The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 293

Chapter 293

Brian wants to try to keep some regularity in his son’s life. Before all this started, he would go pick him up from school, When he could, then they would go home and have dinner as a family. When Brian couldn’t pick him up, Elizabeth would do it. Just today, he wanted to talk to his son, and he wanted to pick him up. Missing him the few days he was away.

Brian leaves the office taking some case files with him to work on while he is in Wisconsin. He figures he could work while he is there. He grabs his coat and heads out of his office to his car and straight to the school picking up Tylor. Very happy to see him.

“Hey son, How was school?” Brian asks.

“It was ok,” Tylor says.

“I hope you enjoyed being with your grandparents?” Brian asks.

“Yes, we talked about mom. Grandmom was pretty upset, but she liked that I was there. It made her feel like part of mom was with her, she said.” Tylor answers.

“I’m sure. We are going on a small trip for two days to Wisconsin. Elizabeth is going to see her family, and her old house sold. So we are all gone. You like Joan and Elizabeth’s daughters?” Brian asks.

“Yes very much. Joan even let me call her mom-mom. It was nice when she was here. She is funny. Her daughters were nice as well.” Tylor responds.

“I know its short notice and a lot is going on. It’s just something Elizabeth says she needs to do.” Brian replies.

“That's fine, I don’t mind. I think it may be fun, and its good to get away from here for a bit. To be honest, it kind of sucks here. Everyone tippy-toeing around each other because of my mother's death. And Oh I am so sorry for your loss. It gets old. These people don’t know her, it will be nice that someone won’t bring her up and we can be normal for a while.“Tylor comments.

“I see. I am sorry son, that you have to go through this.” Brian states.

“Dad, you and Elizabeth aren’t going to divorce each other?” Tylor asks out of nowhere.

“No, Why?” Brian says.

“I know my mom brought a lot of problems for you two. Now me living with you guys. I just don’t want you two to split. I like you two together.” Tylor says.

“Look, son, I know at your mother’s home there was a lot of confusion. I didn’t know it was that way, or I would have done something earlier about it. But now that you are with me, you don’t have to worry about that. You're not in the way, you're not going to cause any problems. I love you and so does Elizabeth. We have our moments that we fight, but we are not going anywhere. All couples have regular fights it's normal.” Brian comments.

“Matt and Mom fought all the time, their fights would get out of hand. Mom would go after him with knives or anything at her fingertips. Matt would just tell her she was crazy and walk away. It happened a lot.” Tylor admits.

“I am sorry you had to witness that. Your mother was a very passionate person. It can get scary at times.” Brian answers.

“It was, most of the fights were about you. He would tell her that you two were still seeing each other, that she still loved you. There were a few times he wanted to through her out, but she would make up with him and we didn’t have to go.” Tylor confesses.

“Relationships are complicated. You will learn that when you get older. Right now I want you to be a kid, I want you to feel safe and secure here.” Brian says, just thinking about all the mess he caused and didn’t even know it.

Tylor just nods as they drive up to the driveway and park. They both get out and head inside.

Brian walks in seeing everything calm and quiet as it should be. Wanting it to stay that way for both of his sons. Even though at the moment, his mind was everywhere and he was still pissed from it all. He had to behave in front of his son. Not ever wanting to give him the life his mother did. Before all this, things were nice, stable, and he wanted it that way again. Not only for his son but for himself.

The rest of the evening is quiet, they eat dinner and Brian goes up to his office staying away from Elizabeth. Not wanting a fight to break out. Elizabeth knows he is still pissed and stays away also going to bed early, knowing tomorrow they had a long day.

She also didn't want to fight and was tired of everything. She just laid there wondering what was going to happen? She wants to visit him in his office but at the same time is scared to. It can lead to a fight, or something worse. So instead she tries to close her eyes and get some rest.

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