The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 281

Chapter 281

Brian is left with a lot of questions and a screaming baby in the back seat of the car. He drives home trying to calm the child down. As his nerves take the best of him. He takes a deep breath as he parks in his driveway, getting out and picking up his son. Who he now calmed down. He takes him in giving him a bottle and putting him down for a nap. Needing some peace and quiet for himself just to get his mind back together.

After he does, he sees that Elizabeth isn’t home yet. He knows she had to stop off somewhere otherwise she would be. He knew telling her would upset her, just not like this. She didn’t take that at all as he thought. He also noticed she didn’t act like she normally did. She would get upset but never like this, never walking away and leaving him and their son. He knew she was getting to her breaking point as well. He just knew he had to tell her what he did before the investor did. That would have made this ten times worse. Plus they were always able to talk about things. It just seemed like this subject got to her more then he thought it would have.

He just sits down on the sofa and hopes she cools down and comes home soon. Feeling maybe the little bit of space would do them good.

Elizabeth stops at a local cafe, just needing air and space. She just takes a seat outside the cafe drinking her decaf iced coffee, needing to settle her nerves, that are now totally unhinged. Just the more, she would think about things the more heated she would become.

Brian: 5:04 Babe, where are you? Are you ok?

Elizabeth just reads the text, not wanting to answer him at the same time knowing she should.

Elizabeth: 5:11 I’m at the local cafe.

Brian: 5:13 Are you ok? Come home.

Elizabeth doesn’t answer, she is still fuming inside. She doesn’t even know where all this anger is coming from. It's just there filling her up, taking over her being.

Brian just paces back and forth, knowing any time she doesn’t answer his text she is still mad. He knows this is another test for their relationship. Just another one on top of all the rest.

After another thirty minutes, Elizabeth walks through the door. Brian going up to her wanting to hug her.

“DOn’t please,” Elizabeth says.

“Babe, what is going on? This isn’t like you at all. You never push me away.” Brian answers.

“The only reason you told me about the affair is because of the detective. You knew he would tell me. Otherwise, this would just stay as your secret. You two were not over like you claim Brian. You watched as she went after you, saying it was all her. When in fact it wasn’t. Shit, if she didn’t die, you might have even given in to her again.” Elizabeth snaps.

“I know your upset with me, You have every right to be. But I wouldn’t give in to her. I was and am over her.” Brian says.

“Like when she came on to you and you were falling into it? If I didn’t get there you might have given into her again.” Elizabeth shouts.

“Why are we fighting over something that will never happen or did? What is the real reason your so angry with me?” Brian replies.

“YOu don’t get it or understand do you?” Elizabeth says.

“I know there is something more. You have been different since we went to Adam’s house.” Brian responds.

“Margret warned me about you and your past. How navie I am...about thinking you changed and will stay faithful. ” Elizabeth reveals.

“Damn that bitch would. There they go again with my past. Of all people, I never thought you would fall for that. You know me better or at least I thought you did.” Brian says.

“I never have, I never cared or let it bother me. I never thought I had to. What you did before me, was that. Just hearing how much you messed around with Victoria, makes me wonder. If she didn’t pass away, what would have happened between you two?” Elizabeth answers with tears in her eyes.

“I know I hid things from you with her, but it was to protect you. Not hurt you. It's all over now, she is gone and not coming back. We have nothing to worry about. I am sorry I had to tell you like this, I am also sorry you have to hear about my past from others. You know how she is, Margret is just as bad as Victoria. She loves trouble.” Brian says putting his arms around Elizabeth.

Elizabeth doesn’t answer, she sees no point.

“I am going to head upstairs, I need a shower and some sleep.” Elizabeth answers after a bit.

“I will lock up and head upstairs too. Its been a long day.” Brian replies.

Elizabeth just goes upstairs not even waiting for him. She gathers her clothes and goes to the shower, taking off her dress and stepping into the shower. She slides down, holding her knees in her arms and just starts to cry. Her emotions just wash over her, the feeling she may lose him fills her. This is something she never felt before in her life. She never loved anyone the way she did Brian, and to be honest, it scared the hell out her.

Brian goes upstairs seeing she isn’t around. He knows she went into the shower to get ready for bed. He also knows she is very upset with him and he doesn't really like it. Victoria was still there in his way, fucking up his life. Just like she knew how. He knew his keeping secrets didn’t help the cause either. He just wanted things back to normal.

After a while of waiting, he feels it's taking a bit of time and wants to know if she is ok. Brian heads into the bathroom.

“Babe are you ok?” Brian asks.

He doesn't see her standing in the shower, he just hears the water running. He peeks in to see her sitting in the tub, holding her knees filled with tears.

“Babe, please don’t,” Brian says.

Taking the water off, then kneeling down into the tub and putting his arms around her.

“I know your hurting, and I am sorry. This is a big mess. I just need you to know I love you and I am not going anywhere.” Brian says.

Elizabeth just closes her eyes, as Brian picks her up out of the shower. Putting a towel around her. She lays her head on his shoulder as he carries her to their bedroom. He takes a seat on the bed with her on his lap. Holding her close to him, her arms wrap around him holding him just as tight, as tears still stream down her face.

He dries her body as he holds her, sliding her nightgown on and over her body. He then just places her on her side of the bed, as he takes off his now soaked grey shirt and black dress pants. Then he gets in next to her, under the covers holding her close to him once again. Feeling she needs to know he is there, just like he needs her. For the rest of the night, there is no talking, just holding each other. There wasn’t anything left to say.

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