The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 282

Chapter 282

After the Funeral gathering is over, Adam goes into his office to get away from it all. Needing a break from all the people and all the commotion that has been going on in the last few days. He was used to being around people since he always was for his job. Just on this kind of reason didn't suit him well. He was glad it was all over in a way, still not believing what all took place.

Matt and Margret go into the tea room to discuss everything that took place today. Seeing they are finally alone, and everything is over with.

“Mother, did you see the detective lurking around at the Funeral?” Matt states.

“Yes, I saw him. I even saw him talking to Brian. I am sure he is the main suspect by now. Or maybe his pretty little wife. She is so navie in what she thinks about Brian. He really is slick in making women think he is something he isn’t. I find it very amusing.” Margret laughs.

“When he talked to me, I through suspicion onto Brian, I didn’t want to put it on Elizabeth. She is innocent in all of this. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Just like I didn’t. You said you would take care of Victoria, I didn't know you would do this Mother! It wasn't what I was looking for at all.” Matt answers.

“You knew damn well, how she was and what she was. You were blinded by fury against Brian. You got yourself into this mess and I had to get you out! I did it in a way, she would never hurt you or this family ever again.” Margret snaps.

“I just don’t want Greg to find out anything. Throwing suspicion onto Brian and Elizabeth won’t last long mother. I am sure if Greg is any good at being a detective, he will know they are both innocent in this. Then he will go looking into others, Like father, you or me. We don’t want that. Or need it. There is such a thing as Divorce mother!” Matt replies.

“I took care of everything, there is nothing linking either of us to this mess. Just keep playing the wounded husband. You play it so damn well. I hope your next choice for a bride is better than your first. Divorce? You have to be kidding me, that wrench would take us for everything we had, not to mention let all the cats out of the bag. Divorce was never an answer here and you knew that.” Margret snaps.

“I know you didn’t like her but really? This was a bit much, even after all she did.” Matt responds.

“Only you would say that she made a mockery out of you. Sleeping with that bastard you call father and getting pregnant. Wanting you to believe it was yours. It was bad enough when she was Screwing Brain the whole marriage. When he was down and out, she would even give him money. He used her for everything she had to give, it just was your money, not hers she was sharing.” Margret reveals.

“Do you think he is using Elizabeth?” Matt asks.

“Why do you care? It's her problem if he is. She is so blinded, she doesn’t see anything anyway. I am not sure what he would be using her for unless its just to be a mother to his son and to give the stable environment he never had as a child. What Elizabeth lacks in money she makes up in other ways. Not the mention making him someone with those books of hers. He was a nothing before her, she turned him into what he is. She made him a man, that is what you want your woman to do for you. Not screw the town and make an ass of out you.” Margret berates.

“Elizabeth is a good woman, I just don’t want to see her hurt in all this. ” Matt answers.

“I wouldn’t worry about her, it's yourself I would worry about. I am going to put that house you own up for sale. Get rid of everything that you had with that witch. Get yourself a nice Manhattan apartment and move on. In the meantime, stay here so it looks like you need family and your all upset. Keep acting the part.” Margret states.

“It's not an act mother. No matter what you think, I did love her. I wanted things to work out, to be the family we should have been.” Matt responds.

“You can’t make a tramp a wife and think things will be good. It doesn’t work that way. If the truth ever came out, it would destroy us. She isn’t worth going down for. No one is! I worked too damn hard to make this family what it is today. I will not have some tramp destroy it.” Margret replies.

“What about father? It was him as well. He isn’t innocent in all this. Who told him to screw her? Make her pregnant? He has all his other whores, he has to take my wife?” Matt shouts.

“Your father is no angel but she wanted this, she did it on purpose for more money. More power. Your father is just a man, thinking with the wrong head, where she fully knew what she was doing. It doesn’t get him off the hook, it's just being honest. If she was any kind of a good woman, she would have never gone with him from the start. It just shows her character.” Margret comments.

“It's been a long day, I need some rest. You are just sure that Greg can’t find anything?” Matt asks.

“I already told you, there is nothing to find. He can look all he wants it will not trace back to either of us. He will get tired and go away finding nothing. Just bits and pieces of secrets some want to keep hidden.” Margret answers.

“Some of those can come back to us,” Matt says.

“Most to Brian, and your father. Let them both squirm for a bit.” Margret laughs.

Matt goes off into his own room, drinking and wanting to forget everything that is taking place. He wanted things to be so different, he wanted Victoria to be the woman he needed, not what she was. He just never thought his mother would go this far. It was just too late to change the past in any way. Just time to move on, if the guilt would let him.

Margret sits in the tea room proud of herself. Always being one step ahead of her husband and everyone else. She was happy and relieved that Victoria was no longer. She got rid of the thorn that was in her side. Feeling this was the only way to get rid of her fully, without letting all the skeletons out of the closet. There was no way she was going to let her son raise Adam's child as his own. As Margret sits their she even wonders if it really was Adam's or someone else's? The thought even crosses her mind, if its Brian's knowing the past that they shared, the cheating they committed. She just laughs to herself saying it doesn't matter anymore whose child it was. Sipping her wine, in front of the fireplace, being the cold, bitter woman she was.

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