The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 273

Chapter 273

After they are done eating Tylor goes upstairs to get ready for bed taking his shower and putting on his PJs. Brian goes in to say goodnight to him before doing the same. He gives him a big hug and kisses on his forehead before heading out.

Elizabeth then goes in sitting on the bed next to Tylor.

“Thank you for coming in,” Tylor says.

“No problem, I tuck you in every night you know that. I also want you to know, that I am here for you just like your dad is. I know I can never replace your mother, no one ever can. And I don’t want to, at the same time, I do want to be someone you can look to, in case you ever need something. I am here.” Elizabeth states.

“I know. I miss my mom, I feel really terrible that she is gone. It hurts badly. At the same time, there is this relief that I don’t have to go back there.” Tylor admits.

Elizabeth just takes that in.

“Was it bad there?” Elizabeth asks.

“Not really no, but it wasn’t stable. There was a lot of fighting with Matt and my Mom. Just like there was a lot of fighting with my mom and dad. I hated that part. I would just put the pillow over my head so I didn’t have to hear it. When I am here, that doesn’t happen. It's calm, you two get along well and make it nice to be around. You're different than my mom.” Tylor confesses.

“I understand what your saying, my first marriage had issues. We didn’t fight all the time but there were times I would like to run and hide just to keep the peace. Sometimes people are not good for each other. They bring out the bad in the other. It doesn’t mean the people are bad, just that they are not good together. “Elizabeth says.

“Do you mind that I will always be here?” Tylor asks.

“No of course not, why would I?” Elizabeth responds.

“Because I am not your son, I guess in a way I will be in your way,” Tylor answers with a tear in his eye.

“Are you kidding? I hope I never have made you feel that way? I always wanted you to feel at home as if you were one of mine. I just at the same time tried not to overstep on your mother. I didn’t want to make her mad at me.” Elizabeth confides.

“You have always made me feel wanted. It's just it was only here for the weekend or a few weeks. Now will be all the time. I just don’t want to be in the way. I don't want you or my father to start fighting because of me.” Tylor says.

“You have nothing to worry about. I am very glad your here. I wish it wasn’t because of what happened though. Zach will now have his big brother here to watch over him all the time. I think that will be wonderful.” Elizabeth answers giving Tylor a hug.

“K, I was just making sure. I really do like it here and I love being a big brother to Zach. Would you stay until I fall asleep?” Tylor asks.

“Of course. Move over.” Elizabeth says.

Getting in on the other side of the twin bed, on top of the covers. She just holds Tylor’s hand knowing that this young child is scared of what is to come. That he would be in the way and they would get tired of him being there. It just makes her wonder what happened at his home? His life was never easy and she now could make it be. She wanted to offer him the childhood her daughters had. She and Ethan had there ups and downs but they always made it stable for their children she wanted the same for Zach and Tylor.

As she sits there and thinks of all this, she starts dosing and falls asleep, Tylor looks up and just smiles. Laying his head on her and falling asleep as well.

After a few hours, Brian wakes up to see Elizabeth never came to bed. He gets up going into Zach’s room. Seeing the baby sleeping away. He then walks the hall and looks into Tylor’s room, seeing them both out cold. He just smiles knowing this time things would be different.

“I will watch over our son Victoria. I will do and give everything I can. I will make sure he is never alone or afraid. I will do my best to give him the life we should have before.” Brian says to himself.

He goes over to Elizabeth and smiles, kissing her head. Knowing this time he picked the right person. He always knew it but now even more so seeing how much his son needed her and she was there. He just wished in so many ways he would have met her a long time ago, but then they had to have that life, in order to finally get this one.

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