The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 301

Chapter 301

The afternoon comes and the girls show up, hugging and spending time with their mother. They also spend time with Tylor, making him feel as if he is their real brother. Never leaving him behind. Brian just watches and smiles. He loved how Elizabeth’s family just made Tylor one of them, without even thinking. Even when the girls were not that fond of him, they always accepted Tylor. If nothing else, that was a great thing, its what Tylor needed more now than ever. A real family and they were giving him one.

Everyone is gathered in Joan’s kitchen getting ready for dinner. While they are the doorbell rings and Brian goes to get it. Feeling a little more like himself and enjoying his time here. A lot has changed now, Elizabeth's daughters even accept Brian and make him feel at home.

Brian knows who is at the door, how could he forget who was coming to dinner? He just feels at this second, let’s see what Ethan does and says. He just hopes that he doesn’t ruin everything from the day since things have been going very well.

“Hey, welcome everyone is in the kitchen getting ready for dinner,” Brian says politely.

“Great, I took some wine to go with dinner,” Ethan responds in a mild manner.

“Sounds good. So you sold the house? What are you going to do now?” Brian asks taking a seat on the sofa.

“I am living with my mother. She isn’t doing very well at all since my father’s death, so I been staying with her. My sister can’t deal anymore. She has a family, so I thought I would help out now, that I don’t have a family like before.” Ethan answers.

“I’m sorry, I hope she gets better,” Brian says.

“It’s ok, I think I will stay there for a while, she needs me, and I need a place to stay at the moment. I am in no hurry to go looking for a new home. It’s not fun to start all over again at this age. About her getting better, she is only getting worse. She misses my father terribly. She acts as if their marriage was a great one and he was the only man alive.” Ethan admits.

“I can see that. It’s nice that you’re staying with your mother and trying to help. I am sure it takes a lot at times. At least she knows you are there with her. Where does that leave Jessica?” Brian asks.

“I don’t see her anymore, I see my son on the weekends and sometimes during the week. I found out, I am happier being alone. I am not really cut out for a relationship. My mother isn’t happy with anything at the moment, me being there doesn’t seem to make any change, maybe it makes it worse if I am, to be honest. It is what it is. ” Ethan confesses.

“Some of us aren’t ready until we meet the right one for us. I never thought I would get married or even want to. I am sure your mother is just grieving. Maybe things will get better in time.” Brian admits.

“I already did the marriage thing, I don’t want to again. It’s good that you two are happy. I never saw her, look at someone the way she looks at you. It’s weird, to be honest, I was in a relationship with her for twenty-two years, and she never looked at me that way. I hope your right about my mother.” Ethan replies.

“I love her very much, I have from the start. I didn’t mean to break up a marriage though. It just happened.” Brian responds.

“You couldn’t break up something if it wasn’t already broken. She was looking for things I couldn’t give her, and you were that. We got lost in kids and everyday things. The romance fizzled and I wanted to try when it was too late. I didn’t think she would go anywhere. We were middle-aged, our kids were grown, I just figured we would stay till the end.” Ethan comments.

“It’s easy to let things get away from you. Life takes over and romance is the last thing on your mind.” Brian answers.

“Tell me about it, but if you have it, you need to work on it. Learn from my mistakes.” Ethan laughs.

Brian sees that Ethan has changed, it’s like talking to a different man. One that understood everything that happened and let go. Even seeing where he went wrong. It was different, and if Brian was honest with himself, he didn’t see that Ethan was after anything this time around. Which surprised him. He saw he was just trying to deal with his own life and make himself happy. Which at the moment, was him being alone.

“I want to say, I am sorry dragging you here, on short notice. It’s just, I know how much Elizabeth loved that house. Maybe not at the end, but she did once. We shared many things in there, and I didn’t want her to regret not getting to say goodbye.” Ethan says.

“To be honest, at first I thought you were after something. Or just trying to be a pain in my ass, but now I see you weren’t. I am glad she got to say goodbye also. She seems in better spirits from it.” Brian answers.

“There is no point in me being after anything. I see she doesn’t want me. She hasn’t for a long time. We stayed because we were scared of the unknown, we were too used to everything we built, even though a lot of it was messed up. When I saw you two at my daughter’s wedding, I saw how much you both cared. It’s what fueled my hatred, and made me go after you both. Not able to understand why we didn’t share what you two do. What made you better than me? After the child was born, and I saw he wasn’t mine, I also saw all the pain and grief I put both of you through, and for what? It wasn’t going to change anything, it just pushed her farther away from me. Not even able to be friends for our children, who were also stuck in the middle of this. So here we are now...” Ethan comments.

“You can see why I hated you? All that you did? You did some really shitty things, Ethan. I am glad that you see your ways and have moved past. I would also appreciate you not texting or calling my wife unless it’s extremely important. That way you both move on fully. ” Brian responds.

“I can for sure see why you hated me, I know I did things I shouldn’t I can’t take them back, just move forward. I also promise I won’t call unless it’s necessary. I just would like us all to be civil when we are together. For my children and yours.” Ethan replies.

Good, I can do that, as long as you stay the way you are now. Let’s go see what the women have ready for us to eat.” Brian states.

“Sounds good, I’m Starving,” Ethan replies.

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