The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 29 Sadness

Chapter 29 Sadness

Brian gets back home, opening the door of his brother’s house. Feeling lost and hurt. Doing the best he can with dealing with his new emotions. Ones he has never felt toward a woman before.

“Hey Bro, It's great to see you home. You look like shit though. What’s up?” Sean asks.

“I feel like shit. I had to leave her. She went home to him of all people after all that.” Brian states.

“Oh shit. You screwed her didn’t you?” Sean says.

“It wasn’t just screwing. I know what just screwing is. This isn’t that. I love her. I want to be with her. Brian replies.

“How does she feel about this?” Sean replies.

“She isn’t sure. She says she is scared. She just cares for me because I was her fantasy man. I think its bullshit. She is just scared. She is so freaking sheltered. She is frightened to just let go. She said this month would give us time to see if we really cared.” Brian answers.

“She isn’t all that wrong. I mean with seeing if you really care. It's only been three months bro. I never have seen you so pussy whipped before in my life. You never even did this with Victoria and you were with her since you were sixteen. ” Sean says.

“I didn’t feel like this with her. It’s totally different. I finally met the woman, I want to share my life with. She just happens to be married.” Brian comments.

“Take this month to see what you’re going to do. If you really miss her. You know if you do this, there is a lot involved. What about your son? Are you going to still live here? Or move? She has children too. Granted they aren’t babies but she still wants to see them. Is She even willing to leave her husband? There is a lot to think about Brian.” Sean says.

“I know. Everything your saying is true. I don’t need to take the month to know how I feel. I know how I feel. It’s just waiting for her feelings.” Brian remarks.

“How about if you were just a fantasy to her? Now she got it out of her system and wants to move on? How do you work with her then? This gig is a good one. Don’t blow it.” Sean responds.

“I know, I look like her dream guy, but isn’t that a good thing? Like I told her, just because I look like him, doesn’t mean we would get along so great. Or want each other so badly.” Brian answers.

“Maybe for your side of this. She was building you into what she wanted the whole time dude. You’re that Zach guy to her. Why do you think she was so hot for you? Maybe that was the only reason she was.” Sean says.

“Thanks. I think I can get a girl without being Zach. God knows. I had plenty of them before this.“Brian answers.

“That’s another thing. You now have even more women throwing themselves at you. Your willing to just let that go for her?” Sean replies.

“Yes. I was twenty-six when I broke up with Victoria. She was the only woman, I was with since I was sixteen. I wanted to have some fun. I wasn’t ready to settle down. Now I am. Going from one woman to another isn't as much fun as you think.” Brian responds.

“I haven’t seen you care for something so much since before mom died. I wish you all the luck Bro. Just don’t get hurt. She may come back after the month still wanting her husband. You were just the pool boy to her. You have to think real.“Sean states.

“I hope you’re wrong. I know there is more between us than just sex. We can talk to each other for hours. We have a ball together. I know she feels what I do. She just needs to let go. I just hate she will be with him for a month straight.” Brian answers.

“How do you think, he would feel if he knew you were with her for three months straight. You have to remember he is her husband. I am sure he isn’t going to take this very well.” Sean comments.

“He takes her for granted. He treats her like shit. Now he cares?” Brian grunts.

“You know how it goes. We have been there. Spend some time with your son. Take it easy for the month. See if she misses you so bad she gives in to text you. If the whole month goes by and she doesn’t. You know she doesn’t care. Anyone that does will give in if they miss you that much. And where is the sarcastic asshole I know? ” Sean admits.

“I know. I don’t feel that way with her. I am still sarcastic just not as much. I am just gonna go to my room. I need some rest. Its been a long three months, I guess I do need a break.“Brian answers.

Brian goes up to his room, to lay on his bed. He knew a lot of what his brother said was true. He just hoped that she missed him enough. That she wouldn’t just forget him and go back to her husband. There wasn’t much he could do if she did. He also thought if she didn’t want him anymore how were they going to work together? That would be very awkward. To not be able to touch her, to talk to her. Would they lose the whole relationship?

Then just being friends wouldn’t really be an option either. He knew he couldn’t. He wanted so much more from her. He wanted to marry her. To spend the rest of his life with her. He never thought in his whole life, he would feel like this about anyone. When he wasn’t looking, it hit him like a ton of bricks. He use to be this Sarcastic asshole that didn’t care about anything. He was cold and empty from his mother’s death. He didn’t feel that way anymore. He didn’t want to lose this feeling or Elizabeth.

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