The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 291

Chapter 291

Brian goes to his office flaming mad, just trying not to show Elizabeth just how pissed off he is at the moment. He knew if he stuck around her long enough, he would say or do something he might not be able to come back from. So he figured, to go be alone. Things were enough on edge without adding more to the flame. He was already in the hot seat for Victoria He didn't need to blow up about Ethan and say something Cruel and he knew it was just a matter of time. He also sits there stewing and calls his brother Sean. Needing someone to vent to that would listen and wouldn't take offense.

“Hey, what's up? Things better than the other night?” Sean asks.

“Fuck no, God damn Ethan is in the picture again. That fucker always shows up at the wrong time. I swear, he knows just when to show up and add shit to what is already going on. It's like he calculates just when to show up.” Brian shouts.

“Wow, I can see you still like him very much.” Sean laughs. “Seriously what does he want now?” Sean asks.

“He called Elizabeth up, telling her that he sold their house. God knows what else he said because she said she wants to go say “Goodbye” to it. I bet he put her on a guilt trip. Making her feel bad for just leaving that fucking place and everything in it.” Brian replies.

“I do have to say its great timing,” Sean says sarcastically. “But, I am also sure, that when Victoria did things, Elizabeth felt the same way you do now. When you called her to go take Tylor to the hospital, I am sure she did it. Without any huffing.” Sean responds.

“That was different, Why do we have to get up, and rearrange our life for him? He sold a house? Big fucking deal. Sell it and move on! It isn't even her house anymore, she gave it to him in the settlement just to get rid of him. Just to make things easier.” Brian snaps.

“Wow, I see the old Brian here tonight. You feel that way bro, she doesn’t. You have to realize, she had a family and life in that house. Not to mention, after everything going on, here maybe she just wants to get away. Maybe she just wants to see her family?” Sean comments.

“Whatever, She said her goodbyes when she left with me. That should be enough. Why go comfort him? He is a big boy. I am sure she misses her kids though. Just another thing he will make her feel bad about.” Brian answers.

“I think you feel it has to do more with Ethan than it really does. I know you dislike him for what he did to her, but I think you may be overreacting just a tad.” Sean comments.

“No, I am not. We have a new life here, A new home, a new family. He calls and off we go. Two days of rearranging work and school for Tylor just because he can't stand on his own two feet. She gave him the house in the divorce, and he calls just to make a big deal out of it, To get her attention. He has been calling here for months now since he found out Zach isn’t his. I know he texts, he is trying to be nice and be friends. It's his new strategy. I see right through him, but she doesn't, And that kills me.” Brian says.

“You don’t have to go? Just let her and the kids go then. And why the hell is he texting her? They are ex’s it's over, move on. Now I see your point....a bit.” Sean responds.

“Yes, I do have to go. I would never let her go there alone with him ever again. He touches her and I will flatten him. I don’t care what she says. He will go to jail. I have had it with him interfering in my life. First, he rapes her, then proceeds to make our life hell for months. Even making me feel that my son wasn’t mine, He ruined that time we had together, we were both filled with doubts that were tearing us apart. I didn’t get to enjoy my son's birth or her carrying him. I can never forgive him for that. He texted her when the second book came out, telling her congrats and shit. He started from then being friendly. He nows does it every so often, saying hi, how are you doing? I see the texts. ” Brian replies.

“Have you talked to her about it? Tell her you don’t like him texting her..” Sean suggests.

“I have, it didn’t seem to work. He texted her today telling her this shit, and the last few times he texted her, she didn't tell me about it, she knew I would be pissed.” Brian answers.

“I know you hate him and all, but maybe he just wants to be friends for the sake of their kids? Maybe he saw that the other way was no way to live. People can grow and move on from their wrongs, Brian. See how he acts in person if you see him. Maybe they might not even go near each other.” Sean states.

“I highly doubt that. He wants her there to reminisce about the past. To bring up what they had. Do you think I don’t know? I have been with plenty of women I know the tricks. I played them myself.” Brian snaps.

“To bed them, not get them back.” Sean laughs. “I think you care so much this time, you freak out over little things at times. Just go see what happens. I think you need the away time, it just should be somewhere else and not there, but whatever needs to be done.” Sean says.

“We had a great afternoon and night and then this. We felt so close, so normal again. She saved it for the end. She knew I would be pissed. She knows how I feel about him. I can't stand the bastard. It fucked the whole night up, I can't even be near her at the moment.” Brian replies.

“She has put up with her share......this is nothing. You really do need a break bro. I think the stress from everywhere is getting to you. Try not to make it screw up your relationship. ” Sean answers.

“True. I will talk to you later. I need some sleep for work tomorrow. I just need to cool down.” Brian responds.

He gets off the phone going into his room changing his clothes and just wanting to go to sleep. His mind was tired among everything else. Tomorrow would be another day.

Elizabeth sees he came to bed, not even facing her in the bed. She knows he is still mad at her. She misses what they had, she misses him. She doesn't want this to go like her previous relationship, yet she sees it heading there little by little. Which scares her to no end.

She moves herself up close to Brian's back and puts her arm around his waist, and her head on his back. She holds him close as tears fall down her face. Was what they shared and had slipping away for good?

Brian feels her, he doesn't say anything or pushes her away. He has learned in the past that it was something not to do. Something he always regretted and promised he wouldn't do again. He just puts his hand on hers and tries to get some rest. Feeling silence at this moment for him is better than him saying something he shouldn't.

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