. She would just have to try to keep that to herself.

“Sweetheart, I couldn’t stay away. I know you need me right now and I am here for you. I want you to come home to our family home and we will fix everything. I will take care of all of the arrangments. Your in no condition to do this on your own. You need family right now.” Margaret says.

“Ok, Mom, whatever you want. My brain is in a fog, I just need some rest. What am I going to do with the house? With everything? I don’t want to go back there.” Matt states.

“You don’t have to, I will take care of it. Like I said, just come home. You can stay with us until you find a place that you feel is suited for you.” Marget answers.

Adam doesn’t say a word, he knows this is what Margret wanted. Victoria out of the picture, so she could have her son back. He saw right through Margret and her sweetness. He has been married to her far too long not to. He knew what she really was even if no one else could see it. He just stands there and takes a deep breath feeling this was just the beginning.

Victoria had a way of letting you see the real her, flawed, human. Ready to strike if hurt. It was natural. Margret on the other hand, would look you in the eye and act all sweet, never letting you know what she was up to. Never showing the real her, or how evil she was. Adam liked Victoria's way, that way he knew what was coming. With his wife, he had no clue. She always kept his stepping.

“I think we should pull the plug tonight. There really isn’t any point to let her remain like this. Everyone important to her already said there goodbyes.“Margret says.

“Mom, please. I would rather wait a bit. I can’t deal with it all at once.” Matt replies.

“My sweet boy, it's better to get it over with. Hanging on isn’t going to do anyone any good. Why let all these people be dragged back here to pull the plug? We are all here now. I know its hard for you, but it's for the best if you do it without waiting. That way you can go home and mourn and deal with your loss.” Margret answers.

“Maybe your right,” Matt replies.

“I am, I will talk to the doctor. Don’t worry about a thing.” Margret says.

On her way to see the doctor, Adam pulls her on the side by grabbing her arm. She gives him a dirty look, one that if looks could kill.

“I know how you feel but don’t push him for your own wants, Margret, don't let him regret what he is doing or you,” Adam says.

“This coming from you? Was there a soft spot for this little tart? Did she rock your world better than the others?” Margret glares.

Adam is taken off guard, never thinking she knew what took place with him and Victoria. Or maybe she didn't? And she was reaching. Either way, he was going to act as if she was crazy.

“She was our son’s wife, you can act a little caring,” Adam replies, keeping his colder exterior.

“I am doing what I think is best for our son. Why drag this out? She isn’t coming out of it if we do. Why make him travel back and forth to the hospital for nothing? Let's just bury her and get it over with. So all of us could move on. I have no time for games.” Margret comments.

“No, just your own. ” Adam answers.

Margaret just laughs as she walks away from him, going to the doctor’s office.

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