The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 295

Chapter 295

Brian, Elizabeth, and the boys get on the plane ride, the kids sitting together, and Tylor playing with Zach and watching a cartoon with him. Trying to keep him busy for the ride. Brian and Elizabeth sit side by side, but it seems far away. Each of them stays quiet for the ride as Brian works and Elizabeth just looks out the plane window. Her feelings are mixed, and all over the place. The only real feeling she has is that she wants this fighting to stop.

Once they get to Wisconson a car is waiting for them and takes them straight to Joan’s house. Where Joan is waiting for them with open arms.

“I am so glad to see all of you,” Joan says Giving them each a hug.

“I missed you mom, its great to see you.” Elizabeth answers.

“Same here, I missed all of you. Where is that little boy and that other sweet boy? Come into the kitchen with me. I have some goodies for the both of you.” Joan replies.

Tylor carrying his brother into the kitchen with him. Brian just smiles, seeing how Joan accepting Tylor as one of her grandchildren. Making him feel at home and wanted. It makes him feel good and at least this part of the trip was worth it. It was showing Tylor that not all people fight and are crazy. That some people are accepting and kind.

Brian takes a seat on the sofa and opens his laptop and starts working again, as Elizabeth goes into the kitchen, just taking a look at him, feeling sad.

“How are you doing? Is everything ok?” Joan asks.

“I am hanging in there the best I can. I am tired, to say the least.” Elizabeth replies.

“I never saw you or Brian like this before. You are always together now he seems busy with work. Not really paying attention to anything around him. Not close to you like before. ” Joan responds.

“Yea, he likes to through himself into work when he doesn’t like what is going on.” Elizabeth answers.

“Trouble in paradise?” Joan says.

“Huh, Paradise? It has been a rough few weeks. As you know Victoria passed away, and things have been rocky. There is this Detective looking around, and saying things that started putting doubts in my head. I found out Brian and Victoria were sleeping together the whole while only stopping when he met me.” Elizabeth remarks.

“It did stop when he met you right?” Joan asks.

“Supposedly, I want to believe him but I have doubts. The detective was trying to say that the baby she was carrying might be his, just that thought hurts me deeply. I am trying to get over it, but its there like a cloud over my head. I seem to snap at him even when he is talking with sense and means no harm. I just can’t seem to get it out of my head.” Elizabeth admits.

“He loves you, I don’t think he would lie about this,” Joan replies.

“I didn’t either, just him lying to me about sleeping with her all that time, makes me wonder if he is hiding anything else.” Elizabeth states.

“He was scared. You know when two people first meet and like one another they try to be everything the other person wants and needs. Hiding a lot of their true self. He didn’t want to hurt you.” Joan comments.

“I wish he would have just been honest from the start. We always were able to talk about things. He could have told me, and now with coming here to see the house, he has been pissed off. Not seeing my point at all.” Elizabeth answers.

“I don’t think it's about this trip totally. I think its everything. I am sure you thinking he will cheat or did cheat on you, is bothering him. He needs for you to trust him.” Joan says.

“I know he does, I just need to let go and it's hard to do. It's hard to put full trust in someone. I am scared to get hurt.” Elizabeth replies.

“You're not doing any better this way. Your both hurting. I never thought I would see you two like this. It hurts me as well. You two have such a wonderful relationship. I lived with you for months, I know. Where is the loving touches? The closeness?” Joan asks.

“He hasn’t touched me sexually in a few weeks since Victoria died. Which makes me feel like something is wrong? It just put up another red flag.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Have you tried?” Joan asks.

“No, I never really had to. He was always kissing me or touching me. Now I get kisses on the forehead. I haven’t tried because I am scared of rejection. I can’t stand for him to push me away. Plus I don’t want sex to be all we have. We need more than that, I just miss the closeness at times. I miss him wanting me in that way.” Elizabeth comments.

“I think you both need to talk about things before they get way out of hand. It could be he is just tired and stressed out and it has nothing to do with you. Your not seeing things this way because of everything with Victoria. You can’t let that define your relationship. She is long gone, and nothing to fear anymore. Anything that happens with you two now is your own fault, not hers.” Joan remarks.

“I know, after this trip, we will see. Right now every time I talk to him, it turns into a fight. I can’t deal with that at the moment.” Elizabeth answers.

“I hope this isn’t like before....” Joan says.

“No, this is worse than my first marriage. This time I love him more than anything, I want to make it work, and it hurts ten times more. Ethan and I never had what I and Brian do, so when it started to crumble I just accepted it. I don’t want to this time.” Elizabeth answers.

“Then you're going to have to do something about it. Things just don’t fix themselves.” Joan replies.

“I will see what I can do,” Elizabeth responds.

Elizabeth walks in the living room to Brian far away on his computer and phone. There was no talking to him right now. He was off in his own world.

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