The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 299

The next Morning Brian wakes up, with Elizabeth close to him. He just cuddles up enjoying it. He knows that lately things have been crazy, to say the least, and their relationship is taking hit after hit. The stress he is under lately is just creeping upon him, and he hates it.

After a bit of laying there, Elizabeth wakes up, moving herself closer to Brian and smiling at him.

“Did you have a good night's rest?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I did. The first in a long time, if I was, to be honest. It's nice just laying here taking it easy.” Brian says.

“I am glad, you really do need some rest. We also need some time together without fighting and bring good things into our relationship.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know that's true. I am sorry, just some things fire me up and I can’t help it.” Brian comments.

“If you didn’t care you wouldn’t get so fired up, and the same goes for me. So it is good in away.” Elizabeth responds.

“I guess so. So what are we doing today?” Brian says caressing her arm.

“I was thinking we could spend some time with my girls, and my mom. Later tonight my mom is cooking a big dinner before we go home, and Ethan would like to join.” Elizabeth replies.

Brian rolls his eyes and just sighs.

“He wants to show the girls that everything is ok with us. I think its a good thing, also for Tylor to see people can move on.” Elizabeth says.

“Whatever,” Brian answers getting up from the bed.

“I know you don’t like him, I understand that. I am not very fond of him myself. But a few hours to make things better, won’t kill anyone. You will be right there with me, I would do it for you. I have with Victoria many times.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I know you have, and I will deal also. I just hope that this will be it for a long time? Everything you two shared is over now. The kids are adults and he doesn't need to text you about anything. They can themselves. I had to deal with Victoria, Tylor is only 12. I was stuck.” Brian answers.

“I believe it will be a long time since we have to deal with each other again. We just want to make it that when we do, it's peaceful. You can understand that?” Elizabeth comments.

“Yes I can, I think that's fine. I have no problem with it. I just don’t want him to push himself on you. Or think by befriending you, things between you two will change.” Brian answers.

“He knows it's over, he was a different person last night. You will see when he is here for dinner. The only way to move forward is to put the past behind us.” Elizabeth states.

“I know that's true, I will try. I just can’t promise anything. I am not going to just sit there and let him wisecrack things or say shit he shouldn’t.” Brian replies.

“Our daughters will be there I am sure he will behave. He did last night and it was just us. But if he does say something out of turn, you say what you feel. ” Elizabeth responds.

“Good, I am going to get dressed and pack up some things so everything is ready to go for tonight.” Brian comments.

“I hope you're not going to work today? I would like you present. I would like to be with you. I miss you.” Elizabeth says.

“I will be there, I promise.” Brian answers.

“Great, thank you,” Elizabeth replies.

Brian just smiles going to get his shower and dressed. Not liking that he will have to spend his evening with Ethan pretending everything is great but for Elizabeth, he will do it. He knew she did a lot for him, and it was only fair to do it for her. He didn’t mind doing anything for her. He just disliked Ethan and his ways.

He did think he would see if he really changed for himself. See how he acted towards him, and Elizabeth. It would have to be a little uncomfortable for Ethan being in Joan’s house, with him and his two kids. Then Ethan would also have his own two kids. He knows anything could happen tonight. Good bad or Ugly. It wouldn’t be the first. It wouldn’t be the last.

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