The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 272

Chapter 272

Brian gets Tylor and heads to his car, knowing and seeing his son is totally upset. At the moment he doesn’t know what to do, but to just be there for him. Like he wishes his father was there for him after his mother passed away. This just makes him think whoever was his real father was a jerk. He let him and his brother suffer through so much alone. Adam was a lot of things but even he tried to be there for them, and he wasn’t really his dad. He just wondered to himself If Adam knew that or not? He just didn’t get to ask the questions he wanted to today. Then what was a few more days? Weeks? It's been close to thirty-three years. What did it really matter now?

“Tylor are you hungry? We can pick up some take out on the way home. I know its been a long day, but you need something in your system son.” Brian says.

“Yea, whatever. I am sure Elizabeth is hungry to. Maybe she would like some takeout?” Tylor says.

“That's a very nice thought. I will let her know. Son, I hope you know that I am here for you, in whatever you need and want. You can talk to me about anything. You know that?” Brian asks.

“Yes, Dad. I am just not ready for that now.” Tylor answers.

“That's fine and I understand that,” Brian says.

Back at the house, Elizabeth gets home with baby Zach, getting him his bottle and ready for bed. Its been a long day for her and this small child. Sitting in a hospital they both need food and some rest.

Elizabeth gives him his bath and puts him down to bed, then going downstairs seeing she has a text from Brian.

“Brian: 11:30 PM Hey baby, We are on the way home. I am picking up some Burgers would you like some?

“Elizabeth: 11:36 PM Sure, some fries to please. I just put the baby to bed. I am going to take my shower and then I will wait for you on the sofa. How is Tylor doing?”

Brian: 11:40 He is doing the best he can. He is tired, hungry and a bit upset. Which is normal. We are almost home. I can’t wait to get there and just relax. Enjoy your shower.

“Elizabeth: 11:41 Thank you. I will see you in a few.

Elizabeth didn’t really know what else to say. She never expected this. She thought in a month Tylor would be going home to his real mother. Now he was here for good. It would be a change but not a bad one she thought. The last few weeks have been very nice. It didn’t seem that Tylor minded being around them and he respected her. She just hopes that now stays the same and he doesn’t resent her. She would just have to wait and see.

Elizabeth goes upstairs and takes her shower just letting the warm water wash over her. Closing her eyes and taking in the quiet around her, its what she loved best. She stays a bit in the shower before drying off, getting dressed and then heading downstairs to wait for them.

She isn’t downstairs long before they show up.

Tylor opens the door and just runs to Elizabeth who grabs and hugs him. Holding him close to her as if he was her own. She sees he needs her comfort and she is more than willing to give it.

“Hey, are you ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yea I just was happy to see you. We got some food.” Tylor says.

“I see that let's sit down and eat. All of us together. Then you can go get some rest. I think its best you stay home from school at least tomorrow. Your mind needs a break.” Elizabeth replies.

“That sounds like a good idea.” Brian answers.

“When its time for bed would you tuck me in?” Tylor asks.

“Of course, whatever you need.” Elizabeth answers.

They sit down in the living room, Brian putting the TV on low, as they sit and eat their food. Brian had to admit it was nice. It was what he wanted. Its what he thought about the weeks that Tylor was here, that it would remain like this. Never really thinking it would happen, not this way, not this easy. He just enjoys his burger and fries, knowing the upcoming days, were going to get harder.

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