The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 283

Chapter 283

Brian gets up in the middle of the night to a crying baby. He lets Elizabeth sleep, knowing she had a long night and needed some rest. Plus for himself sleeping wasn’t working very well. There was too much on his mind. He gets up and goes to his son sitting in the rocker in the baby’s room feeding him, as he looks at his phone.

He sees a text from Sean, asking "Why did you leave so soon."

Brian: 1:00 AM Sorry bro, Elizabeth and I had enough of the people there and left. Are you up? I need to talk. I have so much on my mind.

Sean: 1:06 AM Yea, I’m up. Call me. What's going on?

Brian: 1:08 AM Give me a minute or two, I have to finish up feeding the baby. I will put him back to sleep and then call you.

Sean: 1:11 AM Ok.

Brian finishes up feeding the baby burping, changing, and then putting him back to bed. When he is done, he walks to his office so he has privacy and doesn’t wake anyone up. Also not able to wait to be able to talk to his brother, needing someone to listen to him.

“Hey,” Brian says upset.

“What's up? You left me there with a bunch of nuts. You know how much I like Adam and his crew. I do have to say everything went smoothly though. I just really don’t feel comfortable about them. I am glad Adam isn’t our father.” Sean says.

“I am sorry, I wanted to go home and so did Elizabeth. It was a long day. The detective rattled my nerves by telling me, he was going to talk to Elizabeth and tell her about the affair I had with Victoria. The full story that is. My mind really wasn't on anything else after that.” Brian says.

“Shit, then I guess you need to tell her before he does. Does the detective think you did something or her? It does sound like he wants to make some trouble and stir some shit.” Sean asks.

“He knows, I didn’t. He is just being a pain in the ass. And yes I know I had to tell her before someone else would. I did, she just didn’t take it very well at all. She through a fit and even stayed out of the house for a bit. She never really acted like this before. I was shocked to see how she acted. I had to pull over and let her out of the car.” Brian admits.

“She probably feels you had more feelings then you let on for Victoria. It doesn't look, good bro, you have to see if from her point of view as well. Would you like it? You would always ask yourself why didn't he tell me? What is he hiding?” Sean replies.

“Yea exactly. Which I didn’t, she was just there. She was something I knew and was comfortable with. She would give sex and money, it was good while it lasted. Elizabeth doesn’t see it that way. Plus Margret went and put shit in her head about my past as well. So she thinks, I would cheat on her with Victoria or maybe even someone else. It just made my past come to haunt me again.” Brian says.

“Ewww, Leave it to Margret. She is worse then Victoria if you want to know the truth. If Victoria was still here and this came out it would be a bigger problem for you. This way you have a chance of Elizabeth getting over it. Victoria isn’t here to rub it in or make it worse. Just make love like you know how to do and she will be all over it. You two seem to not be able to be mad at each other for long.” Sean Laughs.

“Very funny, I haven’t been in the mood. I am so drained. Sex is the last thing on my mind. I am still close to her, but I don't go after sex or even try to start.” Brian states.

“Really? You couldn’t keep your hands off of her, what is going on? Damn, no wonder why she is wondering what's up. Don’t you want her anymore? This is going to make her think even worse things, you know that?” Sean asks.

“It has nothing to do with her. I am just tired. My emotions are all over the place. the last few weeks have been crazy. I just don’t feel like it, I haven’t even gotten much sleep. I know how that can leave her wondering, I know I am always normally all over her, I just need time to get myself together. Not to mention work, I am so busy there I can’t blink I missed something else. Our relationship isn't built on just sex.” Brian responds.

“I think you need a break, I told you this before. Besides your breaking point, you're going to lose everything around you. Just take it easy. Victoria is buried, that part is over. Take it easy at work, and you don’t need to ask Adam right now about our father or anything. Just breathe. You told her the truth or your version of it about Victoria there isn't anything else to bite you in the ass now.” Sean comments.

“I want to know what is going on, with that. ITs what is really tearing me apart. I looked all around us today, there was no other male family there besides Adam and Matt. Who the fuck is the other male that is our father? Come on, you can't tell me you didn't wonder too? And at this point fuck Victoria it's all in the past. I am tired of defending myself. I just hate that Elizabeth is the one stuck in the middle of all of this.” Brian snaps.

“You need to let it go, even if for a week or two. You need a break. We haven't had a father in 30 years, a few more weeks isn’t going to matter. TO be honest, if we don't ever have one, it won’t matter. He didn’t want us, so screw him. I do see where you are coming with it though. I did look around, I paid more attention to the people coming and going more than I would have before. I didn't see anyone, that close to Adam. No brothers, No father. Shit, I didn't even see cousins. Most of who showed up today were business associates that wanted to make nice with him. Some of Victoria's family and us.” Sean responds.

“I am glad you feel this way, I do sometimes but it still gets to me. I saw the same as you did. I don't personally want Elizabeth around Margret again any time soon. I believe she is what started her off. If anyone could put shit in her head, it would be Margret and on purpose. She wants everyone to be as miserable as she is. Plus she hated Victoria and isn't a big fan of mine either.” Brian admits.

“I know this is getting to you bro, but you're going to lose everything for it and it's so no worth it. You need to fix your marriage, You have a great one, don’t fuck it up. I would also keep Elizabeth away from any of them not only Margret. Do you think Matt is any better? He seems to love to take your leftovers. If he would see you fighting he would "comfort" her just to piss you off.” Sean states.

“I’m not going to lose her. I am sure she will get over it. It just may take a bit. He isn't comforting anything, I will beat the shit out of him if he even touches her. It's not like it was with Victoria I care this time. Plus I don't have to worry about that. She isn't like Victoria she wouldn't do that.” Brian answers.

“Yea, and your just lucky that Victoria isn’t here to add fire to the flame. You know she would love this. Also, don't be so sure, a vulnerable woman will fall for Matt's charm. " Sean stats.

"Thanks just what I need on top of it all, to worry that Matt will come on to my wife. What the fuck?" Brian scuffs.

"I am not trying to add more shit, just warn you. You don't want a repeat performance of the past. Just like you just said, You care this time. So be there and FiX it. Before someone else does." Sean replies.

Brian sits there and knows Sean is right, he also feels bad about everything that had happened today. Elizabeth didn’t deserve this. She was a good woman trying to make things work. It just always seemed like something would pop up at the wrong time.

The thought of Matt being close to her ripped through him. At the same time, feeling she would never do that to him. Yet, even so, he would keep her away from these people. Not wanting to take any chances. He saw how Elizabeth felt bad for Matt, How she went to talk to him and comfort him at the hospital. She had a good heart and he didn't want anyone taking advantage of it.

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