The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 284

Chapter 284

When morning comes, Brian is in bed, just holding Elizabeth hoping that today things would be better. Knowing a lot of fears where going around in Elizabeth's mind. He knew how she was and that her past with Ethan, didn't make things any better. It just made her worry more and think things wouldn't work out. Putting even more pressure on Brian. Not that he was being any better, after talking to Sean he now was thinking more things as well, just he wouldn't let that bother him. Matt should now be a thing of the past, yet he wouldn't be being his half brother.

“Morning babe,” Brian says.

“Morning.” She replies.

“I wanted to see you before, I left for work. I know you're still upset with me, and I am really sorry. I just want you to know that I do love you.” Brian says.

“I know.” Elizabeth answers.

“I have a lot of work today and I will be busy, but I will be home for dinner. We can also spend some time alone together tonight. I know we haven’t really had any time for us.” Brian replies.

“I will make something special for dinner then. Maybe we can just watch a movie together tonight?” Elizabeth answers.

“That sounds great babe, I would love that,” Brian responds kissing her head.

Brian can see she is still a bit distant but trying. He just hopes that after tonight things will get back to normal. He would put on the charm, and bring her flowers and hope for the best. Just for now he needed to get to work. He had a busy day and there was no time for messing around.

Elizabeth gets up from bed, going to see her son. She takes him downstairs to get him some breakfast. As she gets there she hears a knock on the door.

“May I help you?” Elizabeth says answering the front door.

“Yes, I am detective Greg Hochman. May I come in and ask you a few questions?” Greg says.

“Sure, This is about Victoria?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, your husband use to be her long-time boyfriend correct?” Greg asks.

“Yea, what does that have to do with any of this?” Elizabeth says.

“You do know they had an off and on again affair throughout the years?” Greg states.

“Yes, I am aware of it. That doesn’t mean anything. Everyone knows how Brian use to be. SO?” Elizabeth comments.

“Hmm, I thought you would have taken that worse. So you know what kind of man Brian was? How he used women for sex? How he used Victoria for sex and money?” Greg answers.

“Yes, I heard it all. I still don’t know what that has to do with any of this. Victoria was no prize. She was the one that was married, not him.” Elizabeth responds.

“True, Matt says they been at it for a long time. He even thinks the child maybe your husband's.” Greg strikes.

“My Husband never slept with her while we were together. So its not his child. Matt isn’t too fond of Brian as you can tell. Victoria wasn’t a true person not even to herself so god knows who else she was sleeping with. You need to look for the others and take your suspicions off my husband.” Elizabeth says.

“I heard about the office incident that took place. The one that you walked in on. How many times do you think that occurred that you didn’t walk into?” Greg states.

“Do you know something I don't Sir? Is it why you keep throwing this at me? My husband never lied to me, about what he was before he met me. He told me about him and Victoria's affair. He also told me, he hasn’t done anything while we were together, and I believe him. Why are you really here? What are you after?” Elizabeth demands.

“I believe someone cut her brakes and made sure she died.” Greg answers.

“And what does that have to do with me? Or my husband? If anyone really wanted her dead it would be her own husband or his family. She was cheating on him, hurting him. My husband and I could care less about her.” Elizabeth snaps.

“True, but your husband and yourself have a lot to gain with her being dead. It's also known that you didn't like her very well.” Greg says.

“I am having more problems with her death than when she was alive. I haven’t gained anything by this. Neither has my husband. If anything it just caused more grief.” Elizabeth replies.

“Hmm, you got rid of her and your husband gained his son fully. I think you both gained something.” Greg answers.

“There is always court for that, Victoria had a lot against her, I am sure if we wanted sole custody of Tylor we would have gotten it. We never were trying to take him away though. And what proof do you have that someone wanted to hurt her?” Elizabeth asks.

“Not much at the moment, It seems that the car exploded soon after Victoria was taken from it, leaving no prints or anything behind.” Greg answers.

“So you're here on a hunch? No real evidence? Just wanting to play around with people's lives?” Elizabeth snaps.

“I know deep down someone hurt her. ” Greg huffs.

“You're barking up the wrong tree, Either it was an accident or you're looking at the wrong people. If anyone was to hurt her it would be her in-laws. They had more to gain and more to hide.” Elizabeth reveals.

“You mean Adam? The person she was having the affair with besides your husband. “Greg comments.

“If you knew, why are you here? Why bother my family? We have been through enough.” Elizabeth says.

“It's my job to look at every one. And I knew you had an idea of who the other person she was sleeping with. ” Greg replies.

“As I said she got around, I am not sure if it was only Adam or what. I do know it wasn’t my husband and you need to get that out of your head. Maybe it was before we were married but not afterward.” Elizabeth snaps.

“You seem very sure about that, where I am not. It might not have been like it was, but I believe it may have happened once. She caught him off guard and he fell for it. They seem to have that kind of relationship.” Greg says.

“Believe whatever you want but it didn’t happen. Now if you would excuse me, I have to feed my son.” Elizabeth says opening the front door.

“Brian sure does have someone who believes in him and stands by him. I hope he knows this. I also hope for your sake, what you believe is true.” Greg states.

“I am sure he does.” Elizabeth answers closing the door.

Her heart beating out of her chest and her mind racing just as fast. What did take place? Was he just trying to rattle her to see what she knew? Did it really happen? Brian said it didn’t. He wouldn’t lie about it, or at least she hoped he wouldn’t. Victoria was dead and it was over. There was no more chasing, no more throwing herself at Brian. All this would fade and be in the past, and it's just where Elizabeth wanted it.

She also wonders about the child she was carrying. Why did they keep saying it was Brian's? Was it? Greg left his card on the table. She grabs it and dials the number.

"Well, this is fast? Did you think of something I should know?" Greg says.

"No, I thought that you keep saying that the child is my husband's if you want to find out who she was cheating with. Why don't you just do a DNA test? You're the smart Detective, wouldn't that just help you out and get the answers you need?" Elizabeth asks.

"I Have to say your a very smart lady. I am already on that, we should be getting our answer on that very soon. I will make sure to let you know who the baby daddy is." Greg responds.

"Good, I know it will be someone other than my husband," Elizabeth answers hanging up.

Even though inside she was dying wondering to herself if it really was his or not, she wouldn't give that to the detective. She would stay on Brian's side till it proved otherwise.

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