The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 275

Chapter 275

Brian and Elizabeth get cozy in bed laying close to each other snuggling up. Elizabeth falls asleep, where Brian can’t seem to. His mind races with everything that happened today. Feeling a sadness wash over him he can’t describe.

He just lays there holding Elizabeth, glad for the life he now has, and sad for the one that is over. Which he can’t seem to understand why? He hasn’t been with Victoria in years, and their relationship was toxic, to say the least, yet deep down he couldn’t believe she was gone. He would never see her again, never fight with her again, and most of all never share things for their son again. He wasn’t as happy as he thought he would be, at the same time not really wanting Elizabeth to know how he felt. It would just bring up more questions, ones he couldn't answer himself.

When 7:00 AM rolls around, Brian gets up from bed, going to his office, just taking a look around, his home. How quiet and peaceful things where. The people he loved most above all tucked in their beds resting. All tired and worn out from the night before.

He enters his office and sits at his desk, still not feeling himself. He grabs his cellphone and calls Sean.

“Hey bro, I know you're off to work but geez its a bit early. What’s up?” Sean asks.

“I am not going to work today Sean, I guess you didn’t hear?” Brian says.

“Hear what? I have been working all night, I got home a few hours ago and I’m beat. Martha just left for work herself.” Sean answers.

“Yesterday afternoon, Victoria got into a serious car accident, and passed away.” Brian states.

“Yeah right, nothing is killing her. ” Sean says jokely.

“I’m not kidding bro she is gone,” Brian repeats.

“Oh wow, what the hell happened? How is Tylor? How are you?” Sean asks.

“Tylor is hanging in there and I don't know how I am. At first, it didn't seem to bother me, but now I am not so sure. I feel weird.” Brian admits.

“That's normal you spent half your life with her, you two shared a lot together Brian, even if you want to forget it. How is Elizabeth taking this?” Sean asks.

“I didn’t think I would feel this way, that last few years have been nothing but trouble. All we did was fight and try to hurt each other. It still just feels odd. Elizabeth is doing great, she is there for Tylor and accepting everything like a champ. I am so glad in a way Tylor was here for these few weeks, it seemed to make them closer. He got to see what living here always would be like. He seems to enjoy it. She is a very good mother, I know deep down this is the best for him, he will be stable. And happier than watching Victoria and Matt fight all the time.” Brian comments.

“I didn’t think Elizabeth would be anything else. She is there for you, more than Victoria ever was. I am sure Tylor's home life will be more stable, not that I am saying Victoria's death is a good thing. At least not for him. We grew up together, I can’t believe she is gone. I will miss going to her house every Friday, with the sarcastic remarks and looks while I got Tylor. It was just the way we were.” Sean responds.

“I know what you mean,” Brian says.

“Shit, how is Matt doing? I mean, I am sure he took it the worse.” Sean replies.

“He was pretty shaken up. The police are stating that it was foul play. So someone did this on purpose.” Brian admits.

“Wow, I know she was a bitch but really? Murder? I don’t think she deserved that. Heh, what did she and Adam have a fight?” Sean jokes.

“Who knows, I don’t like that they are going to look into shit, you know I will be a suspect with our history. There is nothing to find but I still don’t like it.” Brian comments.

“Do you know the suspect list will be at least three pages long? When is the funeral going to be?” Sean asks.

“Not sure, Margert is taking care of it. She stepped up to get rid of her super fast.” Brian admits.

“I bet, she was never fond of her either. How is dear Adam? You never got to ask him any questions?” Sean states.

“He is fine, the sad part is I think he was being the most honest one at the hospital. I had a lunch date with him but it never took place. I will wait till after the funeral, at the rate that Margert is going it should be really soon.” Brian says.

“I will come down for that, I want to see Tylor anyway. I guess in a way this sets you free from a lot of mess Bro. No more sharing your son, no more putting up with her bullshit. YOu need to look at the brighter side of things. It's sad she is gone but life goes on.” Sean replies.

“I know, I thought of all that soon as I heard, just now not sure. ” Brian responds.

“Does Elizabeth know how your feeling?” Sean asks.

“No, Things are going well with our marriage, I don't think crying over my ex is a good thing. Even if she is dead. I wouldn’t like it if it was the other way around. I would ask why? I mean I know we have a lot of history but still. I don’t need to bring up trouble. I am sure the feelings will pass. I think it's just been so much with this and our father whoever the hell he is. It never seems to calm down for long.” Brian confesses.

“You need a break from it all before you have a break, for the last year and a half you been running ragged. Trying to get Elizabeth, fighting with ex's, having a child, you were not sure was yours. now all this. There is just so much one person can handle before they snap.” Sean says with concern.

“I will be fine, don’t worry about me. I always am.“Brian states.

“Really? Like when everything hit when mom passed? And you ran away to party? We don’t need anything like that happening now.” Sean comments.

“Your overacting. I need to get off the phone. I need to do some work and see what is going on with the funeral.” Brian answers.

“Ok, talk to you later and please take care of yourself,” Sean says.

“I will.”

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