The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 271

Chapter 271

“The Doctor is getting everything ready, and Victoria's parents are here. I think we can get this over with. Who is going to go in to say goodbye while it's happening?“Margaret asks.

“I think it should be her parents, Matt and her son. Those are the people she loved most and loved her. I don’t think we should over flood the room.” Adam suggests.

“I think that's a great idea.” Brian answers.

“Well since we all agree, Matt and Tylor can go in and we will wait out here,” Margaret says.

“Son, I will be right here if you need me,” Brian says to his son.

Tylor just nods getting Matt’s hand and going into the room.

“Babe, I think you should go home, with the driver. Zach needs to eat and his own bed. There isn’t anything here for you or him. I will be right home soon as it's over.” Brian says.

“Are you sure? I can stay if you need me.” Elizabeth asks.

“No, I am fine. Its an hour drive as it is, he is a baby, he doesn’t need to be stuck in this hospital. To be honest none of us need to be. I am here for my son and will stay for him. Plus it is getting pretty late and everyone is just getting tired.” Brian replies.

“Ok I love you and I will see you when you get home.” Elizabeth answers.

“Love you too.” Brian replies. Kissing both Elizabeth and his son goodbye.

Adam, Brian, and Margret sit in the waiting room, Brian paces the floor waiting for this to be over. He now has mixed emotions. Even though he hated her, there was now a part of him that cared. Reality hit him, that she was really gone, and this wasn’t one of her pranks. The girl he spent his youth with, gave his virginity too, had his first child with was gone. A tear runs down his face and he says a little prayer to himself. Finally realizing this would be the last time he would see her.

After a while, Matt, Tylor and Victoria's parents come out crying and very upset. Tylor running to his father for comfort. Matt Hugging his own mother as tears stream down his face. It was done, she was gone. If it was a good or bad thing it was now final.

Adam goes up to Brian giving him a hug as well and Tylor.

“I am sorry, I never saw things ending this way.” Adam states.

“Neither did I, I still really can’t believe she is gone. It’s like she is playing one of her games and will come out of that room, saying I gotcha or something.” Brian answers.

“Yea that would be her. Or where is your wallet? ” Adam jokes. I am sorry I never got to have lunch with you today. Or dinner. Whatever you need to speak to me about I hope it can wait?” Adam adds.

“Yea, It can, We can talk when all of this is over. Its been a long day and I would like to get my son home. He needs his rest.” Brian replies.

“We all do, I am going to get my wife and son home as well. I am sure it's going to take both our sons awhile to get over this.” Adam answers.

“I agree but we will be there for them both.” Brian states.

“Yes, If it would be ok, can we still have the weekly dinners with Tylor? I would love if you and your wife and Zach would come as well. Even if not every week just something to keep things the way they were. I really do enjoy being around Tylor and I believe he enjoys being around us.” Adam comments.

“I am sure we can work something out, even if me and my wife do not come every week if Tylor wants to that would be fine with me. I heard you have done a lot with him, and I know he cares for Matt. I think it might be good for them both.” Brian answers.

“Thank you, You have always been a good boy. I am really glad that you got your life together and a person that cares so much for you in it. It means a lot. I now hope my son does the same.” Adam admits.

“Go slow with that Adam, he just lost someone he cared very much about. You might not of, but you need to look at it the way he does. It will take time.” Brian responds.

“You are right, and I know. I just meant in time. I want him to have what you have with someone who loves him back the right way. Not everyone can have that or gets that. It's very rare. We do get people, and we stay with them, it just doesn't mean they are right for us or bring out the best in us.” Adam answers.

“I know that oh too well,” Brian replies.

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