The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 289

Chapter 289

Elizabeth spends the afternoon in New York, doing some shopping, and looking around. She needed a change of pace. It was nice going into the stores and able to buy herself anything she wanted. It felt empowering. On her travels she even picks up somethings for Brian, thinking about him which brings a smile to her face. Just like it used to. Seeing the restaurant, they ate at for the first time together. It just brings back all the good memories they have together. She wants it to go back to that, not being in a relationship with fights, fear, and resentment. She knew that would only lead to the same path as before.

Elizabeth 3:39 I just walked by the pub we ate at for the first time together. It made me smile. I miss you. I hope the rest of your day is going well.

Brian: 4:03 I see that place every day and smile. Remembering how I felt sitting near you, having feelings I couldn’t explain or share at the time. I miss you as well babe. My Afternoon is ok, I am getting some paperwork done. I hope you're enjoying your shopping.

Elizabeth: 4:08 I am enjoying my shopping, I picked up some things for you as well. How about if I pick you up for dinner? I felt the same as you did, I just wasn’t sure to say anything or not. Things were so complicated then.

Brian: 4:11 Give me an hour and come get me. I think dinner is a great idea. Sadly our relationship is always complicated, but at least now we are together. Hmm, Picked up some goodies for me too? I can’t wait to see, babe. This reminds me of how great we are together.

Elizabeth: 4:15 It reminds me to. I don’t want to lose this or you.

Brian: 4:17 Your never going to lose me, I am not going anywhere. I can promise you that.

Elizabeth: 4:20 Good. I will let you get back to your work, so I can come to get you. I love you.

Brian: 4:22 I love you too babe. See ya in a few.

Brian goes back to work, with a smile on his face, thinking good thoughts for the first time in a week. It was nice to be normal and themselves again. He hated to fight with her. He looked forward to eating dinner with her and his son, as a family.

Elizabeth goes about finishing up her shopping, then getting into the car that she has to drive her around. Going back to the firm to pick up Brian. She is also excited to be with him. A feeling she wasn’t feeling the last few days. She was glad it returned, she just knew what she had to tell him could ruin it all again. But she was going to try to enjoy her evening with him before telling him anything.

She goes up to the office, again bumping into Matt in the hallway.

“Two times today? It’s my lucky day.” Matt says with a smile.

“I am here to pick him up for dinner. How are you doing?” Elizabeth asks.

“I am hanging in there really. It's a bit hard at times but I am trying. I have to admit it's very different then I thought it would be.” Matt admits.

“You have mixed emotions? Some are a relief, and some still a little sadness?” Elizabeth says.

“Yes, how did you know?” Matt asks.

“I went through a lot of feelings when I left Ethan. I was happy to move on and a piece of me was sad and scared too. It's hard to give up all you knew for a long time. If it's bad or good.” Elizabeth replies.

“So you do understand?” Matt responds.

“Unfortunately more then you know. It takes time, you will be fine though and move on. Hopefully, find a better relationship.” Elizabeth comments.

“I don’t think I am ready for that just yet. Or if there is one out there.” Matt states.

“I think time is best, take as much as you need. Find out the person you want to be first, then the right one will come along when you are not looking.” Elizabeth responds.

“Do you really think you are in a good one?” Matt asks.

“Yes, I love Brian with all my heart. We have a lot to contend with which makes things hard, but I can’t picture my life without him. I do have to say its weird to feel this way about anyone though. No one had a hold of my feelings as he has. Then I guess that’s just part of being in love.” Elizabeth states.

“I hope he gives you everything you need. I would hate for him to hurt you.” Matt replies.

“I think we should be fine. I know he would never hurt me intentionally. I know he cares.” Elizabeth says.

“I can see he does too, he has done things with you, he wouldn’t with anyone else. So that does mean a lot.” Matt answers honestly.

Brian hears the talking and comes out of his office, Seeing Matt did it again. Every chance he gets, he talks to Elizabeth. He did overhear most of the conversation though, seeing it wasn't anything bad. He just needed someone to talk to, and Elizabeth was one to understand, one to listen, and even care.

This time Matt, was Victoria telling how he felt and Elizabeth was Matt, listening and being a friend. He just saw where that lead before. Just this time, he would watch and make sure it leads nowhere. Elizabeth was his wife, and he would like it to stay that way.

“Hey babe, I see you're here,” Brian says kissing her on the cheek.

“Yes, I got here a bit ago. I have been talking to Matt.” Elizabeth admits.

“I see,” Brian responds.

“I enjoy talking to Elizabeth, She is real and understands. She is about the first person I met that really does. I see why she changed how you felt about relationships.” Matt says.

“She is one of kind. I am very lucky to have her.” Brian answers.

“Yes, you are. Anyway, I am going to get the final conference call done and head home myself. Enjoy your Dinner together. Little Zach looks like he is tired.” Matt comments.

" Thank you, He is, we have been running around all day. You enjoy your evening as well.” Elizabeth answers.

Matt just nods and heads back to his office. Just watching his brother, leave with his family. He wishes it was his, that he had what they did. That Victoria would have been different and they wouldn’t have wind up this way. It just made him even more depressed then he was.

He takes a seat at his desk taking out a bottle of Jack, pouring himself a glass. He thinks how far his own mother went to get rid of Victoria. He still couldn’t believe it. He never imaged she would go that far. He thought maybe scare her or pay her off to go far away. Get a divorce and move on. Never what his mother did. If he knew that he would have never told her, he needed her help.

He told her that when he was angry and pissed off about what he heard. She was carrying his father’s child as she claimed it was his. How can you trust a woman like this? Love a woman like this? He wanted the right thing and she was not it. Still, he didn’t want it to end this way.

He sits there taking a sip of his jack feeling sorry for himself. There was no fixing this or going back. It ended in a bang just like it started. He just hoped that from now on things would be different.

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