The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Margret gets a phone call from Matt, asking her to visit him at the office, that he needs to talk to her and now. She gets in the car and has her driver take her into New York, waiting for her outside the firm. Knowing for Matt to ask her to come there it must be something, as she wasn’t very fond of going there. She has no use to be there.

She walks in and everyone says Hello and welcomes her with open arms. Knowing she is the boss's wife. She just walks in and through them saying hello, as she goes up and into the floor where Matt's office is.

“Mrs. McKenna What can I do for you?” Matt’s Secerarty asks.

“I am here to see my son, can you please let him know I am here. I don’t like to be waiting.” Margret answers.

“Of course, is there anything I can get you?” Matt’s Secretary asks.

“A sparkling water would be fine. Thank you.” She replies, taking a seat outside of the office. Laying her expensive purse in her lap.

“Matt your mother is here to see you.” The secretary says.

“Let her right in.” Matt states.

“You can go in now.” The secretary says with a smile.

Margret gets up and walks in closing the door behind her.

“This better be important for you to drag me all the way down here to talk. What was so important that you couldn’t wait to tell me at home? Or even on the phone?” Margret spats.

“It's about the damn detective, I was thinking about the DNA test he is going to run. If the father of that baby isn’t Brian and is my father's, it's going to open a can of worms. One's we don’t need. We need to fix it before this gets crazier than it already is..” Matt states.

“I already thought about that and took care of it. I told you, I know what I am doing. Your father wouldn’t be where he is today if it wasn’t for me. No trace will come back to any of us. Don’t worry.” Margret answers.

“Did you see who the father was?” Matt asks.

“Yes, I did. Do you think that I wouldn’t know if he did the DNA test, that he would notice that you and Brian share the same as your father's? That would only make him go looking and digging more. I can’t have that either. We all have too much too loose here. Not to mention its none of his business. What happened in this family is our own business. Not some stranger looking to make trouble. I had enough of that shit with Victoria.” Margret states.

“Who is the father really? Also, you know Brian just might figure this out sooner or later don't you? Matt responds.

“I don’t care if he finds out your related. So be it. For the detective to find it out, makes it a big mess. He doesn’t need to know our secrets. Where Brian, would want to keep things quiet for his own benefit, he wants his inheritance, he has something to protect. The detective doesn’t. And yes, the child’s father is Adam’s. I already knew that. It's not a surprise.” Margret comments.

“And who did you pin the baby on?” Matt asks.

“As much as I wanted to pin it on Brian, just for laughs. I didn’t. He could always have his own DNA test to prove he wasn’t, and that would only land more info being taking from us. So I put it on someone no one would suspect. So when you hear the test results act surprised. The grieving husband that's wife was a tramp, which isn't too far off.” Margret remarks.

“I will, this is a big mess. All these secrets and lies. IS it really worth it Mother?” Matt asks.

“In some ways yes, we have a lot to protect. I wish you would have never gotten with her. She was terrible on everything she did, but we all make mistakes. Its taken cared of now. ” Margret replies.

“I still wish you wouldn’t have this way. But like you said it's done now. I can’t take it back. I just don’t want to go down for it or suffer for this mistake. I suffered enough with her.” Matt says

“No worries my boy, I am going out to lunch if you would like to go. Plus it would make it look better, that I came here to go to lunch. I never come here, I hate it here. Your father’s minions are everywhere.” Margret states.

“Lunch sounds good, let me get my coat.” Matt answers.

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