The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 279

Chapter 279

Brian walks to the car waiting for him, with Elizabeth and the kids. He gets into the car a little agitated.

“Everything ok?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, everything is fine. The detective just wanted to ask me a few questions. He may want to talk to you also. I will talk to you about it more later.” Brian says.

“Ok. Did he find out anything?” Elizabeth asks.

“Not much,” Brian answers not wanting to talk in front of Tylor.

Elizabeth catches on and drops the subject, she just wonders what the detective was asking and what Brian had to do with it.

Brian knows he needs to come clean, just another thing to tell. He never told Elizabeth, knowing she already hated Victoria and there were so many things happening in their relationship. He figured it didn’t matter since it was before her time. Why go into more detail? More thinking? More wondering. He knew how Elizabeth was with him because he felt the same with her. He never slept with Victoria once they got together. He loved Elizabeth and she was the only one he wanted. He just knew this would bring up questions, ones he really didn't want to answer. It was just proving to be a lot of work to keep this relationship going, but it was worth it.

They don’t have a long drive to get to Adam’s house, pulling up to this huge mansion. Elizabeth’s mouth just drops at the site of the front of it. A huge fountain in front to greet them with white lilies swimming in it. She just takes it all in. Remembering how Brian always said how big it was and how much they had. She now got to see it first hand. She now sees why Margret was the way she was.

They all walk into this huge foyer, with a huge round wooden table in the center with gorgeous tall flowers, a huge candler in the middle and a double staircase on each side that went upstairs. You could see the large oval stain glass window from downstairs. Everything was perfect and in its place. It felt more like a museum than a house.

They walk into a big living room, with two huge windows, a fireplace, and very expensive furniture. The room is done up in white and gold. Elizabeth just looks around feeling out of place still wondering what she is doing here. Watching all these people interact sipping on champagne. It was more like a party than a funeral.

Elizabeth goes upstairs to the bathroom, just to get away from it all. Not able to wait for all of this to be over. Victoria was haunting her even in death. Which pissed her off in a way. She as just hoping that after today, she wouldn’t have to deal with as much. It would be over. She was hoping that her and Brian’s relationship would go back to normal and so would everything else.

On her way down from the elaborate bathroom on the stairs, she bumps into Margret.

“I wanted to just say, I am so glad that Brian found such an elegant woman. You sure are an upgrade from Victoria.” Margret says.

“Thank you, I think.” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh don’t be shy. I know you saw Victoria for who she was. There is no sense in lying. Even on a day like today.” Margret states.

“I take it your happy she is no longer?” Elizabeth asks.

“Sweety lets be honest. Would you want her with your son? My son is a wonderful man, raised in power and wealth. Victoria took all that and turned him into her rag doll. I know you must be happy she is gone, you don’t have to worry about her throwing herself at your husband anymore. She was a shank, to say the least. I am sure now both our households will be much better.” Margret admits.

“This comes with pros and cons.” Elizabeth answers.

“You are now stuck with Brian’s child. I don’t see that as a problem for you. You seem loving and caring. You also seem genuine in your feelings for Brian. I am sure putting up with all this and Victoria in the past wasn’t easy on you. So I see it as a pro that she is gone for you as well.” Margaret states.

“Its a con for her son. He is very upset, so is your son for that matter.” Elizabeth answers.

“They will both be fine, Time heals all wounds. They are both better off without her. I would watch Brian if I were you though. I know you, know about his past, but I don’t think he can just let it go as easy as you both think. When he gets down, and low he falls back into his old self. It’s not a pretty sight. ” Margret warns.

“I am sure he will be fine and so will our marriage. That was before me, even though none of you can understand that.” Elizabeth snaps.

“My dear, the only one who doesn’t seem to understand is you. We were there to see what he was. How he acted, what he did. You weren’t. You were home, housekeeping and taking care of your children. Don’t be navie in what you believe. Love can only blind you for a short time until you see the light.” Margret states.

“Just because I was a housewife and mother doesn’t make me Navie. So he partied and had fun. He screwed a lot of women. I don’t care what he did before me, its now that counts. ” Elizabeth answers.

“I hope so my dear, just the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Margret answers as she walks away.

Elizabeth just stands there and wonders, what the hell did she know? For the first time, she wondered if he would ever go back to what he was before he met her. Was there a chance he would do that to her? Then why would he? They had a good marriage, great sex. Why would he cheat? Then she thought so many men cheat even though they have that with their wives, some are never satisfied.

Elizabeth just rubs her eyes fixing her makeup and walks back into the living room standing next to Brian. Who grabs her hand and kisses it. Holding their son in his other arm. She hated that she even just thought about what she did about him. Margret was just trying to get under her skin, and it was working. She just needed out of this place and away from these people. For the first time ever, she feels that even being around Ethan’s family was better than this. They were crazy but they were real. Where these people were just fucked up.

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