The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 28 Distance

Chapter 28 Distance.

Elizabeth goes upstairs to change, feeling proud of herself. She thinks of Brian, who she wishes she could talk to. Being really use to telling him everything. They shared all kinds of things. Not afraid to let it all out. She knows he would be proud of her as well. She misses him, She misses the life they were living. Free and without all this craziness. She sees how different her life would be if she left. It's just could she?

She looks around at her bedroom, just putting on her old sweatpants and pull over. Then looking into the mirror.

“This isn’t me anymore. I don’t want to be this person. I have grown so much.” She says to herself.

Taking off the pants and top, going over to her luggage and taking out her silky Capri PJs with matching robe and slippers. As she slides them on, she remembers how Brian loved how they felt on her. She closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. Feeling his hands on her body. Him whispering in her ear. She opens her eyes with a sigh. Knowing this month is going to be a long one. He was her drug and she was craving him badly.

She sits down at her vanity and writes to Brian. Telling him everything that took place. She didn’t want to message him. To start him up right from the get go. It’s only been a few hours, they were away from each other. She just knew if she felt this way. What was he feeling? She wasn’t ready to give in to her feelings. She wanted to try to make this work, while she was home. To see if there was any chance left, before throwing twenty years away. She wanted to make sure it was really over before walking out and never returning. She figured it was the least she could do. She finishes her letter, sealing it off, Putting it in her Suitcase. In a safe department, so no one would find it.

When she gets done, Ethan walks into the bedroom. Taking a look at her sitting there in a silky carpi set he never saw before. It's different than the fleece PJs she always wore covering herself up.

“Everything ok? I know my mother can be a lot to handle. I want to say. I am sorry.” Ethan states.

Elizabeth not sure this is the same man. She lived with for twenty years.

“I’m fine. I just need you to know. I am not putting up with her anymore. IF she wants to come to our home. She needs to respect me. It’s my home as well.” Elizabeth answers.

“I understand. We will figure it out. They went home so things are peaceful now. Come down and spend more time with the girls. They really missed you.“Ethan says. “I really missed you.” He adds.

“Ok, I will be right down.” She replies. Seeing a change in him.

She goes downstairs and they all sit in the living room talking. Sharing everything that has happened in the last three months. Elizabeth sharing what she could. Knowing that not all of it she was able to. Realizing the best times she wanted to talk about. She couldn’t. They all involved Brian. She just kept finding herself thinking of him more and more. How he brought a smile to her face every time, she thought about him. How she missed their closeness.

Her mother Joan sits there and watches. Knowing something is very different about her daughter. Not only in the way she dresses but also her personality. She sees in a way she doesn’t even fit in here anymore. Which scares her. She knows something must have happened. She will need to get to the bottom of it. She just hopes whatever it is. Doesn’t take her daughter away from her. Also knowing that wasn’t fair in away. If it made her truly happy.

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