The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 303

Chapter 303

After dinner, Ethan follows Elizabeth into the kitchen to say his goodbyes. Feeling this would be the last time, he saw her in a long time if ever. Especially if their children and her mother moved to her. He knew this was truly the end.

“I just wanted to thank you again for a lovely dinner. It was nice to be a family again. I hope you have a good flight home tonight.” Ethan says.

“Thank you, it was a nice night. I am a bit surprised, Izzy wants to come to New Jersey though. Before she never seemed interested in coming to stay. ” Elizabeth admits.

“She doesn’t like that, I sold the house and now live with my mother. She doesn’t like it there. I was a bit surprised she would do this though. I just thought, she would get her own place. It will be hard with her leaving.” Ethan replies.

“I know, its hard being without them. It was the one thing, I struggled with, this whole time. I was always there for and with them. Then it was gone. Talking on the phone doesn’t really take the place of being there. I just couldn’t have both.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yea, and we all know what you chose... Sorry, I didn’t mean that.” Ethan responds.

“You did, but that's ok. I did choose Brian and a different life. I am happy in every other way now. I guess, you just can’t have it all. At least now, I will get to spend more time with Izzy.” Elizabeth comments.

“Thank you for letting her stay for Thanksgiving. I appreciate that. I don’t want to sound rude, but how is it you left your own children, but you can take his? “Ethan blurts out.

“You have always been good at downgrading me, with first saying something nice and then hitting me with something so ever rude. You're a pro at that. But to answer your question, Tylor is innocent in all this. I didn’t even have to think about taking him in. It didn’t matter if my children were there with us or not. Tylor is underage and needs us. Yes, as I said it does hurt that ours isn’t there, but they are old enough to make that choice themselves. As Izzy is making now.” Elizabeth answers.

“I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was just wondering. I guess sometimes I just don’t say things in the proper manner.” Ethan responds.

“No, you have done that a lot in the past. You talk without thinking. You say things in a manner that people take offense. So I suggest that you think before talking to others. To fix that.” Elizabeth comments.

“You sure are different, do you think what you two have is going to last? I don’t want our daughter living with you, and going into a bad environment where she isn’t happy.” Ethan states.

“I am sure Brian and I will be fine. Before Victoria’s death, things were great. We had a calm stable life, and I am sure now things can go back to normal and return to that. I wouldn’t let her move there if I felt things would be bad for her Ethan. You should know me better than that. ” Elizabeth says.

“I was just making sure, I do worry. It will be different for her, having two brothers there. One being five months old, and the other twelve.” Ethan replies.

“I don’t see that being a problem. She gets along great with both of them. I think it will be great, that she can get to know her baby brother better. Sofia will never get to be that close to him. It won’t be like when they were raised together. That is another thing that bothers me, that I can’t fix. In a way, he is just a brother from another marriage.” Elizabeth admits.

“I don’t see Sofia moving there, maybe your mother, but not her. She is settled here and happy. Micheal and she have a nice relationship and I don’t see him wanting to leave his own family to go somewhere he has no clue about. I also know she is still dealing with things just not acting out on them as she has in the past. Where Izzy got over it quickly.” Ethan confesses.

“I know that. It's not a surprise. She just tolerates everything that has happened. She matured enough, to deal with things even though she doesn’t like them. I will not push her either way. It's her choice. If she stays here I know she is safe. She has you.” Elizabeth states.

“Yes, they will both always have me. I can’t stop Izzy from going with you. I know if I did she wouldn’t be too happy with me, then with Izzy nothing stops her when she wants something. IF this is what she wants I just hope she is happy there.” Ethan answers.

“She will be, if she isn’t she can always come back.” Elizabeth comments.

“True. Well, I better be leaving, have a safe trip.” Ethan says.

“Thank you. Oh before you do, I did want to give you a heads up, that I was thinking about writing my about my life. A lot of fans are wondering what really went down, between your interviews and the papers. So I am figuring to make things right.” Elizabeth answers.

"Really? I am sure you will put me as the villain. Do we really need all of our friends and family to know our real business? Will it make anything right or better?" Ethan grips.

"In a way, yes it will make some things better. I don't have any intention of putting you as the villain, I can't help what you have done. I can't make you out to be that anyway, our children will read it. I can try not to be too harsh on you." Elizabeth admits.

"This will just bring up everything that both of us are trying to get over, I don't see the point besides you making money from our misery." Ethan snaps.

"Like you did on the interviews? Saying we were happy and Brian just came along? Look, I don't want to fight, and I am not writing anything at the moment. I am taking time off to be with my family. Just in the future, I plan on writing about everything. In time we should all be over it, and why not make some money from it? Why not let others see they can rise out of the ashes?" Elizabeth states.

"Wow, you sure are a different woman aren't you? He is ok with you being like this? Not giving a shit about anyone's feelings? Then you were always cold as ice." Ethan comments then close's his eyes. "Look, I don't want to fight either, The day was going well, and let's not say things we can't take back. I know I have done a lot of that in the past. It doesn't change anything anyway. In a few years if you still want to write this, then we will see." Ethan adds.

"Yes, I am a totally different person then I was with you. I am myself now and Brian wants me to be. And your right, if in a few years I still want to, we will see. I just wanted to give you a heads up, as I don't think I will be talking to you any time soon." Elizabeth answers.

"I guess, thank you then," Ethan responds.

Ethan walks back into the living room, saying goodbye to Brian. Taking another look at the man, who trampled his life, sitting there holding their son. Ethan knew it was time to go.

“Have a safe trip,” Ethan says.

“Thank you,” Brian replies.

Ethan just walks out the door, getting into his car. He says goodbye knowing he will never be here again. There would be no sense. Joan only had him over due to them being there. He didn’t see Elizabeth or Brian coming back any time soon. And if he was honest with himself, why would he want them to? To sit there and watch them play the happy family? To see Brian gloat? Ethan says fuck it and drives home.

Fuming from everything he witnessed today and all Elizabeth said to him. A Book about her life? Wouldn't that start shit all over?!

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