The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 270

Chapter 270

Margaret goes to the Doctor’s office, knocking on the door and walking in.

“Excuse me, doctor, I heard you are Victoria Mckenna’s Doctor correct?” Margaret says.

“Yes, I am so sorry, are you a relative?” The doctor asks.

“Yes, I am her mother in law, my son is in no condition to make any judgment calls or decisions. So I am here to tell you anything needed to come to me. I would LIke for you to pull the plug tonight. There is no reason to waste time. All her family is here, I called her mother and father and they are on their way. ” Margaret states.

“Is her parents are on the same wavelength as you? I am just asking so there aren’t any problems here tonight. I want to know what to expect.” The doctor answers.

“I already told them that she is gone and that the plug will be pulled. I talked to my son as well. There is no hope?” Margaret asks.

“No, she is brain dead, the crash was deadly. No one could survive from it. I will tell the nurses to get everything ready and wait for her parents so everyone can be there for this.” The doctor says.

" Thank you, doctor, they should be here shortly. Her parents will be making the funeral arrangements. I already talked to them.” Margaret responds.

The doctor just nods.

Margaret goes back into the hall, seeing everyone there for Victoria. She just rolls her eyes, and can’t understand how she got all these people to even be here after what type of person she was. She just stares at her husband, chuckling to herself.

“You lost your whore, I guess you will have to find a new one.”

She walks over to them as if she was thinking nothing. Wrapping her arms around her son. Tylor sitting in between Brian and Elizabeth. Totally beside himself. Elizabeth just holds his hand, trying to offer some confront at the same time not pushing herself on the little boy. She knew this was a lot for him to deal with at the moment.

Elizabeth sits there feeling out of place, she had no right to be there. Victoria was nothing to her. Elizabeth just felt out of place, holding her son on her lap. The little boy just looking around at everything around him.

Brian sits there feeling what is he doing here at all? He couldn't help his real feelings, He hated her and was relieved she was dead. The only real reason he was here was because of his son. He didn't want him to feel he was cheated out on saying his goodbyes but was this really doing anyone any good?

Maybe Margaret was right, get this over with? Then who was Brian to say anything, he was just an Ex. Not even her husband, if he would be at all honest, he couldn't wait for this to be over and he could go home.

Brian also knew this was going to be hurting for his son, something for his son to deal with for the rest of his life, as he remembers how he felt watching his own mother die from cancer. Watching her take her last breathe and never seeing her again. how over the edge it made him, rethinking his life and leaving it all behind, even Tylor in away.

How he took to the life of partying, and one woman after another to just forget his pain until he met Elizabeth. He just hopes that doesn't follow his son like that when he grows up. That he finds someone like Elizabeth in his adulthood and be happy.

He also knows that Elizabeth will be a great mother to Tylor, he saw that from along time ago, always wishing that Tylor could live with them and see what it was to have a stable life. Now he would get that chance, just under the wrong circumstances. He never wanted his real mother out of his life, he just wanted to be more in his life.

Then this way was easy, no fighting, no one in the middle. He would have his two sons with him and raise them with the woman he truly loved. Then he thinks, is Elizabeth going to want this? Will she take Tylor for always? It was supposed to be for a month, now it turned into always. He hoped Elizabeth would be ok with it like she has been. He would just have to talk to her and see.

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