The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 286

Chapter 286

Brian walks in seeing the dining room table set for two, everything smelling great and also looking nice. It makes him relieved inside to see she is somewhat herself. He walks into the kitchen, seeing their son in his high chair, as Elizabeth is cooking.

Brian kisses his son and then goes over to Elizabeth kissing her cheek.

“Everything smells great, these are for you,” Brian says handing Elizabeth a dozen yellow roses.

Elizabeth just looks at him, standing there with the roses, how sweet he was, and always trying. It just makes her feel worse inside, that she is having so many doubts.

“Thank you so much they are gorgeous. You always know how to cheer me up.” Elizabeth says kissing him on his lips.

The first real kiss they have had in days.

“I thought you needed a pick me up. I know a lot has been going on the last few weeks, even more, the last few days.” Brian answers.

“I agree, dinner is done, why don’t we sit down and eat as a family. We can talk about today later after we put Zach to bed.” Elizabeth says.

“That sounds good, let's enjoy this great meal you made. I am starving and was looking forward to being with you.” Brian replies.

“I have to be honest, I wasn’t there for a bit after today but now seeing you I feel so much more at ease,” Elizabeth admits.

“I am glad. I hate thinking you're not wanting to be with me. Or dreading it. I know how that feels, I use to feel that a lot in my other relationship. I never want that here. Come, let’s eat.” Brian responds.

“Ok,” Elizabeth replies with a smile.

They both sit at the table and eat their dinner talking and feeding baby Zach as well. Having a nice dinner time. One both of them were relieved to have.

Once dinner is done, Brian takes baby Zach up to get ready for bed as Elizabeth cleans up. Brian loved this time of night when he gets time to spend with his young son. He loves the life he has right now and didn’t want anything to overturn it.

He gives baby Zach his bath, and bottle rocking him in the chair as the baby falls asleep in his arms. He then puts him to bed, going to his own room to get ready for his shower. Seeing Elizabeth already took hers.

“Where do you want to watch the movie when you're done? Bed or sofa? ” Elizabeth asks.

“I think bed, would be nice. After my shower, we can talk. I would like to hear what took place today. What made you so upset you didn’t even want to see me? I hope that was the first time ever that happened? I also hope it never happens again.” Brian states.

“It was the first time ever. I didn’t like feeling it either. I hate that this made me feel that way, and is taking things from us.” Elizabeth answers sitting on the bed.

Brian goes to take his shower, getting done in record time. He wants to know what happened today. Hoping the Detective didn’t say anything he couldn’t come back from. He saw that Elizabeth was lighting up, and he wanted it to stay that way. Plus, after hearing that she didn't want to see him and she feels its taking things away he is a bit nervous. It didn't want their relationship to go south. Things were getting out of hand.

He drys himself off and puts on his blue striped sleep pants and dark blue pullover walking in the bedroom drying his grey long hair.

“I’m done, So what went on? He told me yesterday that he would talk to you. I didn’t think it would be that soon.” Brian says.

“He came over bright and early this morning. He told me about your affair, He wanted to know if I knew about it. Also saying you took money from her?” Elizabeth states.

“Good Grief, he makes it sound as if she paid my bills all the time. I asked her for a few bucks when I had to work for you. I knew we would be traveling and I wanted some extra cash. I paid her back for it after I got my first check from Monica. He makes it out that I was using her for money and asking for it always which isn’t true.” Brian snaps.

“He also said he thinks the child was yours. ANd that even if you didn’t always cheat he was sure you gave into her at least once while we were together.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Fucking really? How does he know this? Was he there? He was baiting you. Did you fall for it?” Brian asks.

“No, I stood by you, and told him, you wouldn’t do that. I also told him, I believe you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Do you? Because I get a sense that you don’t. That a part of you is questioning everything we have, and everything I do now.” Brian replies.

“I would and will stand by you no matter what. But yes I did question things. Not with anyone else but with Victoria after I saw how she threw herself at you. I can’t help it. It just hurts and I am sorry.” Elizabeth responds.

“I know how it all looks. I just wish you would trust me as you have in the past. I am not sure how to even prove to you, that nothing happened.” Brian comments.

“I told the detective to get a DNA test, he said he was already on it. He will prove the child wasn’t yours. It will get you off the hook in many cases. He also knew about Adam, and he feels someone did want her dead and cut the brakes, he just doesn’t have proof of who or how.” Elizabeth remarks.

“A DNA? Another freaking DNA. I am so fucking sick of these DNA tests. I am not the child’s father so he can take as many tests as he likes. I also didn’t kill her, if you're wondering that too. Hell, If I was to kill her I would have done it years ago.” Brian shouts.

“I never thought you did. I know you wouldn’t do that.” Elizabeth says.

“At least you know that. I guess I am lucky you don’t think I am a killer! Just a cheating man-whore.” Brian snaps.

“Stop it, please. I think the detective is doing this to make us come undone. He is pushing our buttons.” Elizabeth answers.

“And it is working. He was good enough to make you think I really kept cheating with her and even conceived another child with her. How crazy do you think I am? I did that the first time when I was a kid, I know way better now to do something like that with her. I know things look bad but I need you to believe me and stop this. It's killing our marriage and our relationship. I never saw you act the way you did last night. You pushed me away and you never do that. It hurt me. ” Brian comments.

“It hurt me too. There isn’t anything else you need to tell me is there? IF so you need to tell me now, so I don’t hear it from any other person. No one catching me off guard and hurting me with something you did.” Elizabeth says.

“I have told you everything. I have been totally faithful to you. Anything that happened took place before I met you. I have no want to cheat Elizabeth. I love you. Your the first and only woman to make me feel this way. You can ask my brother, he didn’t even believe me when I wanted to get married.” Brian states.

“As long as it was before us, It doesn’t matter. I love you too, and I don’t want to be with anyone else but you.” Elizabeth says kneeling in bed moving herself to the edge to hug Brian.

He just holds her close, sliding into bed cuddling up with her.

“So are you ready for the movie?” Brian asks.

“Sure, pick anyone you want. I just want to stay close to you.” Elizabeth answers.

“We can just cuddle and be close if you like,” Brian says.

“I would like that.”

Brian takes off the light and cuddles up close to her. Just holding her in his arms. His hand caressing her arm, as he places a kiss on her shoulder. His arm wraps around her waist and her back pushes up against his chest. A feeling of peace washes over both of them. Brian finally falls asleep, getting some needed rest.

Elizabeth sees that he fell asleep and just kisses his arm. Glad to see he is finally resting. She knew for the last week he wasn’t sleeping. It was another thing adding to the stress.

She also saw a change in the way he acted, since this has been taking place, he will kiss and hold her close but never makes a move for sex. Which was odd, she doesn't know if its work, stress or something else. She just cuddles up to him and tries to fall asleep herself. Hoping all this will just go away in time. Time heals all wounds? She so hoped that was true.

She hoped that the real reason he wasn't wanting sex or her in that way, was because it faded. He didn't see her that way anymore, she knew that feeling all too well. She lived it before, feeling the same way towards Ethan. Just this time she didn't want it to fade. She was just scared reality set in, it was a real relationship now. One with everything fading, it wasn't even a year of marriage. It just hurt her deep within to see it failing again.

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