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Chapter 27 Home

Chapter 27 Home

In a few hours, Elizabeth is home. She gets off the plane, grabbing her bags. When she sees her girls, waiting there for her. She missed them terribly and was so happy to see them there. It was just the rest she wasn't looking forward to.

“Sofia! Izabella! I missed you so much.” Elizabeth says.

” We missed you too mom. We are so happy your home.” Izabella states.

Both girls just looking at their mother. Not even recognizing her. She was a totally different person on the outside. She was wearing a black tight dress with pantyhose and heels. A black long coat with fur trim, with matching hat and gloves. Not to mention, the long blonde hair flowing down her back. She was no longer the housewife. She was a businesswoman. It was written all over her.

In the corner of her eye, she sees Ethan standing there. Just staring at her in amazement. Just taking in the new look.

“I didn’t think you would have come.” Elizabeth comments.

“Believe it or not I am happy your home,” Ethan replies going over to her and giving her a hug. I am glad your home safe.” He adds.

“Thank you.” She replies.

“Mom, We are having a small gathering. Dad thought it would be nice if the family would welcome you home.” Sofia says.

“Really? That’s nice. Thank you.” Elizabeth replies. In Shock.

Then thinking, who the family would be.” Good god, it was Karen. Reality hit her like a ton of bricks. Back to the bullshit. How could she ever forget? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? Its been three months of not seeing her. I can handle this.” Elizabeth says in her mind. Taking a deep breath in the car ride home.

“Is my mom there?” Elizabeth asks.

“Of course. Who was going to stop Joan? She didn’t come to the airport to give us time together. But she can’t wait to see you.” Ethan states.

“I can’t wait to see her too. I called her every night.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know. The kids told me. I am sorry. I didn’t talk to you. I just couldn’t get over you leaving. I see the book is doing well.” Ethan responds.

“Yes very well. It is selling out online. I am also signed up for part two, which I am currently working on.“Elizabeth answers with a feeling of pride.

“That’s wonderful. I am happy for you. I read the book myself. It’s really good. I also heard there is a guy at the signings that looks like the character to draw in the woman. That was a very good tactic.” Ethan remarks.

“Yea. It was mine.” Elizabeth answers. Thinking about Brian. The man she turned into the love of her life.

Ethan noticing a difference about her. Not only her clothes but her attitude.

“I see you changed a lot,” Ethan says.

“Yes, My publicist wanted me to dress a certain way. I have come to like it very much. As I don’t see, where I would need heels, where we live, walking in the grass with them. Guess I will save them for when I’m back at promoting.” Elizabeth says

Ethan is not sure what to answer. He now knew this wasn’t going away as he had hoped. She was gaining success. She would be leaving again. Then with there being a part two. She wouldn’t be around like before. He wasn’t sure if he liked that or not. He never saw her as a businesswoman or anything else but his wife.

Before they knew, they were back home. They pull up in the driveway. Everything looking foreign to her, like she never even lived here When she spent twenty years here. She gets out of the car. Staying close to her girls. That was the one thing she missed. She loved them no matter what. Happy to be back to them.

When they go inside the House, Joan, Karen, and Joe are waiting. Joan running to her and holding her tight.

“My baby, I missed you!” Joan says.

“I missed you too mom,” Elizabeth says.

“Oh, the big time writer is home,” Karen says.

Elizabeth just giving her a glare.

“Come you must be hungry. I made you some food. Don’t pay any attention to her. SHe has been a bigger pain since you been gone.” Joan states.

Elizabeth goes and they all sit down at the dinner table. Eating all the good food that Joan put together for this evening. Karen just staring at Elizabeth’s new look.

“So, what’s with the new clothes and hair? You look like a hooker.” Karen says.

“Mom, Please,” Ethan says.

“That’s ok. I am used to your mother. She has no class. So she expects no one else to have any.” Elizabeth answers.

Joan spits her wine out of her mouth. Never expecting Elizabeth to fight back for herself. So proud. She just smiles, Going back to eating.

“Well, haven’t you got a mouth on you. Now you think you’re better than all of us. Leaving my son for three months. What kind of wife are you? Just getting up and leaving your family.” Karen states.

“I guess you wouldn’t understand. You are happy being the nothing that you are. When I wanted more for myself. I want more for my daughters. There is a whole world waiting out there. You don’t have to settle.” Elizabeth answers.

Joan gloating from ear to ear. Taking another glass of wine.

“Oh, My. haven’t you become the bitch.” Karen says.

“No, I have become myself. The person I always should have been. It might have taken a little time, but I got there.” Elizabeth answers.

Not taking her shit anymore. Proud of herself.

“How dare you talk to my wife this way. You have no respect!” Joe snaps.

“Respect? Do you even know what that is? You haven’t respected me since I married your son. You always just came to my home and did want ever you wanted. Acting as if I didn’t exist. No matter what I did. It never was good enough. And things always had to be your way. This is my HOME. Not yours. I don’t come to your house and tell you what to do. I would appreciate you doing the same!” Elizabeth answers back firmly.

“Omg, Ethan I don’t know what you’re going to do with her. This changed her. She is a beast.” Karen cries.

“Oh, Please. Stop the crying. That’s another thing. Every year you would come to my home at Christmas and cry in my damn potatoes. It’s a holiday. Your suppose to be with family. Enjoy yourself. Not whine and complain. Your son has a life. He can’t be up your ass 24/7. He does everything for you. What more do you want?” Elizabeth remarks.

“You are the rudest woman I ever met. This fame shit has gone to your head. I am not going to sit here and take any of this.” Karen states. Getting up. Walking out. Her husband following.

“Well, that was the best entertainment I ever witnessed at this table. For once you grew a pair. I am so damn proud of you right now.” Joan says.

“Thank you, mother. I am not putting up with anyone’s shit anymore. I am sorry Ethan. I know she is your mother But I am your wife. You need to pick up for me for once. You need to see me for who I really am. ” Elizabeth answers. Getting up Going upstairs to change.

Ethan is a bit shocked at everything. He now knew she was for sure, not the same. In a way he liked it. She was feisty like she was when he first met her. He wasn’t too upset with everything that she said to his mother. He knew everything she said was true. For years his mother made her be the doormat. He knew sooner or later she would pick up for herself. Just now being that time. He also saw that maybe she didn’t fit in here anymore. Things were different. Her look, her personality. Was she going to be happy living in a small house in Wisconsin? He figured it would take her time to get back into things. Then he thought, soon as she would, it would be time to go back on the road. He really didn’t like that idea at all.

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