The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 274

Chapter 274

Brian goes over to Elizabeth and picks her up Bridal style, as he does she wraps her arms around his neck and lays her head on his shoulder. Which just makes him hold her closer. He needs her, he loves her, she was everything he ever wanted and more. So much there were times he couldn’t believe any of this was even real.

“Did you get any sleep?” Elizabeth asks groggily.

“A little, then I woke up and you were not here,” Brian answers sitting on the edge of the bed, still holding her close to him.

“Today was a long day, I see a few long days in our future also,” Elizabeth says.

“I do too, I think there is a lot that is going to come from this and not all good.” Brian answers.

“What do you mean?” Elizabeth asks.

“While we were at the hospital tonight, a cop came to talk to Matt, I overheard him say that it was foul play,” Brian replies.

“You mean someone wanted to kill her?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, it seems that way and they did, just who? You do know while they are investaging I am sure I will be a suspect.” Brian responds.

“Because you're the ex and have a child to gain? What about me? its not a secret that I hated her because she was always throwing herself at you. Then there is Adam who was.....cheating with her. And Matt himself, he had plenty of reasons to want to bump her off.” Elizabeth comments.

“Yes, once they start looking into this, a lot is going to come out. And everyone is going to be a suspect. I didn’t do it and I know you didn’t but they will still check that. The affair I had with her will come out, and who didn’t know it, now will. ” Brian responds.

“It doesn’t matter, it was before our marriage, and I know you would never hurt anyone. I wonder if Adam’s affair will come out? Matt doesn’t need that on top of it all.” Elizabeth says.

“No he doesn’t but that might make him get over her faster. He will see her for what she really was. Or it could send him over the edge, which is what I am really worried about. He isn’t that strong at times, she is his breaking point.” Brian explains.

“Who do you think really did this? Matt seemed like he really cared, and was surprised about it all.” Elizabeth states.

“Adam had a lot to lose if the affair came out, or if that child is his....who knows what the hell those two really did or were up to. I am just not sure though, I know he isn’t a good person and capable of anything but even he seemed rattled tonight.” Brian confesses.

“You never got to ask him anything did you?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, we had a lunch date, but he got back late due to the car crash on his way back to work. Then we were going to do dinner and of course, you know what took place then. I can’t ask him anything now, I will have to wait till after the funeral at least. ” Brian replies.

“True, I don’t want to sound rude or anything but didn’t you think Margret was a bit pushy about everything tonight? I really didn’t see it being her place to go to the doctor and say pull the plug. She was so anxious to get rid of her. I thought that rude and out of line. Matt and Victoria's own parents should have made that choice. Not her.” Elizabeth admits.

“Very true, but she was very happy to get rid of her, the sooner the better as you saw. Matt and Victoria's parents were so struck with grief they didn’t say anything. Wait till the shock wears off and they realize everything.” Brian announces.

“It will be way too late then, She was very manipulative in her motives tonight. I disliked her to, and I wouldn’t dream of saying anything. I have no right or place in this.” Elizabeth answers.

“Everyone is different, I will call Sean tomorrow too and let him know what is going on. Things were crazy here tonight I didn’t get to tell him anything.” Brian replies.

“I am sure this is going to be a shock to him as well. ” Elizabeth comments.

“It sure will be. Babe,I know this is a lot. Are you ok with taking Tylor all the time? For him to live here? I know our life is crazy as it is, and you never signed up for this.” Brian says.

Elizabeth sits up in his lap putting her hand on his face turning it to look at her.

“You are really asking me this? I love you, he is part of you. The poor child just lost his mother, where else would he go? Of course, I would take him, he has made it extremely easy to. It helps that we got along before this, the weeks he has been here we have gotten closer which should help this go smoother. He likes it here and is afraid of being in the way and I don’t want him to feel that. He belongs here just like the rest of us.” Elizabeth says.

“Thank you, babe, that means the world to me. I know this is mean to say but I think he will do better living with us. I did want that all along, I just didn’t want to take him from his mother.” Brian answers.

“You don’t have to thank me. I know you would do the same if the tables were turned. I think he will do better here also. That doesn’t mean he will forget her, and I don’t want to replace her. She is his mother and always will be. So no ill words around him about her. ” Elizabeth responds.

“I don’t know what I did to get you, but I am very thankful that I did,” Brian states hugging her close.

He was relieved she was ok with this. If she didn’t want him there Brian wasn’t sure what he would do. At least this went smoothly since so many other things in their life didn’t.

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