The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 292

Chapter 292

The next day comes fast, Brian getting up and ready for work. He leaves Elizabeth sleeping in bed, not wanting to wake her up. He knows she needed the rest. So did he, he just had no time for it at the moment. Today would be even busier trying to get everything done, so he could take this trip with her. Just the thought burned him, Ethan of all people had still had his way. He could still get her to do what he wanted. Now just by asking politely.

Then Brian feels now that the house is sold there is nothing left. Ethan has nothing else to call about. Everything they shared except their children was gone. It was a good thing, he would just have to get over the next few days. It just seemed lately, they were saying that a lot. He knows that Elizabeth put up with a lot with Victoria, it was something he would always be thankful for. Not to mention, Elizabeth taking Tylor as her own and being there for him. It meant a lot to Brian. Just the thought Of Ethan after everything he has done bugged the shit out of him.

Brian gets to his office and takes a seat, at his desk, taking a look at his schedule for the week. Making sure their are no court cases or anything in the next two days. As he sits there Adam walks in his office.

“Hey, I am sorry we never got to have that lunch. I have been swamped.” Adam says.

“No problem, So have I. I won’t be here for the next two days. I have to go back to Wisconsin with my wife. Her ex sold their home.” Brian grumbles.

“I don’t mean to sound rude, but we have a lot going on here. Is it really necessary for you to go?” Adam asks.

“Yes, she can’t be alone with him. The Last time I let that happen, things went really wrong. I love my job, but I have to be there to protect my wife. Even if I feel she shouldn’t be doing this.” Brian admits.

“I think that's wonderful that you will stand by her and be there. As long as you make sure you don’t miss anything important do what you need to do. ” Adam replies.

“Thank you. I will. I do want to talk to you when I return. I have a lot to ask you about.” Brian responds.

“That's fine. We will need to put it on the schedule so we know we have the time. We need to make it.” Adam answers.“ How is Tylor doing?” Adam adds.

“He is coming home today from his grandparents. I have to pick him up from school. I am hoping he is doing pretty good. When I talked to him on the phone he seemed to be ok, I just know its a lot for him.” Brian comments.

“If you need any help just ask. I love the boy, and he can come to visit any time he wants. Do you think it's going to be hard for him to get used to living with you and Elizabeth?” Adam asks.

“No, he loves it with us. He even told Elizabeth that. He was scared she may not want him there that he would be in the way, but she told him, that was far from the truth. It seems that Matt and Victoria fought a lot, making him on edge. So he felt that we would do the same. Which before this wasn’t true, but lately we seem to fight as well. Now that Tylor is coming home. I don’t want that. I want to give him a better environment than his mother did. We were so stable before this, everything was great. Damn Victoria brought so much drama.” Brian states.

“Victoria brought drama everywhere she went, but that is over now. We all have to move on from it. You and your wife need to go back to what you had. Work through it. I can see how much both of you care for each other, so I am sure you can do it. Plus Victoria is dead, why let her ruin everything here now? She did enough when she was alive. She ruined my son’s life, and he let her.” Adam says.

I know Matt is your son, but he wasn’t an angel either. Neither was I. We all had some part in this mess. But as you said, she is gone now and we all should move on. It will be good once the Detective leaves us alone.” Brian answers.

“Aw, I see, Greg. He has been a pain, to say the least. Looking where he shouldn’t. He will get tried when he finds nothing.” Adam comments.

“He is doing a DNA test on all of us and the baby she was carrying. PUtting rumors around that it was my child. It’s not, but whoever is the father will be found out.” Brian replies.

“I heard, he told me the same shit, finding out that we were sleeping together,” Adam confesses.

“Won’t that hurt you?” Brian asks.

“I didn’t kill her, I just had an affair with her. He will see that I didn’t. If the DNA reveals I was the father, there isn’t much I can do. I just wish that Matt wouldn’t know. He is who I care about at the moment. ” Adam admits.

“I am sure he will be pissed at you and have every right to be. HE wasn’t too happy with me either but I’m not his father. We have been fighting for years mostly over Victoria. I guess in some way, I slept with her to get him back, he was supposed to be my best friend and he was screwing my girlfriend. Not to mention, now he is always trying to talk to my wife. It just pisses me off.” Brian responds.

“I think both of you need to stop. It's just a game to the both of you. You're not even taking in the feelings of the people around you. I know I have done my share, I just think we all need to stop it.” Adam replies.

“I agree.” Brian answers.

"I am glad you see my point of view. One woman did all this to all of us. We were all played in one way or another. I won't say we were innocent in all of it, because we aren't. We just have to stop now and make things better. We work together and are a family in a way. We shouldn't be doing this to each other. I do want all of us to get along, we have a lot to share. This is an empire that I built and want to share with the both of you. I want it to continue on and be handed down. It's time we put our indiscretions in the past." Adam states.

"I am sure we can do that. It might take Matt a bit to do that with us, but I am willing." Brian replies.

"I know it will take him a bit. At the moment he lost the most, and we both deceived him. Which I feel horrible about and wish I could turn back time, but I can't. I can only move forward and prove I would never do anything like that again. To him or to you." Adam admits.

"I think that is a good start." Brian answers.

Brian sees that Adam wants to try that he has changed a bit since all of this happened. He also knows if the baby comes back to be his, it will hurt the firm, Adam, and Matt. If it got out it would be in the papers. Big Wig attorney Adam McKenna knocks up, son's wife, then she dies in a horrific car crash. Not to mention, what Matt would feel and how he would look. It was just more stress added to Brian. He knew he wasn't the father, and it wouldn't come back to him. But he also knew Adam was screwing Victoria and it was a chance it was his.

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