The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 297

Chapter 297

“I feel a lot better,” Elizabeth says.

“So do I, Thank you for talking to me tonight. ” Ethan answers.

“No problem, I think it helped both of us move forward,” Elizabeth responds.

“I do too, Do you think it would be ok if we had dinner tomorrow? The girls, Brian, Joan, everyone before you leave? Show them that everything is ok?” Ethan asks.

“I think that should be fine,” Elizabeth responds.

“Great, I better get going. I don’t want to add any more problems to your relationship.” Ethan replies.

“Thanks, trust me I don't need any extras.” Elizabeth laughs.

She and Ethan hug goodbye. Then Ethan walks to the front of the house to get into his car to leave, as he is, Brian pulls up. Seeing that Ethan was there. Which doesn’t surprise him at all, it just makes him angry. Feeling he was right all along, and Elizabeth fell right into it.

“Brian goes into the house seeing that Elizabeth is out in the yard, he quickly goes out there to make sure everything is ok. Wondering if Ethan did anything. he shouldn't this time around.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming here? I would have come with you. I didn't want you alone with him.” Brian says walking to her.

“You were busy with work, plus you didn’t want to be here anyway.” Elizabeth answers.

“How can you say that? I came for you, to protect you. I see he was here, Did he hurt you? Or say anything he shouldn't?” Brian asks.

“No, you came here with a chip on your shoulder. Everything was a problem, for you. You didn't even pay any attention to anything while we were at my mother's. Everything was fine with Ethan. We had a good talk and got one final look at the house. He acted better than you, and I am sad to say that.” Elizabeth states.

“I knew he wanted to be around you. I was busy trying to do the work that needed to be done. Now he is good? Everything is great about Ethan! What the fuck did I miss? ” Brian mumbles.

“It's not what you think Brian, we said our goodbyes, to this house, to our relationship, to everything. It's over. I need for you to understand that. I need for you to see that. I don’t know what is going on, but I know its something. This isn’t all caused by Ethan. You are holding something else against me, I just don't know what it is. You could have been with me, and our children, not working when we first got here. If it was before, you would have done that. Giving me and our family some attention. The attention that is needed! I can't make this relationship work by myself.” Elizabeth replies.

“I just didn’t want him to hurt you. I know you feel bad and try to fix things. I think you're jumping the gun. I just wanted to get some work done, I didn't know it was going to cause all this, It just seems that no matter what I do lately, we fight.” Brian states.

“There isn’t anything to fix here anymore. Its been over for a long time. If anything was to fix it was myself. I hate that we fight, that we don't understand each other lately. I know something is bugging you. You're just not letting me in.” Elizabeth responds.

“I want you to stop trying to help Matt,” Brian says out of nowhere.

“So is that what is bugging you? Matt? Why? He is your brother and he is in need. I was trying to be nice.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I know, that's what I mean. You always want to help people even ones that are not very kind or good. Matt did the same thing to Victoria when we broke up. Matt isn’t all the innocent that you think, he likes to fuck me over. And using you to do it would only put the topper on the cake.” Brian answers.

“Do you really think, I would be anything like Victoria?? That I would sleep with him? I just felt bad because he lost everything he ever knew, even though it wasn't the best for him, it's all he had.” Elizabeth snaps.

“No, your nothing like her. But he is who he is. I just want you to be careful. I think all the sad shit is an act, something isn’t right and I don’t want us caught up in it.” Brian admits.

“I only saw him when I went to get you at the office. I will make sure I stay away. I do think your overreacting which you have been doing a lot of lately.” Elizabeth replies.

“I just know these people, just like Ethan, they take what they can,” Brian responds.

“Ethan isn’t our problem anymore. I wish you would see that. I am glad your here though, Ethan and I wrote down what was holding us back and threw it into the fire to let go of it. I think you should do that same. It might make you feel better.” Elizabeth states.

“So now you two are best buddies?” Brian asks.

“No, we came to terms that we are no longer in love with each other or have for many years.” Elizabeth comments.

“I knew you didn’t, I guess it's great he knows now, and he doesn’t as well,” Brian answers writing his pain on the small paper to let go of. Also hurting because she doesn't trust him, but keeping that to himself, to cool things down.

“Just through it in and watch it burn. It's very satisfying.” Elizabeth says.

Brian does just that, watching it turn red and a light flame slowly burns the small white piece of paper.

Brian and Elizabeth take one last look around, Elizabeth showing Brian each room, telling him stories and holding his hand. Trying to get close to him, to be what they were. Brian listens and let's go, of Matt and Ethan for the night. Trying to be there for his wife, seeing that this is helping her in many ways. More than he thought it would.

They both get into the car and head back to Joan’s house, going straight up to bed. Elizabeth just curls up to him, holding him close, and he does the same. Elizabeth just stays close, needing him more than he realizes. It's finally peaceful and calm, without any fighting, or mentioning, of Ethan or Victoria.

Brian can’t wait till they go home and finally put all this behind them. The house was gone, Ethan was gone. It was the best feeling Brian ever had.

His strong hate for Ethan wasn’t fading in the least, he still saw right through him. Not believing a word he said. Just now, he saw there wasn't anything left for either of them, he just hoped that would stay that way. If Ethan would text now, it should only be something for their children, which are adults and he shouldn't be asking anything for them either. They could ask themselves. There really wasn't any reason for Ethan to bother them anymore. Would Brian get that lucky? Or would Ethan always show his ugly head? Brian just laid there and figured he would find out sooner or later.

He knew he had to let go of it either way, that this wasn't doing anything good for their relationship. He also knew he had to let Matt go, Elizabeth wasn't Victoria. She wasn't going to fall for Matt's charm. All that he could let go of, It was just minor things that just happen to flood his mind lately. With everything that was happening it seemed that the little things would set him off, not saying what was really bothering him. It was the one thing at the moment he couldn't let go of. With everything they have been through, she didn't trust him. He knew it stayed on her mind, and it was all the sassiness was coming from lately. Everything was fine until she heard they slept together all those years till he met her. The detective not helping anything with telling her the baby might be his.

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