The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 304

Chapter 304

Ethan drives home to his mother’s, just thinking about everything that went on at Joan’s today. He still can’t believe that Izzy wants to move. It kills him inside, to even think about her leaving. There is so many things rattling on in his mind from this afternoon events. He doesn't even know which one to address first.

Ethan walks in his mother’s home, finding her on the sofa watching tv. He takes a seat next to her. Glad he has someone to vent to.

“So how did it go? I still don’t understand, why you wanted to eat with these people? You haven't had enough of them?” Karen asks.

“It was ok, everyone behaved themselves. I wanted to show our daughters that we can get through this. That I am a better man, then their mother says I am.” Ethan huffs.

“Heh, why bother? She is still going to put you down, she always does. So how is she, and her new husband?” Didn't she even have a kid with him? Karen says.

“They seem good, still very into each other. He behaved and talked nicely to me. We didn’t get into any fights. Yes, they have their own son, and she is taking his son also.” Ethan announces.

“His son? What do you mean? Taking him? Why fight with you? He knows it's over, she left you for him.” Karen replies.

“His son’s mother passed away, so now he is moving in with them. She has him there taking care of him, as her own. When she left her two behind. That gets me, every time I hear or say it. She just upped and left everything she knew or cared about for a stranger. Now making a family with him, and pretending ours never was.” Ethan admits.

“Wow, she got more then she bargained for didn’t she? And to be the good little wife, she will accept it and take him. You need to get over it, Ethan. I feel she could have done things differently. Staying here close to your children, to keep things as a family. I think her moving so far away was a shitty thing to do to them. She changed their lives in every way all at once. Not even looking back. But there isn't much any of you can do about it. It's done now. She has been with this new man for almost two years.” Karen says.

“I feel that way, but if you say that to her, she is highly offended. She chooses him over everything and everybody else. Sofia sees it, but Izzy doesn’t care. She is going to go live with her.” Ethan admits.

“What? Why does she want to go there and live with them?” Karen asks.

“She states, she doesn’t want to live here, and she wants to go to college.” Ethan answers.

“She can go to college here, and get her own place. Why move there?” Karen says.

“I don’t know. She probably wants to be closer to her mother. I am sure Joan will be going soon as well. Brian just sitting there gloating tonight, “I guess we will need a bigger house. I am getting a bonus soon.” Ethan says in a bitter tone.

“Doesn’t he think he is special? He wanted to through all that at you, thinking he is better than you. I guess we will get rid of the old coot though, I am not sorry to see her go. She never knew when to keep her mouth closed, always making things worse.” Karen responds.

“Oh yes, for sure he was trying to make himself big. Now he gets stuck with more kids and a mother in law to boot. I guess the joke is on him.” Ethan laughs.

“You do know, by this happening, there is no reason for her to ever come back here. Most of her family except for Sofia will be there. She gets what she wants after all. Him, her mother, and her children. That leaves you all alone, with nothing. Thinking about it, maybe that is what she was after the whole time? Why she moved so far away. It was to get as far away from you as she could.” Karen states.

“I thought about that all the way home. That bastard stepped into my life and got it all. All my hard work, all these years of putting up with shit, and he gets the graces from it.” Ethan admits.

“He seems to be able to deal with it all better than you if we are, to be honest. Joan doesn’t seem to mind him, or him her. If they did he would say something, not say he wanted to get a bigger place. And we all know Joan if she doesn't like you, you will know it.” Karen replies.

“She said, she loved her visit there last time. They got along wonderfully. He was even willing to make her live in the house, she was the one saying she wanted her own spot. So he comes up with a mother-in-law suite on the property.” Ethan announces.

“Well, how the hell do you like that? He can stand to be around that woman? Then I guess it is good to have there own built-in babysitter.” Karen remarks.

“I think its more than that, he wants to make Elizabeth happy. He also feels what you just said, there would be no reason for her to come back here. They would be there with her, accept Sofia.” Ethan says.

“It’s over Ethan, the house is sold. The kids are moving on, its just time you do as well. How did she take seeing the house for the last time?” Karen asks.

“She was good, we had a long talk. We started out well, and it ended ok. She doesn’t put up with me anymore though. If I say something she doesn’t like, she lets me have it. She doesn’t hold back or stay quiet anymore. Brian has his hands full, with the new her. She also is stating she wants to write a book about her life. We all know how well I will be portrayed in that.” Ethan responds.

“Better him than you. Plus you can’t be surprised Ethan, not with some of the things you say to her. You haven’t always watched your words. Even though she is was your wife, you should watch how you phrase things. You never did, you just said things how you felt. Oh, god, a book about her life with you? All your dirty little secrets revealed? Like your son with another woman?” Karen admits.

“Yea she said that also. I was being honest, I don’t way my words, I am me. I guess some can’t take the truth or how I see things. I thought she knew how I was. Yes, a book about our life, and how we ended and she met him. I am sure she is doing it to make him come out good. That I was so terrible she left me for him. I don't see why she wants this, she wants to move on and then reopen wounds with this?” Ethan admits.

“She did know how you were, just how many times can you kick a dog before they bite back? You can say the truth, just not so hurting. It can be her revenge, say how she feels at the same time making money off of it. You can sue her and not let it be published. That will start more shit though and once, if ever the book was able to on the shelves, it would only lead to more money. She has changed Ethan, I can tell from just what you are telling me. She isn't dumb, she will spin it all to make it work for her. Remember your interviews? Saying all that nonsense? It's her turn. You had to know when you did that, it was only going to come to bite you in the ass.” Karen responds.

“Since when are you on her side?” Ethan asks.

“I’m not. I just know that it was true, I saw you in action Ethan. You would have way too much to drink, just like your father, and say things that were really out of sorts. I never cared for her, so I never said anything. Just if you ever want another relationship, you should watch it. You were also very vindictive at times when you broke up.” Karen confesses.

“I’m good for now, I am just going to stay here with you. I had it with women and all their shit. I have enough issues I don’t need theirs. I don't need that book coming out, now or in the future either. What happened with us, should stay in the past. “Ethan replies.

“Maybe that is a good thing, you stay alone. I don't know what to tell you about the book, maybe in time, she will get over things as well, and not want to write it. Only time will tell. I am glad your father isn't here to witness any of this.” Karen responds.

"Me too." Ethan answers.

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