The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 278

Chapter 278

“Well, I guess you had to say your goodbyes. Funny how her own husband couldn’t wait to get out of here and your the one still standing over her grave.” Greg says.

“Our relationship was complicated.” Brian answers.

“I have been seeing that a love-hate type of thing,” Greg responds.

“I only saw her because of our son. Otherwise, I would stay as far away from her as I could.” Brain admits.

“That's funny since weren’t you two having an affair?” Greg asks.

“I knew you were going to bring that up, it was before I met my wife. It was just a one-time thing.” Brian answers.

“That’s not what I heard, it started about a month after Victoria married Matt and it was off and on from what I heard.” Greg replies.

“I told you it was complicated." Brain says

"Does your current wife know?” Greg asks.

“I am not sure what this has to do with Victoria's death? Did you find who wanted her killed?” Brian asks.

“I take that as a no. Why would you hid it from your wife if it was over?” Greg asks.

“I don’t want to upset my wife,it was before her time, she does know of the time before I met her.” Brian comments

“So did Matt, I found out. He wasn’t so happy about it. He wanted to leave her. I also heard about the time, she came on to you, and your wife walked in. Your wife stormed out of your office, with you going after her. Correct?” Greg asks.

“Yes, Victoria liked her games. ” Brian says.

“Isn’t that because she always knew you would give in? Like you have in the past?” Greg responds.

“That was before my wife. I love my wife very much and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Victoria was my past, one that didn’t want to go away.” Brian answers.

“Her dead would get her out of your way, wouldn’t it? Your now free, to be with your wife, and even getting full custody of your son.” Greg states.

“Look, Victoria and I had our ups and downs, but I would never hurt her. She is the mother of my child. I have nothing to hide.” Brian remarks.

“But you didn’t want your wife to know the full past between you two. Was the child she was carrying yours?” Greg asks.

“Hell no! I haven’t been with her since before I met my wife. YOu may not believe me but its true. Are you married? Would you want to tell your wife you slept with your ex on and off in the past while she was married? The past is the past for reason.” Brian snaps.

“We do know she was cheating on Matt with someone currently. And that there was a good chance the child wasn’t his.” Greg states.

“Well, that wasn’t me. I have a happy home life, a wonderful wife. I don't need to cheat.” Brian replies.

“Do you know who she was cheating with then?” Greg asks.

“No, What or who my ex was doing, isn’t any of my business. Maybe you should ask her own husband.” Brian says.

“I have, he said it was you. That she was still madly in love with you and would do anything to be with you. That she has from the start.” Greg responds.

“Well, he is wrong. It wasn’t me, not now. I haven't been with her for over a year. It doesn’t surprise me that he would say that though. He always thought there was more even when there wasn't. He was very jealous.” Brian admits.

“Oh, I saw that when I talked to him. He can’t stand how women fall at your feet. He even went as far as saying your new wife is too good for you. That she doesn’t know the real you.” Greg replies.

“Yes, that sounds like something he would say. That doesn’t mean anything. I had nothing to do with this.” Brian snaps.

“I don’t believe you did, but many things may come out with all this. YOu might want to tell your wife before it does. That is if you really care as you claim. It's better she hears it from you than strangers. Shit has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.” Greg snickers.

“I see this. If you know I didn’t do it, then why are you here?” Brian says.

“I have to interview everyone. Including your wife. Its why I suggest you tell the truth.” Greg answers.

“My wife didn’t do anything either. She is just stuck in this shit because of me. She has been dealing with my past since she got with me.” Brian responds.

“That's relationships. You take the baggage from the last into the next. Either you can both get over it and conquer it, or you don’t.” Greg states.

“It’s becoming a lot to conquer,” Brian replies.

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