The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 288

Chapter 288

When Elizabeth gets out of the publishing company, she feels she should stop by and see Brian. Maybe taking him out to lunch if he isn’t busy. She wants to try to get back what they had and also needs to talk to him. She is excited that the books may turn into a movie. The first person she wants to tell is Brian. He has been with her through this journey and wants to share it all with it.

The driver lets her off in front of the firm. She goes up into the top offices bumping into Matt as soon as she walks in.

“Hey, Matt how are you doing?” Elizabeth asks.

“Elizabeth it's so nice to see you. I am doing the best I can, and you?” Matt asks going over to her and giving her a hug.

Brian sees it through his office door and runs out to see what Elizabeth is doing here.

“I am ok. I just stopped by to see if Brian would like to go to lunch.” Elizabeth says.

“If he doesn’t I would be more than glad to take you.” Matt answers.

“It's ok, I would love to go out to lunch with my wife,” Brian replies.

Walking up to Elizabeth giving her a kiss on her head.

“There he is, he must have heard us talking.” Matt laughs.

“I did, everything ok babe?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I was in the area and thought I would stop by. I dropped off the final chapters to Monica.” Elizabeth responds.

“Oh, wow. I forgot all about it. I am so sorry. How are you feeling about that?” Brian asks bringing Elizabeth slowly to his own office.

“It’s bittersweet. It was nice seeing you Matt, I hope everything goes well for you.” Elizabeth adds as she walks to Brian's office.

“Thank you. It was great seeing you also. Have a great lunch.” Matt responds.

“I just have to get my coat babe and we can be off. It's great seeing you here today. I am really busy but I will take the time for lunch. I need it anyway.” Brian comments.

“I figured while I was here, I would stick around the city. I enjoy it here.” Elizabeth answers.

“Me to, I have gotten used to it. So what did Monica say?” Brian states. Walking out of the building, and up to the sandwich vendor outside his office.

“She said, she would like us to tour a bit more on the last book. That people would like to see us. I told her that would be fine. I think it may be good for us both. To be alone and together.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Back to where we started huh? I think that would be a good idea. It will be the last one. I am kind of sad to even say that. To see it come to an end. Any other book you write will have nothing to do with me or Zach. I will miss it. I will also have to clear my schedule for this. Plus we need to see about someone taking care of Zach again.” Brian says.

“I will miss it too. I don’t think, I will be writing any more for a bit. I want to take some time off. It was very stressful writing the last installment, I think we have enough stress in our lives I don't need to add more to it. For Zach I will ask my mom, it won’t be right now anyway. She is still promoting part two. When I do start writing again, I want to write about me. My life, my struggles. What brought us together.” Elizabeth states.

“So you really want to write that? It may cause some issues.” Brian says.

“I think we should be ok, but like I said that won’t be now. Monica surprised me by saying people are offering to make a movie out of the three books.” Elizabeth replies with a smile.

" A movie? Babe that's wonderful! I am so proud of you. I guess we will be promoting that as well?” Brian asks.

“I guess, she didn’t go into anything right now. I am sure once it's for sure, she will let us know more. I thought it was awesome, even if it's just a thought and doesn’t go through. Someone really liked it enough to want to make it a movie. All the hard work paid off. ” Elizabeth admits.

“I am so glad it did. I am so happy for you.” Brian says.

“For us, we did it together. You were the one here for me from the start. Always egging me on and saying I could. You never doubted me. I thank you for that.” Elizabeth replies.

“That's what we are supposed to do, support the ones you love,” Brian answers with a smile.

"I know, but before you, I wasn't used to it." Elizabeth answers.

"That was before. Our past isn't now. I enjoyed sitting here with you eating lunch babe, I hate to do this but I need to return to the office. I am swamped. I will be home for dinner though." Brian responds.

"I understand. I have something else I want to talk to you about later on." Elizabeth announces.

"I hope more good news?" Brian asks.

"In a way yes, just some parts you may not like or understand, but I am sure we can talk about it and get through it," Elizabeth reassures.

"I think there has been way too much of this lately. We need a break. I want to be with you and relax not always talk about things that will hurt us." Brian remarks.

"I feel that way too but there are things we need to get through first. It's nothing terrible." Elizabeth replies.

"Ok, we will talk later on. Thank you for coming to get me for lunch. I enjoyed it. I think we needed it." Brian comments.

"I think we did too, we should do it more often. I will see you at home, try to have a nice afternoon." Elizabeth says.

"You to babe," Brian says Kissing her head and walking back to the office.

Elizabeth sits on the bench with Zach and finishes her sandwich, just hoping that tonight goes as well as this afternoon. She didn't want to start any more drama or make things more complicated. She could just not say anything and pass on it. But why? She wasn't the woman to be quiet and keep her wants on hold anymore. She could be herself with Brian, and he would have to accept who she has become. She needed to say goodbye to her past. To let go of all the hurt and pain. Holding it in was doing nothing but tear at her, and bruise their relationship bit by bit. She didn't want that anymore.

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