The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 290

Chapter 290

Elizabeth, Zach and Brian head out in his car to get some dinner. Both feeling happy and enjoying their time together. It was feeling a little bit back to normal. Like they were before, Brian figuring out who his father was and mainly before Victoria's death.

They both settle on Sushi for dinner, going to a cute small New York Sushi restaurant. One they been to before and loved. They sit down at the table putting Zach in a high chair, so he can be part of this as well. As they wait for their food, Elizabeth feeds him his own. So he will be full and happy while they eat theirs.

“So did you have a nice day in the city?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I loved it. It reminded me a lot like when we were traveling together. Going here and there. I loved seeing the places we have been to. I think when we have to tour for the last time, we should make the best out of it. It was the best time of our lives the first time we did it together..” Elizabeth states.

“I think so too. It will be nice to get away with you. Just me and you.” Brian answers putting his hand on her thigh.

“It won’t be for a while, which in a way is good. It will give Zach a chance to be a little bit older. I do still hate leaving him, but at the same time, I want to take advantage of the situation. I want to bring back the romance, the heat.” Elizabeth says. Putting her hand on his.

“The heat is still their babe, just life settled in,” Brian says.

“I know, so this will give us a chance to be fun again.” Elizabeth states.

“Tell Monica to just let me know in advance, so I can be prepared. It’s not like before I work now. I have a lot going on, so I have to know how to schedule things. I can’t miss a big court date.” Brian replies.

“I know, she does too,” Elizabeth responds.

“So a Movie? I am still loving that, I thought about it all afternoon at work. That is a big accomplishment. “Brian comments.

“I know, I am not sure if it will go through but it's a great feeling,” Elizabeth says.

“With Monica, it will go through. I am sure of it.” Brian laughs.

Elizabeth does as well. They sit there eating and chatting, enjoying their evening together. When done, they both get in the car to head home. Baby Zach falling asleep in the car seat, as Brian and Elizabeth listen to the radio. He just looks over at her, and smiles, putting his hand on her thigh.

“Babe wasn’t there something you wanted to talk to me about?” Brian asks.

“Yea, I do. The house I lived in, in Wisconsin sold.” Elizabeth says.

“Oh, that's great right? Is Ethan finally moving on? How did you find out, did Joan tell you?” Brian asks.

“Yes, it's great, he is moving on. He is doing his best with the situation. My mom didn’t tell me, he did. He called me today to let me know that the home we shared is sold. He also asked if I would like to say my goodbyes.” Elizabeth answers.

“Heh, yea moving on, calling you up and telling you this. Why? To make you feel bad? PUt you on a guilt trip? Why would you want to go there and say goodbye, you already have. He has done enough damage.” Brian snaps.

“He has been better the last few times, I have talked to him. I understand why he called and I feel it would be a good thing to say goodbye. I just upped and left, I didn’t feel it was my home anymore. I just think saying a proper goodbye would be a good thing.” Elizabeth replies.

“You didn’t feel it was your home because you grew up and let go of it. I think this is just a ploy to get close to you again. I don’t see him doing anything for a nice reason. He isn’t that kind of person. You're letting him, take advantage of you again.” Brian answers.

“It’s just something I need to do, I need to let go fully of the past in every way. I know Ethan isn’t perfect, but I don’t think he is up to anything this time.” Elizabeth states.

“You would, there you go trusting him again. We don’t need a repeat performance of what happened when his father died.“Brian snaps.

“Do you think I would give him that chance again? I haven’t forgotten that Brian, its something I will never forget. Its also something I need to let go of. I can’t hold all this pain inside anymore. It just takes away from me and our relationship. Everything he ever did to me took a piece of me away.” Elizabeth snaps back.

“I know that, its why I don’t see why you want to go near him again. It's just a house. One you didn’t even want.” Brian comments.

“It also was a home, at one time. My children grew up there, its apart of me and always will be. Just like our home now is. I am sure you can understand that.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I do, and I don’t. I would think you would be happy it was over. Give him the key and let go. Why travel there now? Our life is so busy and crazy as it is. Why open it up to him?” Brian says parking in the driveway.

“I just want to say my final goodbyes in person. I want to take one more look around. While I am there, I can see my girls and my mother. I love you dearly but I do miss my family.” Elizabeth admits.

“I know you do. I know that was the hardest part for you in all this. That I understand. Tylor will be coming home tomorrow. Is that ok with you? I also don’t want you going there alone, I will not let him do to you what he did to you before!” Brian says as they walk in the door.

“Of course I am ok with Tylor coming home tomorrow, I was thinking he would come with us. Make it a family trip. He loves the girls as they do him. It will give him a getaway away from here. It would only be a two-day trip, but something he never saw before. I am glad you want to come, I was hoping you would.” Elizabeth answers.

“A family trip would be nice anywhere but there. I will see if I can get off and rearrange some things. I really wish you wouldn’t do this though, but I can see its something you feel you need to. I will also tell Tylor tomorrow when he comes home from his grandparents.” Brian replies.

“Thank you. I know your upset with it and I am sorry. ” Elizabeth says.

“Uh Huh.” Brian answers.

“I am going to put Zach to bed, Are you coming to bed?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, I am going to my office. I have work to do, more now with the trip.” Brian responds going up the stairs.

Elizabeth can tell he is pissed. There nice close dinner took a turn. Instead of going to bed together and being close, he went to his office. She knew he did that when he was pissed or something was on his mind.

She just sighs as she takes the baby to bed, then going to her own room and laying down. She was tired and needed some rest.

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