The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 300

Chapter 300

Brian and Elizabeth get up and go downstairs, where Tylor is already up eating breakfast that Joan has made for him. Also in Joan’s arm is little Zach. Joan was the happiest, she has been having them over. Missing them all very much since she left. This gave her something to look forward to. She was glad they were all staying at her home. She liked Brian, they got along, and she loved both boys.

“Well, Mom I guess you took care of everything. “Elizabeth laughs.

“You two were sleeping and needed your rest. I didn’t mind getting these two breakfast at all. Tylor helped a lot with Zach, he is a good kid and I love having him here.” Joan says.

“Yes, he is. He is a great big brother.” Elizabeth replies with a smile and patting Tylor on the head.

“There is food for you two also,” Joan says.

“Thank you,” Brian answers pulling himself a plate of Eggs and bacon.

“The girls are coming here this afternoon, to spend some time with you before you go. I am going to do a big dinner like we use to. It's great having you all here. It feels like so long ago we were all together like this.” Joan remarks.

“Mom, Ethan said he would like to join us. He wants the girls to see that everything is ok with us. That we are past the hurdles.” Elizabeth answers.

“It’s fine with me, as long as Brian doesn’t mind?” Joan says looking at him.

“I am just going to enjoy the dinner you prepare and pretend he isn’t here,” Brian remarks.

“That doesn’t sound like you want him here?” Joan asks.

“I understand why he is coming, I can deal. We have eaten at the same table a few times. One time I was sleeping with his wife, pretending not to. Nothing could be as awkward as that, this should be smooth sailing.” Brian answers.

“I remember that it was the Wisconsin book signing. It was the first time I got to meet you. I knew right there and then, Ethan was a goner. I tried my best to get your attention that night, so you had someone to talk to, and Ethan wouldn't see how close you two were.” Joan laughs.

“We have come a long way since then. Your not my boyfriend sneaking around. You're my husband. All that other stuff is in the past, which I am glad for.” Elizabeth replies kissing Brian on his cheek.

“I will be fine, I am sure tonight will go good for everyone. As long as Ethan respects us. Does he still call me lover boy? I found that to be disrespectful.” Brian responds.

“No, I told him to knock that off, and he has. I think we all grew from this. I could live with lover boy, it was boy toy that bugged me more.” Elizabeth replies.

“I guess we will see. Oh god, that was worse.....” Brian answers.

"I don't find either of them bad, Ethan was just pissed off that you were that for her and he wasn't. Not to mention the chemistry you two have, is unlike anything we ever have seen before." Joan replies.

Brian and Elizabeth just smile at each other, taking each others hand.

"True, I know if it was in his position I wouldn't like anything that took place either. It was a bad time, and it's sad it had to go down that way, but in the end, we are together and where we should be." Brian responds.

Joan just smiles back, glad to see Elizabeth and Brian have lightened up since they got here. She was pretty worried when she first saw them together, but now she sees, that they can weather anything. She sees how happy they make the other one just being in the same room. She just hopes that whatever is bothering them, they let go of, and get this back all the time.

Brian continues to eat his breakfast, taking it easy. He knew that Elizabeth wanted him there, and to be with her. He wanted the same. He wanted things to go back to normal. He also didn’t want to show Ethan anything was wrong or different. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction, that "loverboy" couldn't handle the situation. Or that their relationship was headed to the same place.

He would behave himself tonight and show Ethan that everything was ok. Their family was stronger than ever. And if he could, he would make sure Elizabeth didn’t come back here any time soon. He would have to talk to her and make sure now it was over. She didn't live here anymore, her life with Ethan was over. She couldn't be at his beck and call when he needed something. Just for tonight, all those thoughts he would keep to himself, even though he has stated how he felt before. Tonight wasn't the time.

It was just a few hours to go, nothing major, what was a few hours? They were leaving tonight after dinner, finally going home, and all this shit would be over with for a while. At least Brian hoped. Victoria and Ethan would be out of their hair. As Brian thinks this, he laughs to himself. Yea right? Will we ever be free of these two? It was a nice dream, Brian just didn't think it would be that easy. He knew when he would go home, it was the DNA testing, of Victoria's child. Also, who murdered her? The detective wasn't going away too soon. He was sure she was killed and he wanted to find out who did it. Which would keep Brian in the middle of this for a while. There was more than Ethan as a problem, he just happened to be the icing on the cake. And also a joke, if Brian really thought about it, the rest was serious shit. Who murdered Victoria? And why? Not only killing her but an innocent child who didn't deserve it.

Then did anyone deserve any of this? If the child was born it just would have been another casualty stuck in the middle of this huge mess. And a mess it was, the more he thinks about things, he feels maybe it worked out the best, even though it's terrible to even think.

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