The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 277

Chapter 277

Brian, Elizabeth, Tylor, and baby Zach get into the car and head to the gravesite where Victoria will be buried. Everyone was heading there. Margaret made things fast and easy for everyone. Victoria's parents let her do it all since she agreed to pay and take care of everything. She did things in style and class so they expected this to be the same which it was. Margaret wouldn’t dirty her face, this was the last time she would have to put up with VIctoira, she could hold out.

Matt, Margaret, Adam and Victoria's parents were already at the gravesite along with the priest and others. It’s a good amount of people since Margret knew everyone and Adam as such a big deal. Everyone would come to pay their respect to the big wig lawyer and his family. It was another reason why Margaret wanted everything taken cared of by her. Not wanting anything out of place so no one could talk about her. She got Victoria the best coffin you could buy drapped with all white roses. Everyone took their seats and listened to the priest say his ceremony and each person close to Victoria say their goodbyes.

As they are sitting there listening Brian turns around and sees the detective standing in the back watching it all. It just makes him wonder what he found out, and why he was there. Was there a point? All the people here today were fakes except Tylor and Victoria's parents. The rest were just here to pretend for one reason or another.

Brian watches Matt, sit close to his mother holding her hand. Adam just sits there next to them acting like the concerned father. Everything looking the way it should on the outside when in truth they were all fakes.

Brian also just sits there and wonders, Matt was so into this child that was to be born, and there wasn't even the much mention of it. He just asked if it survived and that was it. Did Matt know something, the others didn’t? Or was he just relieved to get rid of it and Victoria? Brian couldn’t help but wonder with this family knowing how fake and corrupt they really were.

He also sits there and sees Elizabeth dealing with all of this, not wanting to really be here, yet she is for him and his son. She sits there holding Zach and also holding Tylor’s hand. Trying her best to console him when he cries for his mother. What would he do without her? He thinks to himself. How she and he is always dealing with something.

Sean sits on the other side of him also. Just looking around at all the people here pretending to care.

“Who are all these people?” Sean whispers.

“They are all people wanting something from Adam in one way or another. They come here offering their sorrow to him, so in case they need him, he will be there. It’s all bullshit. Victoria didn’t know these people Adam and Matt do. Shit, I don't even think Matt does.” Brian snaps.

“Did you see the guy in the back, checking everything out?” Sean says.

“Yeah he was the first I saw, he is the same cop from the hospital to ask Matt questions.” Brian answers.

“Maybe he has an update on her death? ” Sean replies.

“And you come to her funeral? This is the time for mourning. But then they do this all the time. I just find it bullshit. Families need time to grieve.” Brian states.

“Heh, have you met this family? Grieve what? If he is checking anything out, he already found out Adam is an asshole.” Sean laughs.

" A very rich asshole, that can make his life miserable if he wants to.” Brian answers.

“That can go both ways.” Sean states.

“So true. I wonder who he is going to question next?” Brian asks.

“I guess we will be finding that out,” Sean responds.

Brian sits there and watches as it ends and they lower the casket into the ground. He just gets a sick feeling in his stomach. This was it, it was over. He never really thought this would be happening, not now anyway. He thought they would both live until they were old, watching their son grow up and have his own family.

He just stands there and watches as the others start to leave.

"I am going to take the kids to the car. Are you coming?" Elizabeth asks.

"I will in a few minutes. You get them to the car." Brian answers.

Elizabeth says ok, just looking at him. She knows that in the last week he hasn't been the same. She can see that he is fighting within himself. There just isn't much she can do.

She walks away with the kids going to sit in the car and wait for him.

Brian just looks down at the grave. "Even in death you still seem to fuck me over. After all this time, I still have to deal with your leftover shit. I don't even know what these feelings I am having are. I was happy, you could never just let me be that could you?" Brian says.

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