The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Brian can see something is on Elizabeth’s mind. He knows this has to be hard for her to deal with. Here with all these people for a woman she really disliked. If he had to admit it, to himself, he didn’t like being here either. It felt fake and like he wasn’t where he should be. It was time to say goodbye to Victoria and all that came with her. It just seemed as if life wouldn't let him.

Brian goes up to Elizabeth kissing her cheek.

” Babe, I think its time for us to go. What do you think?” Brian asks.

“I have never been more ready to leave somewhere.” Elizabeth answers.

“Good, Tylor is going to go home with his grandparents for a few days. They want to spend some time with him. That will give you a break as well.” Brian says.

“Is he ok with this? I don’t mind him being with us.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, I think it would be good for him to be around people that really cared about his mother. He can probably express his feelings more.” Brian replies. Opening the car door.

“And what exactly are your feelings?” Elizabeth asks needing to truly know.

“What do you mean?” Brian says.

“You haven’t been yourself this last week. You don’t sleep, you eat here and there, your mind is always somewhere else. We are in bed, but your body is there not your mind. Not like before. Your far from me.” Elizabeth reveals.

Brian gets into the car, knowing what Elizabeth just said is true. His mind was far. His emotions were rattled, to say the least.

“I don’t know what I am feeling. I am a bit confused if I am, to be honest. I don’t know if its about Victoria or just everything in general.” Brian admits.

“Do you still feel the same about me?” Elizabeth asks.

“Of course I do. I love you even more for everything that you're doing for me and Tylor. I know I haven’t been sexual, and that's odd for me. I just have my mind filled with everything. It's not you or us.” Brian answers.

“It just seemed weird how your ex dies and all of a sudden your not sexual with me. I know we are close just not in that manner. I don’t know maybe, I am just overthinking.” Elizabeth comments.

Thinking about what Margret just said to her.

“I know that has to look funny, I am sorry babe. I thought, I would feel happy that she was gone, that I would be free. I did at first then I felt bad. Then it goes back to relief. ITs just been a rollercoaster.” Brian confesses.

“That's normal. You have a past with her, I understand that. Your not a monster, you have feelings.” Elizabeth says.

“Feelings I didn’t think I would have,” Brian replies.

Elizabeth just sits there not sure of what to say or even how to feel. Maybe Margret was right, it was a good thing Victoria was dead.

“The detective knows about my affair with Victoria. Matt even went as far as saying it was my child she was carrying.” Brian admits.

“What?” Elizabeth shouts

Just looking at Brian with a pain in her heart. Just the thought alone killed her. Was there something he was hiding from her?

“It's wasn't your child? Was It?” Elizabeth asks tearfully.

“Babe really? You know it wasn’t. Matt was just saying that to be an ass. The detective knows I didn’t do anything. He also knew she was having an affair with someone and is trying to find out who it was.” Brian says.

“Did you tell him it was Adam?” Elizabeth replies.

“No, it’s none of my business. Plus Who knows what the hell was really going on, maybe there as more than Adam. Let him find out for himself.” Brian responds.

“Why protect Adam, would he protect you? Sure the hell looks like Matt would throw you under the bus as soon as he could.” Elizabeth snaps.

“Matt is jealous of us, and that Victoria cared for me so much. Adam is different. The detective wants to talk to you as well. Its just part of the investigation. He may tell you things you don’t know or things you don't want to hear.” Brian claims.

“That I don’t know? Like what? Brian, is there anything your not telling me? Did you sleep with her while we were together?” Elizabeth asks, panicking inside, not keeping her composer like normal.

She is falling apart at the seams. This conversation and the one she had with Margret is making her rethink everything.

“No, I never slept with her while we were together. You need to believe me on that.” Brian says.

“Then what? What are you hiding from me?” Elizabeth comments.

“I slept with her on and off till I met you,” Brian says.

“What? So you two were having an affair?” Elizabeth asks.

“In a way yes. It started about a month after she married Matt. We would exchange Tylor for the weekend and sometimes she would spend the night.” Brian comments.

“No wonder she still thought you cared. That she would throw herself at you. You led her on, or maybe me? Making me think you didn’t care about her when you did.” Elizabeth shouts.

“Babe, that's not true. I never led you on, I love you. I was over her when I met you.” Brian says.

“No, you weren’t, you screwed her before you left, and you would have continued if you didn’t meet me. You led her on, its why she did half the things she did. It wasn’t all her. It was you as well. Why didn’t you just tell me this? You're always keeping something from me when it comes to her.” Elizabeth snaps.

“I knew it would hurt you, and you would feel this way. I didn’t sleep with her because I loved her, she was just there.” Brian states.

“So that makes it better? So do you sleep with me because I am there? Is this how you feel? How you operate? How can you just sleep with someone because they are there? What the hell is that?” Elizabeth yells.

“You know better than that. What the hell has gotten into you? This isn’t like you at all. YOu know How much I love you. How much I want you. Why would you even ask these things? Or even think these things?” Brian yells back.

Baby Zach starts to cry from the fighting. Not use to this at all. Elizabeth on edge and taking in everything that was said to her today. Now feeling there was a lot she didn't know about him or the real relationship he had with Victoria.

“I want out of the car, Just let me out.” Elizabeth snaps.

“Its at least two blocks from home. Why are you acting like this?” Brian asks.

“I need out of this fucking car,” Elizabeth says.

Brian stops the car, letting Elizabeth out. Never seeing her act like this before. He knows something isn’t right. She just won’t tell him what.

Elizabeth just slams the car door and walks away, needing air and time away. Brian wasn’t the only one tired. Things were getting to her as well. There was so much he was hiding about his relationship with Victoria and she was sick of it. What were his true feelings? Did he even know? Was Margret right? At this moment she wasn't sure of anything.

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