The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 30 Talk

Chapter 30 Talk.

The next morning, Elizabeth gets up early, going downstairs to make breakfast. Something she hasn’t done in a while. She was used to getting up now and just getting room service, Or going out to eat. While making breakfast, she thinks about her and Brian working out every morning, before getting their breakfast together. She just smiles at the thought. Thinking I am not going to break that. “After breakfast, I will go workout.”

The girls get up grabbing breakfast. Then heading out the door to school. Ethan doing the same.

“It’s really great having you back here. Why the workout gear? Ethan asks.

“Because when you leave, I’m going to work out. I started while I was away. I am going to keep it going.” Elizabeth states.

“That sounds good. There isn’t a gym for miles though.” Ethan comments.

“Don’t worry. I will find one. I am going to go into the city today. I will be back for dinner.” Elizabeth answers.

Ethan goes to work, not really thinking much about it. Just that she really changed. There wasn’t much left of her old self. Could one person change so much? Just leaving for three months? Or was this the real her the whole time, just coming out now? Ethan thought while driving to work. He also did notice how tone and nice her body was. It sure was a change in every way.

Elizabeth calls a cab to pick her up, getting in and finding a gym. Signing up for the month so she can keep her training going. The whole time they’re thinking about nothing but Brian. How he would just look at her. All the things they would talk about. She just kept missing him, more and more. Instead of getting easier it was getting harder. She just tried to push it in the back of her mind and finish her workout.

After the workout, she goes shopping. Picking up some things for dinner. Just looking around town, seeing that not much has changed. It never really did change here.

After a while, she grabs a cab and went home. Going upstairs to take her shower. Then getting ready to prepare dinner. While she is Joan stops by.

“Hey, mom. Staying for dinner?” Elizabeth asks.

“If that’s ok?′ Joan answers.

“Of course,” Elizabeth says.

“Elizabeth, what is going on? Your not the same at all. I am glad you are sticking up for yourself. There is just something different about you. I can’t place it. There is like, something on your mind. What is going on?” Joan pushes.

“Mom. Please. I have a lot on my mind.” Elizabeth answers.

“Talk to me. You know you can tell me anything. I won’t judge. I am here to help you but I can’t if you don’t let me in.” Joan states.

“I am in love with Brian.” Elizabeth blurts out.

“In love? Like fantasy? Haven’t told him yet or what?” Joan says innocently.

“No mom. I’m not a teenager anymore. I mean, I slept with him and I fell in love with him. We were together for a month and a half romanticly.” Elizabeth admits.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Does he feel the same?” Joan asks.

“Yes, Very much so. I just wanted to come home and try but since I've been here, I've been miserable. All I think about is him. The way we had it together. It’s nothing like this. Now Ethan is treating me a little better. It makes me wonder if things could get better. If I am just making a mistake.” Elizabeth confesses.

“Elizabeth I love you dearly. We all know how Ethan is. He isn’t going to change. He is what he is. Either you take him that way or not. The new guy I can’t say much about. I don’t know him, But all relationships start out hot and heavy. Then fizzle. Be careful. If you leave Ethan make it because its what you really want. Not because of Brian. If things don’t work out with Brian. Then you didn’t lose anything. You know what I mean?” Joan states.

“Yes. I haven’t been happy with Ethan for a long time. Way before Brian, Now it just makes it worse. Then I think we put twenty years into this. Maybe I am jumping?” Elizabeth states.

“See how you feel as the month goes by. Maybe Ethan will win you back? Either choice you make, I am on your side. I want you to know that. Also, know that if you leave him. Things are not going to be easy. What will the girls think?” Joan responds.

“I know. I have been thinking about all this. But if I am not happy, why stay? I found someone who makes me full of happiness.” Elizabeth answers.

“Babe, you can’t count on anyone to make you happy. You have to make yourself happy. It’s great to have someone that does, but if you don’t. So be it.” Joan replies.

“I will think about it.” Elizabeth answers. Not sure what to do.

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